A Boyfriend’s Nightmare

By Brian — Featuring: Vore, Sex, Giantess Couple

Katelyn was exhausted. Soccer practice had run long today, and she had a lot of studying to do this weekend to prepare for upcoming midterm exams. She was really looking forward to getting back to her apartment, and seeing her boyfriend. She had planned on making dinner for him, a lazy Friday evening, and get some time to relax before starting on her schoolwork during the following day.

Normally, she called her boyfriend to come pick her up after practice. He had a car and she did not, so it was out of necessity, but she didn’t mind showing him off to the girls on her team too. But today was different; she needed to decompress before seeing him, and decided it’d be better to walk, even though she was tired.

As she got to the apartment, she noticed that the blinds were drawn. “Strange”, she thought to herself, “I could swear I left them open.” She walked in through the door and up the stairs. Fumbling for her keys, she managed finally to pull them out and open the door. “Brian?” she asked. But she did not get a reply. Sometimes he studied in the bedroom with his iPod on, and was oblivious to the world, so she walked towards it. As she got closer, she thought she heard the sound of someone else – it didn’t sound right to her, like a conversation – and as she got closer, her stomach began to drop. As she approached the bedroom door, slightly cracked open, she could see her friend Beth naked, sitting on top of her boyfriend and thrusting her hips! Katelyn couldn’t bear to walk in – she was too upset, so she turned and ran out the door, crying.

After a few minutes, she settled down. But her tears turned to anger, and then to thoughts of getting revenge. Beth was never a very close friend or hers, but she did not ever suspect something like this from her. “No matter,” she thought. “She made this decision herself and will pay for it.” She would get even with Brian too, but she wanted to think about how elaborate the revenge would be. Frankly, she’d had it with guys after this – maybe she would have to get even with more than just Brian. For Beth, she already had a plan, one that would involve something about Katelyn that she had kept forever private from everyone, including her closest friends.

One day, when Katelyn was young, she had miraculously discovered that with thought alone, she could change the size of any object or person. It was certainly a shock to her, and she did try it on people – making herself larger, shrinking boys – but she used it sparingly. Honestly, she had only tried it a few times on people (and ones she did not know, at that), and they were so dazed by the experience, they had been restored to their normal size without thinking the whole experience had ever happened. Perhaps this was under her control, too. But no matter, she had not explored this gift, for fear of people finding out about it and thinking her some sort of monster. But tonight was different.

Katelyn returned to her apartment, and walked purposefully towards the bedroom. She barged through the door, yelling “Beth, you bitch! How could you do this? Don’t you realize what you’ve brought on yourself?”

“Katelyn! Wha–I thought you were at practice–I mean, this isn’t—,” stammered Brian.

“Shut up, Brian, I can’t believe I fell for you. I’ve got something for the both of you!” she exclaimed.

“Katelyn, it just happened. Why don’t you just deal with it?” Beth said.

Remarkably, she only slowed her pace while on top of Brian. She continued to thrust her hips back and forth, looking at Katelyn while she did, almost to make every thrust feel like a knife in Katelyn’s back.

“Maybe you should have worked harder at pleasing you boyfriend,” Beth said, somewhat motioning to the heels and white thigh high stockings she was wearing.

With that, Katelyn looked on at the two of them with a strange grin. Beth’s demeanor changed with that, and she started to look somewhat nervous, which Katelyn appreciated. She thought to herself, “She’d be crying if she knew what I had planned.” As her gaze intensified, Brian suddenly, without warning, disappeared from beneath Beth!

“What the-” Beth exclaimed puzzledly. She looked down, and there was Brian, still naked, laying on the bead beneath her, but he must have been 1/4″ tall! Beth, amazed and frightened, leaned forward until her face was right over Brian. He looked stunned, and terrified to her, and rolled over and began to run toward the head of the bed. Beth began to giggle at that, and reached out with her finger to knock him over. “Now I could really have some fun with you!” she said, briefly forgetting about Katelyn, when suddenly, she felt strange. And with that, Beth shrank too. But she didn’t stop at 1/4″, she must have been 1mm tall!

Beth was on the bed now too, on top of the stockings she was formerly wearing, as Katelyn approached. She started to whimper. “Oh Beth, what will I do with you?” Katelyn said, knowing perfectly well what she would do. Katelyn, brushed her aside briefly, and she and Brian both ran along the bed to get away, in different directions. No matter, Katelyn, thought, where would they go? She let them run, while she took the stockings. “Is this what you want, Brian?” as she grabbed them and started to slide them onto her toned legs.

Once she had them on, she leaned forward, and got onto the bed on all fours. She watched where Beth was going, and moved gracefully towards her like a cat does to its prey. “Where do you think you’re going, Beth?” Katelyn said. As Beth continued to run, Katelyn let her tongue dart out of her mouth, dragging it along the sheet just behind her. “Mmmmm,” she said, “I bet you are yummy!” This frightened Beth, who turned and stumbled. With that, Katelyn lowered her eye right over Beth to look her over. “Enjoy your last few minutes, Beth,” Katelyn said.

“No!” yelled Beth, but with that, Katelyn raised a finger to her nose and put one nostril over Beth, and asked rhetorically, “I wonder if this will make me high?” and snorted. Beth suddenly was whisked into the air and disappeared. Katelyn made a noise like she was gathering saliva in her mouth, and giggled. “Oh Brian, I can feel her in my mouth! What should I do?”

“Katelyn, you bitch! Let her go!” he yelled.

“Me a bitch? I think you’ve got it wrong. But I will let her go.” She then opened her mouth, and let out a small ball of spit onto the bed, with Beth still alive and struggling, dazed, in the middle. She reached her fingertip to the spit, and touched, and Beth stuck to her fingertip. “Maybe I should just squeeze?” she suggested to Brian. “I’ve got a better idea, though,” as she gently scraped Beth off of her finger onto the floor. Beth was obviously terrified at this point, and began to run. Brian looked on from the edge of the bed, yelling to her to run for under the dresser. But Katelyn could bide her time. Beth, of course, didn’t move very fast given her knew height.

“Did you like the feel of stockings between your body and Beth’s, Brian?” she asked. “Because I do to.” She proceeded to walk towards Beth, still running, and brushed her with her stockinged toe until she fell over. Katelyn towered over her, and looking down, put the same toe right over Beth, pressing down until she could feel her through the soft fabric.

“Please, Katelyn, leave her be!” he cried. But with that, Katelyn purposefully leaned forward, driving her weight onto her foot. She then raised up onto her toe, arching her foot like a ballerina, and exposing her smooth calf muscles through the stockings for Brian to see, to make Beth’s end even more dramatic. She ignored the cries coming from him. Rather, she grabbed him, and put him into the band at the top of the stockings, where he was trapped.

She looked down, and said “I’ll find something to do with you, but first I think I have to ask why your friends didn’t put a stop to this little affair?” She realized, then, that she was going to use her power to dominate more men than just Brian, and it would start with his friends.

She started to call a few of them, asking them to stop by with an excuse for why they should; but for his friend Peter, she flirted specially with on the phone. Peter had always liked her more than as a friend, and she used this to her advantage. She led him on, and knew he’d be coming over with expectations that they might have their own affair.

Friends arrived one by one, Steve, Jack and Bobby. As they walked through the door, Katelyn used her power to shrink them all to about the same size as Brian. They didn’t even have enough time to be shocked by her white thigh high, schoolgirl outfit before they shrunk, let alone notice Brian in the band of her stocking tops. She placed the others in various sites along her legs, within the stockings. She could feel them all writhing, but none could move from his spot.

When Peter arrived, she opened the door in her outfit, and his jaw dropped to the floor. “What are you doing – I mean, you look amazing, but -” he said.

“Peter, I’ve always wanted you, and Brian and I broke up” she said, and used her hand to start massaging him through his pants. He simply leaned forward to start making out with her, and she then pulled him towards the bedroom. The whole time, Brian and his friends all screamed, but they could not even hear or see each other, let alone reach Peter. Their voices were just too miniscule now.

Katelyn pulled Peter onto the bed, and dropped his pants. She grabbed his throbbing cock, and put it into her warm, wet mouth and started to blow him. Peter couldn’t believe how good it felt, or that this was even happening. He was so turned on looking at her in her outfit, watching her lick his cock, that he was totally oblivious to her prisoners.

“Katelyn,” Peter said, “I’m close to cumming!”

“I wonder if Brian knows this is what could happen to him,” she said back loudly and strangely, after stopping the blow job briefly. “I’m going to swallow,” she said, to Peter’s excitement. Peter, of course, was unaware of who those two statements from Katelyn were really meant for, but she knew that Brian heard, and knew. She grabbed one of his friends, Bobby, from her stocking with a free hand – Peter didn’t see – and slowly dragged him along her leg past Brian so he would see, and slipped him across her wet lips and into her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she continued to blow Peter. Brian realized one of his friends was somewhere in her mouth now, perhaps struggling to get away, writhing on her tongue.

“Oh my God Katelyn, I’m cumming!” Peter exclaimed, as she moved her mouth faster. “Oh -” he yelled, and Katelyn, started to make a loud, pronounced gulping noise. When he finished cumming, Katelyn opened her mouth to show him she had swallowed indeed. Brian looked up, and could see the bottom of her tongue protruding from her mouth, and knew his friends were gone, as she continued to lick the rest of the cum off of Peter’s still-hard penis.

“God, Bobby tastes so good!” Katelyn giggled sensually.

“Ummm, you mean Peter,” said Peter, who thought it was strange that she forgot who she was with, and used his name in the third person.

“Right, Peter, that’s what I meant,” Katelyn said wryly, a grin coming over her face. Her stomach growled, and the thought of Bobby inside there overcame her – an intense orgasm washed over her body, and she let out a high pitched squeal. Peter watched as her toes, with their painted-red nails and covered by the stockings, curled tightly.

But Katelyn wanted more. “I want you to fuck me now!” she exclaimed to Peter. “I want you to cum again, inside me.” She knew that he could too; she could see that he was hard again from seeing her have that orgasm, not even realizing the real reason that she had had it. With that, she secretly grabbed one more of Brian’s friends – she didn’t even know who it was this time between her forefingers – at the same time she straddled Peter. She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him up so they were sitting facing each other, she in his lap. Her arms were wrapped around his neck; she looked at Jack between her fingers (just to see which friend it was) and she flicked him onto the bed towards her right foot. She concentrated on him, and he shrank again, until he was less than 1mm tall. Katelyn could easily see him, though, against the white sheets. He started to run, but Katelyn wasn’t concerned. She was close to two thousand times his height, and the slightest movement from her could easily outpace any movement he made.

She pushed up on her left palm, and used her right hand to hold Peter’s hard cock beneath her. She then slowly settled onto it, easily, as she was wet and he was still wet from her mouth. She started to move up and down on it slowly, moaning, and keeping an eye on the running Jack over Peter’s shoulder the whole time.

And Jack ran, thinking he could get away. But as he looked behind him, he could she that Katelyn put her stocking covered foot right behind him, dragging it closer…closer…closer. When right behind him, she raised it slightly, and let it settle down on Jack. She didn’t press hard, but firmly enough that though he was caught under the fabric between two of her smaller toes, he couldn’t move. She continued to ride Peter, progressively harder, sliding all the way up and down on him. As she did, she started to curl her toes on her right foot gently, until she could feel the tiny Jack picked up and held by her toes. He was wrapped in the nylon, squeezed gently between her toes. She slowly started to curl them harder, and harder…

“Oh, Jack, I want to ride hard until you pop!” she exclaimed frantically.

“It’s Peter!” Peter said, but not really caring, he was fucking her as hard as he could now. Of course, Jack knew who it was meant for, and started to panic, constricted between her toes, hardly able to breathe now. He tried to scream, but couldn’t. He thought of Bobby’s fate, and knew his own too (though the only consolation was he would not be digested, and become part of that body).

“I’m cumming!” Katelyn screamed. “God!” she yelled, and Peter could feel her vagina constrict around his cock, undulating on it. She was having an intense orgasm now, wave after wave coming over her, and she curled her toes as hard as she could until…pop! She felt a liquid sensation seep through her stockings, and onto her toes, and knew Jack was gone. Her body tightened every muscle it had, and her orgasm peaked…

Peter collapsed onto the bed, totally spent. “Wow, Katelyn, that was unbelievable!”

“You don’t know the half of it,” she said. “But let’s go again!”

“Wow, you do have a lot of energy, but I just can’t right now.” he replied.

“Well, I’ll be hungry for you later,” she told him coyly. And with that, he rolled over on the bed to fall asleep. She, however, was not even close to being done with her fun. She still had Brian, of course, and he would be taken care of in due time. But Steve was her more immediate concern.

While Peter slept, Katelyn walked out to the kitchen. She turned the light on dimly, and put her foot up onto the chair, so that her thigh was parallel to the ground. She lifted the stocking top off of her leg slightly so that she could pull Steve out. As he became freed slightly, he tried to dart away from her approaching fingers. But she just giggled, and moved her gigantic fingers towards him like pinchers.

“Mmmm, keep running Steve. My mom used to yell at me for playing with my food when I was little, but she’s not around here now.”

That sent a panic into Steve, and he struggled in her fingers as she pulled him out of her stockings. She set him down onto the chair, and raised her foot slowly over him. He feared for his end, but she merely brought it down close so that he could see the remnants of a stain that had been Jack.

She then quickly swiped him, and put him onto the floor. “This is going to be fun,” she thought. She challenged him to run, and he obliged as he intended to anyway. However, it was easy for her to lean over him on all fours and match every move that he made. As he ran, she trailed slowly behind, crawling on all fours, the sound of her stockings sliding across the floor torturing Steve’s thoughts.

With a quick move, she darted her tongue out and knocked Steve over with it. She then brought her mouth down on top of him, and slowly closed her lips around his upper body. She sucked, slowly, drawing him fully across her red, full lips and into her mouth.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, letting saliva build in her mouth and cover Steve. “Mmmm…” she kept humming over Steve’s body, as she rolled him over and over with her tongue. As she did, she began to finger herself, sliding the tip of her finger into herself. She built up speed slightly, and pushed her finger deeper into herself, moaning even more, and moving the struggling Steve about in her mouth. She had to be careful, as excited as she was, to not swallow him yet inadvertently.

As hot as she felt, she wanted to have more fun – so with Steve in her mouth, she poured a glass of wine, and then proceeded to drop him out of her mouth and into it. She looked at Steve, exhausted, and treading in the wine. She focused on him, and he shrank again. She enjoyed her prey being a certain size, about the size of a grain of rice.

She raised the glass towards her mouth, and began to tilt it. “Oh Steve, I’m just so thirsty now. Do you think you’ll go down easily with this?”

He began to swim away from the edge of the glass, as he could see her immense tongue begin to dart into the glass. As it did, it curled, and he could see the wine funnel across it and into her mouth. He could not avoid the onward rush, and was sucked across her tongue. He grasped at it as he did, which gave her a little tickle that heightened her sexual arousal. She closed her mouth, and swished the wine around a bit. She could feel where Steve was, and his fear was apparent from his struggles. This power of hers over him turned her on, and she continued to torture him.

She worked the fluid in her mouth until Steve was between her teeth and lips. She then started to let the fluid drain through her teeth, and down the back of her throat. Could this be a reprieve, Steve thought? Will she let me go?

But Katelyn just wanted a little more fun, and spit him out into a bowl, its edges to steep and he to wet to try and escape (which would be futile anyway). “Don’t think you’re lucky Steve. I just want you to feel like the little morsel you are. I’m sure you’re as tasty as a grain of rice.”

He looked through the glass bowl, over the edge and what were thousands of feet to him, to her long slender body, and perfect legs, covered in those schoolgirl stockings, and couldn’t help but be hard, terrified at the same time though.

Katelyn turned around, and pulled something out of the drawer. She brought her arms up in front of Steve, and he could see she had chopsticks. “I’m really hungry for a snack now Steve. You’re so small, but you’ll have to do.”

He tried to dodge the chopsticks, but they grabbed him firmly. She raised him towards her mouth, and stuck her tongue out. She simultaneously curled the front of her tongue, dropped him onto it, and withdrew him into her mouth. She closed her lips behind her glistening retreating tongue, arched her back, titled her head back, and with a gulp, let Steve fell down the back of her throat.

Katelyn was truly having a fun evening…

to be continued…