Winter Giantess Look: Update, New Free Content

Winter Giantess Look: Update, New Free Content

Brrrrrr! It’s cold out! But don’t worry my tiny playthings- a little cold and snow won’t stop me from destroying this entire city with my bare feet! I hope you like the new mega giantess look of my site, I thought I’d get into the winter spirit. :twisted:

The reception to the “Midnight Goddess” preview has been absolutely incredible! Thank you to all my little pets who left their feedback on Mystic’s and here and even emailed me about it. You’ve inspired me as always to work even harder on it, as I know you’re looking forward to seeing much, much more!

Katelyns First 2008 Snow Fall 2

Katelyns First 2008 Snow Fall 3

Katelyns First 2008 Snow Fall 4

As for today I have a nice sized update for all of you, including some new wintery photos of myself. Here’s a list of all the goodies that are new on my site:

Giantess Fanart Update:
13 New General Fanart Giantess Collages
2 New Mikeyboy Giantess Collages
3 New Shadester Giantess Collages

Giantess Collage Material Update:
– First Snowfall of 2008 Set
– Emma and I: Business Ladies Set

Amazon Wishlist Update:
If you’d like to send your Goddess a holiday card or other winter tributes email me and I’ll send you my current PO Box address.
If you do send me something, please remember to include a return address (if possible) so that I can send you a little signed shrunken-size thank you back!

Have a great weekend, little ones! :mrgreen:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Bobbob

    Meh, my part of PA only got a couple of inches… so far… that cant be much to you ;-P

    Seriously though, roads are horrible and it looks like I might be stuck in my dorm till tommorrow… kill me now… lol… On the plus side, I may have time to collage… the day isnt looking so bad anymore! :-)

    Thank you so much for the new material! I think it might be the sexiest I’ve seen so far! And if not, they’re a close second to the ‘fire red outfit.’ So either way you win :-P

    Thanks Katelyn!

  2. Katelyn's wprm

    Katelyn, You don’t do anything but beautiful! And these pictures are truly of a Goddess — so alluring, so enticing, so captivating, so utterly perfect that it is hard to believe You breathe the same mortal air that we do.

    How does it feel to know that You are so absolutely desirable that any one of Your devotees would consider himself honored beyond words to describe, merely to have You spit in his face?

  3. Kisuke Urahara

    God knows how happy I am right now. You’re so lucky to see snow. I’m sure you knew that in Florida, the coldest it ever gets is like 60 degrees. I’d be at the beach this time of year. lol. Once again you’ve out done yourself with this website. It’s amazing that you started off with just a few collages. Now look were you’re at! Just goes to show you that hard work really does pay off. I can’t wait to see the next few previews of “Midnight Goddess”. I’m also happy to hear that we would be seeing more of “you” in ways we could only imagine.

    Love, Your Slave

    P.S: Did I mention I love your beautiful butt? Cause I do, I would love to see more photos of your bare rear in a thong, toppling over the roof tops of a major city.

  4. Aeonic

    AMG kitty. <3 it’s so cuuuute.

    I like the footprint pics, as well. Artsy. You’re a tough giantess, stomping through those blizzards and all over us. :twisted:

  5. Paul

    just wanted to say that these pictures of you in the snow are so very sexy goddess. Your beauty is intoxicating, and I am always your willing tiny slave. I just purchased your tiny little mint video clip. You have the most amazing work on the web… the little person looks so REAL. I am so impressed with everything you do. I hope that you have a very merry holidays. You deserve it with all the hard work you do for your little slaves! I have been even more fulfilled knowing you over the last four months. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn,

    I haven’t left a message for you here in a long time so I stopped in to say again that I think you’re the sexiest & best looking woman on the entire planet. I judge all women to your standard now and none of them measure up.

    Every time I check your pictures or watch you portray in your clips what you would do to us makes my heart pound really fast. You make it so exciting that if I wasn’t already in good shape and doing my cardio workout everyday I think I would have a heart attack!

    I know for sure you would REALLY do it if it were possible which the thought makes my head spin!

    You’ve given us all so much making Giantess fantasy truly come alive!


  7. MarkM

    Oh cool the avatar showed up.

    I hope you don’t mind if I usee your pic because I don’t go anywhere else with it. I just picked it for here.

    That’s my favorite pic of you! I put it for my desktop wallpaper too but I had to get remove it cuz my wife didn’t like it.


  8. Esoom

    oh Katelyn, you’re ridiculous

  9. MarkM

    Got the Spellbook again last night and it’s so Awesome Katelyn! I think it’s my favorite because of the interaction between you and Phil. Especially the part when you first told him “I don’t think your going to like this” and then Phil’s reaction upon learning what was about to happen! Oh and how you didn’t give him any choice in the matter!

    I just love it how you can hear all poor little Phil’s bones snapping and crunching. Then how you wanted to feel him squirm first and the look of satisfaction and enjoyment on your face! Wow! If I didn’t know better I’d think it was real!

    All your work is so good Katelyn!

    Yours, Mark

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