Why artists are choosing to sell on my site

Why artists are choosing to sell on my site

Ever since the surprise release of Pogojo’s comic, the giantess community seems to be abuzz about what I offer artists who sell their comics through my site. There have been some hilariously insane rumors (Like I only pay Vivian 10% of her sales!) and many other bizarre misconceptions on why suddenly artists are selling though my site. I hate addressing rumors, but the stupid in certain areas of the community just got to be too much. So let’s talk about artists and comics!

First of all, everyone who sells through my site is a friend of mine. Many of the artists who sell through my site I’ve been talking with for years. They know me personally, and they know the kind of business I run and the quality I stand for.

Secondly, the big question certain members of the community should be asking themselves: shouldn’t the artist’s personal decision to sell thought my site tell you something?

Once you’ve considered that, let’s jump right to it and clear up pay. I pay ALL artists 65% of their sales. Every purchase of their comic, 65% of it goes straight to them. Out of the share I keep, the majority of it (~20%) instantly goes to credit card processing and bank fees. Why are these fees so high? It is because my site can legally sell adult, pornographic content.

The distinction between selling non-pornographic material and pornographic material is surprisingly huge. Laws, fees, regulations completely change when you start showing boobies. There is a reason why most websites on the net either disallow porn completely, or specialize in porn completely. It took me five years just to earn that distinction of adult merchant, and it costs me a ridiculous amount both yearly and on every single purchase. But the result is awesome- I can sell whatever my heart desires- boobs, pussies, asses, everything sexual and extreme I have the legal ability to sell! :D It comes with a high price, but the extra freedom is worth it.

Sites like Lulu, Paypal, E-Junkie, do not allow you to sell pornographic content, and doing so is a violation of their Terms of Service. If you are “caught” selling pornographic content on those sites, they have every legal right to shut you down and force you to refund all of your customers. So, while artists can try to sell through these sites, they still lose a percentage of their money (only to large corporations) and run the risk of being shut down at any moment. For example, 2Checkout was recently prompted by their banks to crack down on fetish content. Producers in the community lost their ability to sell through them overnight.

Sites where selling adult content is legal, such as Clips4Sale, they take 5% more than I do and offer you a store front that feels like a glorified Geocities or Myspace page.

If that wasn’t bad enough, all of these sites are “outside” of the Giantess community. Few giantess fans browse these sites regularly for content. This means nearly every sale must come through a link on an artist’s personal DeviantArt or Furaffinity page. This limits their traffic by how many people browse their personal profile page every day.

In contrast, my site is both “inside” the community and one of the most popular and most visited sites in the entire giantess community. (And my site continues to grow everyday!) That’s a huge advantage for a size-fetish artist selling their work. Their comic is also advertised on Giantessbooru, which is up there with Giantess City for highest traffic in the community. (Note that I don’t over-advertise on Giantessbooru or GiantessCity. I advertise only comics and my big FX movies as I honestly HATE spammy advertisements myself.) And by purchasing from my store, you are keeping the money inside of the giantess community and supporting small businesses!

By selling on my site an artist is sharing traffic with not only me, but all of the other popular artists of the community as well. One site to purchase everything from is much FAR more effective than everyone selling on their own. We are grouped together for strength! :) You can buy a comic made by Vivian, Sheela, Pogojo, CG-17, or Tontoblackadder all in the same shopping cart! (And there are still many more artists yet to come!) The result is maximized sales for each artist.

So after the credit card processing fees, I’m left with about 10-15%. This amount goes right back into my site and server and goes toward keeping everything running smoothly for ALL the artists.

What all do I do? Well, “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” I spent an entire year coding my site from the ground up, negotiating with merchants and banks, talking with artists, making it possible for comics to be sold in the first place. I am constantly working on and improving upon my site, updating it, making sure everything is running at top speed and is secure for artists and customers alike twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. (The internet does not sleep!) Maintaining a website, customer support, and the security level of processing payments (PCI Compliance for example!) is no small matter and processing comics, being as popular as they are adds a large amount of work to my work load. I don’t think I can properly express how much work and how much time I invest into everything I do. This is my life.

And when a comic is ready for release, I spend several days alone (often with little to no sleep) getting an Artist’s comic out up onto the site and in the store. (I am glad to do it, it’s always so exciting!) It’s a complex process that involves the creation of previews, advertisements, database tinkering, lengthy descriptions, and tons and tons of back end administration work.  If I have to translate a comic, such in the case of Vivian or CG17, I routinely spend an entire week just translating a comic alone. (I really try to make everything absolutely perfect) This is time I could be spending creating FX movies, daily updates, or picture sets but I spend it instead working to bring the same opportunities I have had to the artists of the community. I’ve got bills and taxes to pay and an entire business resting on my shoulders that now supports the livelihoods of more than just myself – I need to be compensated with a bare minimum for the time I spend so I can keep everything running for EVERYONE.

And remember- when an artist finishes a comic they don’t have to do anything else- they hand it off to me and they’re done with the comic for good. I on the other hand have to take care of supporting that comic, its customer support, its bandwidth, its administration for… well… forever! Combined with everything I’ve stated and the massive fees, you can see why I need to take some kind of carefully calculated percentage. And if ANYTIME I am able to give artists a better percentage, I will. I want to give them the absolute maximum I can give.

Now if you think I have an underlying motive for doing all of this… you’re absolutely right. My motive from day one has been: “How fucking cool would it be to see a full length comic from Vivian! Or Sheela! Or Pogojo! Or CG17! Or Tontoblackadder! OR (Insert upcoming awesome artist name here)!” These are all artists whose work I have absolutely loved over the years, and whose artwork I desperately wanted to see more of than “a single commission here” and a “half a sketch” there!

But comics are huge undertakings. They can take months of work. Artists are like you- they have jobs, maybe school, and bills to pay. Unless they were being paid they couldn’t take the time away from other responsibilities to create comics. Many only dreamed of being able to sell their works. One artist told me that this was something they always dreamed of doing, but they had given up on it because it wouldn’t put bread on the table. NO! I wouldn’t have any of that! I told them I was there to help them every step of the way, and that a comic would put bread on their table, and that they needed to follow their dreams and passions. As of right now, this artist is working on a comic which I know you will LOVE oh-so very much!

So almost two years ago, I set out to convince all my favorite artists to create full length comics and sell their works, language barriers be damned. Many took some convincing that their work would even sell, and many were concerned about piracy making their efforts futile. I told them that people will pay for awesomeness. People understand hard work and quality when they see it. Sure, people will still pirate, but that’s just the nature of this digital age! It shouldn’t deter you from trying or creating art in the first place. People will still gladly pay to support the things they love and to support those with similar passions and those who clearly put their heart into their work. And it’s true, otherwise the artists and myself would not be able to create the content that we do for you!

My goal with selling comics is simple. I want to empower the artists of the community. I want to give them the chance I had, to show them that if they follow their heart they can make it work. Several of the artists here are now trying to make selling comics their full time job. I am here to help them in every way I can! My experience, my knowledge, and my site is at their disposal. Instead of a single drawing or sketch every few weeks, you’re now getting entire comics from the artists you love.

Vivian for example, hadn’t drawn anything new for the community in years. I reached out, fought the language barrier, and brought her back. The drawings and artwork you see here today are the result of her being able to sell comics to the majority of the English speaking giantess community without having to deal with the language barrier. Now she’s trying to put an entire team of top talented artists together to sell high quality giantess comics though my site.

Another thing I’d like to clear up, is that artists are given complete and total freedom here. I have not once written up a script or said “no” to an idea. If an artist asks me “How well do you think this idea might sell?”, I will tell them honestly and might be able to offer tips to appeal to a certain audience if that is their goal. But other than that, I tell them to create whatever their heart desires. I know that artists produce their best work when it is something they are passionate about. Artists are their own boss. I certainty wouldn’t want someone telling me I had create my FX videos in a certain way!

In summary, artists are given a great rate, incredible traffic shared with other fellow top artists, the legal ability to sell pornographic content, they never have to worry about running a site, a store, dealing with a language barrier, or taking care of customer support, they have the freedom to create whatever they want, and guidance and help on anything and everything they need. This empowers them and enables them to put 100% of their time and heart into their artwork.

And that is why artists have been selling through my site. :)


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  1. MarkM

    I know you work incredibly hard Katelyn! I appreciate it and your sites more than I can tell you! You’ve made dreams and fantasies come true!


  2. Zen

    Wow! After reading that, all I have to say is THANK YOU! Basically this blog just confirmed what I already suspected; that you’re beautiful, talented, passionate and hard working. That hard work has given me a place where I can hang out and support others with my same interest! After reading your blog my first intuition was to offer you dinner but I guess I’ll just have to settle stopping by your amazon wish list and pick you up something special =)

    P.S. I’ve been in the gift giving mood this year and have been commissioning artists within deviantArt . Keep an eye out and you might see some Neko(cat girl)/mouse boy commissions =)

  3. Greg Viera

    awwwe what a cute drawing :) Great blog btw
    you deff had to make ur own comics <3
    Getting Paid today is awesome. i deff gonna get u something after all hehe its been a long while <3 keep up the great work <3

  4. Jaedon

    Think you over-reacted to what some passed.. especially since it’s been a while since you’ve logged on. Either way I’m just waiting here. Hope to see you do more personal vore things in a while.. and if not, am just waiting here for you, hehe.

  5. Chuck

    I don’t know if you’re overreacting or not, but rumors are in every community, no matter what it is about. You explained the current situation so people will get your side of the story, that’s good.

    But don’t think this will stop such rumors. You have to keep that in mind, some people out there just don’t have a good image on you for whatever reason. You also have to look for what has made some people think so bad of you.

    Be careful with the Internet and its rumors, Katelyn. I’m sure you already know that, but there is no harm in stating the obvious. ;)

  6. Alex

    Katelyn, I already knew you worked incredibly hard to make all of this a reality, but reading all of this in one sitting just made me smile. I am so glad we have a wonderful individual like you here in our community. Without you, we would be less as whole. On behalf of all the entire size changing community, that being the consumers, the artists, and just plain old fans, thank you so very much for all that you do. We can never truly repay you for what you’ve done for all of us. :)

  7. Goose

    Thanks for helping other artists share their gift. I remember when you first showed up on the giantess scene -cranes head way back- you sure have grown a bit since those days.

  8. Michael

    Although I have yet to invest in any of the comics I never doubted the artists were receiving a fair profit from the sales, but I’m glad I read this blog as I realise more so just how much work you put into the site Katelyn and reinforces my decision to buy my Giantess-related purchases from someone who really gets it and can be trusted to be a true professional.

    PS – If ever any of the artists are stuck for ideas/motivation I’d love to someday see a comic of our very own sexy giantess Katelyn drawn in anime style and no doubt a lot of people on the site would agree.

  9. John

    Katelyn I’ve enjoyed your site for many years bought a few clips, and enjoyed everyone. I hate it when few bone heads have to spoil it for the rest of us. The fact that you build this web site from nothing and turned it in to a career, that’s what this country is all about it’s not about the porn. It’s about doing something you love doing.
    I’d love to meet you one day just to say hi,
    P.S. You Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  10. Rooster

    Goddess Katelyn, I didn’t think I could love you more than I already do, but then you went and quoted my hero Carl Sagan. Thank you!

    I personally bought and greatly enjoyed the Pogojo comic, as well as Sheela’s comic and some of your videos, Goddess. A few idiots posting in caps can get a lot of attention, but I think I speak for most of us GTS fans when I say: thank you so much for providing a nexus for artists to share/sell their artwork! Rock on!

  11. Pan-Dulce

    This has definitely been insightful for me. I never realized that there was so much to consider when it came to selling comics. I can respect your side of this to although I never once thought about those bogus rumors, and it definitely opened my eyes in terms of selling content and the requirements involved. My friend has actually been looking to make and sell a tickling comic and it’s actually a good thing we ran into this blog knowing the risks that are involved without the proper paperwork. I really wanna thank you for clearing this stuff up, gives me totally different perspective on the comic publishing process. Either way, I know first hand how demanding drawing is so I will definitely continue to support the artists by buying comics that catch my attention.

  12. Bill

    Katelyn you continue to surprise me with how well rounded you are. I know that doesn’t mean much from the amount of completely obsessive comments you get lol. But I’m not one who typically gets obsessive with random women on the internet. But you just have the whole package going for you. Incredibly smart, nerdy, and best of all…fair and not judgmental. And all that is without even mentioning that you are smoking fucking hot.

    And though serious blog posts like this can be quite the boner killer they remind me how much of an all around awesome person you are. Which is such a weird thing to say to someone whom I’m about to watch naked on the internet and cum violently to >.<

  13. Bobbob

    Too busy with finals to read the blog right now, but have to say that the Powerwheels doing the wheelie… it’s pretty epic – made my day.

  14. vivian

    I always appreciate everything you have done for me. In my most vulnerable time, this is shot.

  15. MarkM

    Oh off topic but:

    Can’t resist telling you how sexy the twitter pic of your “puffy, cury, WIDE, soft feet” look! I still say hands down you have the nicest looking bare feets of any woman!!!


  16. Matt

    Well. It doesn’t seem “right” to buy giantess/shrink comic from your website. It’s not like this is bad website, it just doesn’t match.

  17. Charles Nash

    It’s amazing that you’ve done all this yourself. You’re a smart, energetic, resourceful woman. Congrats for all your persistence and dedication in making this site what it is.


  18. Bobbob

    Finally had some time to actually read this. I can’t believe people would start these ridiculous rumors. If the artists didn’t like their share, they’d be selling somewhere else.

    I know it says you charge less than most, but as a bit of a mathematician (my minor) I’d argue that even if you did charge slightly more, there’s a good chance that the artists still would make more than anywhere else on the net. By providing all sorts of free things to the community, you attract a significant amount of traffic, a certain percentage of which will purchase a video/comic/product of some sort.

    Essentially, you get a supply/demand thing going on… but the supply is unlimited, and demand is most likely proportional to site traffic – which I imagine you have tons of compared to usual sites. Of course, you’ll have an exponential decay in the percentage of sales on every product as time goes on… excitement over the product declines due to newer products, etc…

    I’m very very tired… so, in short. The exponential decay function in sales should be a probability function that’s the same for everyone in the business… but the page views per day is dependent on the site. Your site probably has a few times more than many, because people stop by to see potd, votm, to browse through the store, etc, and therefore – the artist should make a somewhat proportionally higher amount than they would have on another site, maybe even more than double or triple… Might be wrong, without seeing the actual statistics of all the sites, but that would mean you’re undercharging… maybe significantly. Your site in itself is a billboard that brings attraction to works that would otherwise go less noticed. With that said, as often as you play an evil giant character, I think you’re too kind to play money hungry corporate giant with artists. That’s a good thing. ;-)

    But, if you ever need a mathematician, I can probably figure out some effective ways to build profits that aren’t devastatingly evil. Anyways, caffeine crash!!! Night Katelyn!

  19. jeremiah

    i believe your site is the best for ANYTHING giantess…it helped me realize i am not alone in the gts fetish…along with my foot fetish i must say the twitpic of your soft curvy feet w wrinkled soles was the best ive seen…id give anything to see those soft soles coming down on me or be squeezed between your toes..i love your feet more than any other…heres to one day bein under them….thank you for doing what yoU do for us tinies…ps…i love that yu went thru a goth thing in high school…i love goth…goth giantess would b such a dream

  20. ValidUserName


    Interesting read… it’s impressive you’ve managed to accomplish the running of this site by your self.

    I’m a Software Engineer by trade and would be more than happy to lend you a hand.

    Forgive me if I sound impertinent, but taking a week to set up a comic on your site sounds like there’s too much manual work going on in the back end. You probably don’t have to time to do anything about that given everything else that demands your attention, however, infrastructure is my passion. I’m pretty certain I could shave off a day or more when you need add a comic :)

    Anyway, drop me a line if the offer interests you. Should you be weary of my motives… I like GTS, I like programming and I like being nice to people. I may not be established in the GTS community, but I was a well known name on the OCMB.

    P.S – I have an improvement for your Giantess Booru site, should you be interested :)

  21. Thunor232

    Damn! I really hope that you DO convince some artists to make it a full-time job! The vore community really needs more full length, high quality work!

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