What’s your Backyard Giantess Fantasy? + Moving Sale!

What’s your Backyard Giantess Fantasy? + Moving Sale!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is FILM IN MY BACK YARD! This year I want you all to enjoy it with me as long as you can— I’m moving (staying in Seattle for now) in 3 weeks and my current place provides a fantasy location for backyard shooting. I’ll be filming as many high quality videos as possible and I’ll begin editing them after I move. I even have a surprise for you all.

Actually, I’m going to go ahead and spoil the surprise now. >:D I’m going to release some of your video requests for FREE after I’m settled in at my new place in thanks for everyone who’s helped me save up moving money by making a store purchase since my new year blog post. Thank you all so SO much!! <3

Ahhh… know what I like? I like going outside in my bare feet or sandals to find shrunken men and cities to crush and eat… not to mention the plentiful bugs at the mercy of my hunger. Mmmh!! Since I’m interested in hearing what fantasy you’d like to see me play out, I figured I’d post a few visuals of my location with links to the full sets (and videos, below) so you can see what I have to work with. ;)

GiantessKatelynPlayswithCars33-3ut9 GiantessKatelynPlayswithCars18-vgbh GiantessKatelynPlayswithCars10-5h6h

My current Picture’s of the Day set! Matching video coming out in June!

OutdoorPoV21 BackyardPOV_58

Outdoor PoV and Backyard PoV

BackyardPOV_34 BackyardPOV_19

Outdoor Car Crush– a photo set shot with collage poses in mind for the renowned Wonderslug!

OutdoorCarCrush13 OutdoorCarCrush04

Six of my favorite backyard videos! I’m excited to play with you all here. There’s a lot more fun to have all around this place!



What’s your backyard Giantess fantasy? You can post it here or email it to me! … I can already see the “please make a Honey I Shrunk the Kids” parody requests coming in. Lemme tell ya! I’ll be filming a HISTK inspired video before I move, so there’s my reply ahead of time. However! I can’t promise it’ll be an FX video. We’ll see. If not, I’ll be carefully crafting a prop version of it for you look forward to! ;)

Additionally, I’ll be shooting with Jason Ninja (who runs BrattyFootGirls.com) and Sarah Diavola next week. Jason specializes in foot worship, trampling, and Sarah is very good at verbal and humiliation (not to mention, a hot redhead. Purr!). Check out the links above to see what I’ve shot with them before. If you’ve already seen some of my videos with them and you’ve wanted to see something more… let me know by next week and it might get in!

Moving Sale

There’s a chance I might end up moving into a city apartment, coming from a 4 bedroom house, so I’m looking sell some of my things. Even if I move into another house, it’ll be nice to downsize. I enjoy getting rid of some stuff during moves. :) One of the items I have for sale is fetish related so I went ahead and listed that first for those who’d like to skip the rest. Please take a look though! I did my research and listed everything at a competitive used resale price. Any sales money I make will go straight into my business of producing high quality Giantess Fetish videos for everyone. Anyway, here’s a list of what I’m selling and for how much! :)

Personal shoes and intimate items
Socks, panties, bras, shoes ($5 extra), you name it. Click here to download pictures of my shoes for sale. I have way too many panties. Let me surprise you. Any 2 for $40 or 3 for $50 + $10 for priority mail shipping.
Kindle Touch with black leather case
Model d010200. $40 + $10 for priority mail shipping.
iPhone 5, white, 32GB
It has a cracked screen. It works. I have girly cases for it if you want them. $95 $75+ $10 for priority mail shipping.
GoPro Hero 2 bundle
LCD backpack, waterproof casing, mounts, memory card and USB cable: $95 $75. $10 for priority mail shipping.

Nintendo DS Lite
$20 plus $8 shipping. Or $10 with any other purchase (free/combined shipping).

Black Nintendo 3DS bundle
Pokemon Black, Heartgold, Platinum, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Bejeweled Twist, and charging station: $105. $10 for priority mail shipping.

White Nintendo Wii bundle
3 remotes, 2 nun-chucks, 4 rechargeable batteries with charging station and 6 games. Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword, Lego Star Wars Saga, Lego Indiana Jones, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Alice in Wonderland. $95 $75+ $25 for priority mail shipping.

Professional photography/cinematography halogen lighting setup
A high quality light setup in good condition. I’ve switched to daylight lighting which is the only reason I’m selling it. $1,375 $995+ $155 for packaging, shipping and insurance.
—–Everything included:—–
Lowel LOD293Z DP-3 Three-Light Kit
(x5) General Brand GBFEL FEL Lamp – 1000 Watts/120 Volts
(x2) Westcott WE3648SISB Softbox, Silver Interior – 36×48″
Chimera CHSRMLDPVPQ Speed Ring for OctaPlus Light Bank/Lowel DP Light
Chimera CHOP5EK7 Octaplus 5′ Light Bank, 7′ Expansion Kit
(x2) Photoflex PHSRLDPQ Speed Ring for Lowel DP Light
(x2) Lowell Dichroic Filter for DP Light
Lowell Cockaloris Filter for DP Light
($2,895 worth of equipment!)
ASUS G73JW laptop
Intel i7 CPU Q740 1.73GHZ, GeForce GTX 460M Cuda 1.5GB, 17.3 FHD, x2 500GB HDD, 8GB ram, blue ray, Windows 7 premium. $500 + $50 for packaging and shipping

If you’d like to buy anything then email me at [email protected]! I accept check, Amazon gift card (or elsewhere), money order, cash as payment. I’d be happy to mail from an alias if needed.

That about covers everything for now. I’ll probably write up another blog post rather soon with some site updates, new producers, and more. Looking forward to filming your fantasies and selling stuff for moving! Xox


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Chuck

    Moving soon, huh? And giving another chance for scenarios, I see… That’s cool, if I come up with something these days, I’ll e-mail it. Something tells me it might be as lengthy as what I sent last time, too long for a comment, even.

    And good luck with the sales! I’m guessing you won’t be able to ship anything outside the US, and besides, region locks and plugs might be a killer. Also, if the money helps in improving many other things, that’s good news.

  2. (blank)

    That shot of your toes from backyard POV is fantastic. Add in some props and sound effects – booming steps, screaming tinies, goddess sounding giantess voice, etc. The more sound effects the better (terrifying sounds to the tinies but inaudible to the giantess). Start off unaware crushing and vore, then discover the tinies around your yard. Hunt them down, sadistic enjoyment of their fear, ignoring their screaming, while the giantess continues crushing and eating them.

  3. Akio (A-kee...

    hi, Katelyn. been a fan of yours since 2007 and I’ve bought a ton of your works, and I’m damn proud of it. :) as far as the move goes, I hope everything goes smoothly. last time my sister moved, our mom broke her boyfriend’s piano and still refuses to pay to fix or replace it, claiming it was their fault for bringing it.
    as far as the backyard request goes, I have an idea. you could be walking in your backyard and find me hiding in a bush, scared by my tiny size. you pick me up and tell me I’d be safe followed by a couple kisses and a boob-hug before bringing me inside to a new home with you.
    just thought I’d contribute an idea and wish you the best of luck with your move. looking forward to seeing how everything works out for you.

  4. Dre

    I would love to see you crush some beetles unknowingly under your bare feet as you casually walk around outside in a sundress enjoying the sun. Then when you do notice them you do what you love to do when you see bugs at your feet.

  5. Greg Viera

    Great blog as always would love to buy something from u
    Will send email to u about that soon <3

  6. Andrea

    Oh please, record yourself walking barefoot on the grass and stepping on any plant, flower or bug that you can find! I know it’s simplistic, but I’m sure it would be wonderful!

  7. Martin Linsky

    You are wearing those 6 inch pink platform pumps with a mini skirt and bare legs. You have just arrived at a modelng gig outdoors but theres no one here yet. And you are feeling so sexy that you want to strut around. Several employees from your modeling company have shrunken to smaller than ants, like even smaller than grains of sand. Theres virtually no way you’d ever notice them. You strut back and forth, the ground shaking, crushing them under the weight of your massive sweaty toes in your gorgeous pumps, unaware that any of them exist at all. Even if one of them caught your eye, you’d probably think he’s a tiny clover mite…

    Congrats Katelyn!! :)

  8. lexy

    When it comes to HISTK this is what you should do:

    Make one with props for now to hold people over. Then once you move make another with FX.

    If you’re looking for a scenario to do this is what I would like:

    Inspired by the My Sister the Giantess comic on deviantart, you could be an Unaware Giantess Daughter out on the deck tanning. You end up unknowingly crushing and maybe even eating your family. This would be pretty simply FX in my opinion.

    Just a though.

  9. Stien

    So how do we buy something in this sale?

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @Stien: Email me at [email protected]! I accept check, Amazon gift card (or elsewhere), money order or cash as payment. I’d be happy to mail from an alias if needed.

    Prices have been reduced!

  11. Sam

    Ah, when is that matching video coming out I’m checking daily at this point! :)

  12. Ryan

    Well reading your recent tweet, you were talking about edibles and the Ganja. What if you ate some and got super high, and went for a stroll in the backyard. As you enjoy your high, you don’t realize the tiny people who live in your grass and the countless lives you’ve taken with each step! You go to lay down, enjoying your buzz, wanting to eat more edibles. Some of the tinies end up in your batch of goodies! You think they’re sprinkles, eventually seeing their tiny faces screaming in fear. Being the goddess that you are, you continue to enjoy your treats with the newly added ingredients! That be kinda cool to see.

  13. Charlie C

    I imagine you wondering outside naked (barefoot) not realizing there are tiny ants trying to get your attention but ending crushed by your soft soles and toes, getting stuck to your bare feet while you just ignore them. Some might get onto your feet and start climbing up your beautiful legs, making you scratch that annoying itch you feel without noticing the massacre this action is causing.

  14. lexy

    you said you were going to film HISTK before moving. seeing as you have moved now, thought i’d ask where that stands?

  15. nick1000

    hellos katelyn I’d like to explore when a clip in your nice body especially your beautiful legs in the sun with small mealworms ready to be swallowed alive ?????

  16. microbe

    As ever, my fantasy involves being reduced to microscopic size and injected into your body in a mini-sub. Essentially a way sexier version of Innerspace where I get to explore inside your sexy body. Hanging out in your stomach as you eat breakfast, driving through your bloodstream while you exercise etc. Maybe you get gassy, so I take a trip to your intestines to help clear things out. All kinds of crazy fun to be had inside your sexy body, I can’t wait to be in there ;)

  17. MDawg

    Have you seen the Rocko’s Modern Life episode “Dirty Dog” which showed some bugs living on Rocko’s dog Spunky in a sitcom like setting? I’d like to see a series of similar scenes with laughtrack and all of what life is like for tiny men living in your underwear. You’d have to build a whole set to represent the inside of your panties since you can’t actually shrink a camera crew and send them in there. But you would film scenes of yourself doing everyday stuff, then show how your prisoners are dealing with things like your body movement, sweat, farts, etc.

  18. phil

    I am very interested in the WII bundle please contact me via email. If you have not sold it.

  19. Giantess Ka...

    Hi Lexy! Your interest and enthusiasm is much appreciated. I don’t want to give the wrong impression, but I did not film HISTK parody before I moved. My previous back yard would have been perfect. Moving was a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated and I didn’t want to half-ass through my version of HISTK parody- certainly nothing to be rushed through. It’s been a fantasy of mine that I couldn’t film under that kind of time sensitive pressure. Had to be realistic and make the right decision for myself and my work or else it could have eaten up all of my time with getting trashed at the end anyway, with no backyard requests done. So, I instead focused on what I was completely comfortable with and reasonably able to focus my available time on, between packing and moving duties, and filmed a lot of the backyard requests that I received. They were very enjoyable to film and have been slowly getting released and some free content will be coming soon as well. Getting settled in has been taking much longer than I anticipated too, but thankfully things are getting pretty settled at this point.

  20. Giantesswat...

    Love your outdoor car crush, Would like to see you crush a 1957 ford fairlane 500 model car like the plastic ones you glue together. Your video’s are great!!!.

  21. Love you in...

    Boots accentuate your power and dominance! Love to see more pics of you in them. Also, any chance you are going to see the movie “Downsizing”. Any thoughts about it?

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