Welcome New Artists!

Welcome New Artists!

Hello hello my shrunken lovers! Today I’d like everyone to warmly welcome four artistically talented members of the Giantess community who’ve joined my site: EmmaGear, Sorenzer0, TheBigMansini, and Giantess Productions! They’ve already released some high quality, passionate, works of art here and with your support they’ll be able to continue creating orgasmic Giantess fetish content for all! ;)

NAKED by EmmaGear and SorenZer0


EmmaGear and SorenZer0’s first action packed Giantess fetish comic, for sale here, became available on the 5th of September. Throughout NAKED you’ll get to enjoy an immersing, well written, Giantess story by EmmaGear and impressive, realistic, CG artwork by Sorenzer0! The comic’s sexy imagery features a ravishing supermodel named Jocelyn who grows giant, destroys some of the city’s buildings and people’s cars (from her sheer size and on purpose), bites and swallows a female civilian, fights with troops and makes them serve her pussy, and then grows into a Giga Giantess and masturbates with our entire planet to get off… and that’s not all!

They pair for a FAPTASTIC duo and they also have an AMAZING collection of stories and artwork on their Deviant Art pages (above) that I think you’d really enjoy checking out! ;)

Genteel’s Tanning Salon by TheBigMansini


TheBigMansini’s mouthwatering 22 page Giantess comic was released on September 24th and it features a perversely funny story that takes place at Katelyn Genteel’s tanning salon and day spa. (Hehe… yes, that’s me! ^o^) Throughout his masterpiece you’ll get to see the popular and wealthy Evelyn Hellstrae dominate others for gratification, quite sexually, fueled off her marriage frustrations. At first she joyously shoves her entire aching foot into the spa masseuse’s mouth… not only does it feel good, but Evelyn doesn’t believe she works there and she’s right! After that’s uncovered, her attention jumps to Katelyn’s “new recruits”- shrunken people!

Katelyn happily indulges Evelyn’s curiosity about the downsizing process by conducting a demonstration on an employee, Munro, who needs punished for his recent sexual indecency. It then gets pretty hot and sexy between the two gorgeous women with Munro shrunken and trapped in between all of the french kissing and pussy licking as his “punishment”. But as enjoyable as it feels to everyone in the moment, Evelyn has a squirting orgasm, shooting Munro out of her pussy with her sweet sex juice, and it suddenly becomes unclear if Munro will be ok…

If you’d like to see more artwork by TheBigMansini then check out his DeviantArt above!

New Videos by Giantess Productions

Lucy’s Cheating Husband

Danni Swallows Step Dad in Pussy

Opening with a bang, Giantess Production’s is a new studio specializing in Adult Stars for the Giantess Fetish! >:P What you’ll find within his works is quality on all levels: sexy adult actresses, interesting scenarios, location shooting, attention to filming technique, post production enhancements, you name it! With all of that said, I’m proud to announce that his works will be hosted right here!

His works look very promising so early on which makes me really excited to see him continue making even better and better productions to come! When I see this kind of passion and professionalism, it drives me to go above and beyond. I’ve been giving him feedback here and there, being somewhat of a mentor, not only to help out someone whose work ethic I admire but also in part to bring everyone here the quality content that you expect from my site!

Well, that’s a wrap! Coming in October there will be a site wide update blog post with the release of a new POTD set, lots of new fan collages, and much more! Catchya again then! :D

Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Dre

    This was a really funny and sexy comic. I enjoyed the story and the sexy cartoon art work that work very well. I look forward to part two.


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