Welcome Giantess Miss Lizz!

Welcome Giantess Miss Lizz!

Welcome to my site Miss Lizz! It’s great to have you here! To the bugs: I have always been a fan of Miss Lizz’s work; she is a Giantess who clearly puts her heart and time into her films. Each video of hers is unique and playful and the quality of her angles and stories are always spot on. She creates high quality videos that I am proud to now have on my site! :happy: So if you’re in the mood for a sexy Giantess MILF- check out Miss Lizz’s incredible giantess videos!

One of the many goals of my site is to help support professional artists who I feel have a passion for their work and produce high quality content for their audience to enjoy.  I want to give artists who care deeply about their work the same chance I have had with mine. Your support means everything to us tiny ones! Thank you! :biggrin:

You can eventually expect all of Miss Lizz’s videos to end up in my store, along with my usual daily updates. Have a great week little bugs! I’ll be working on my FX movie all week. (Oh, and keep out of my kitchen!!)


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. The-New-Dal...

    Excellent news. If it means Miss Lizz’s work gets to be seen by a wider audience so much the better. I’ve always had a thing for older women and Miss Lizz and her friends are brilliant Giantess MILF’s.

  2. Greg Viera

    its always nice to see you help others
    who knows you are probably getting an army of sexy soon to be giantess and take over the world and enslave man kind to to your bidding i have dibs on getting to do all the foot massages <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. K-Man

    No! I can go any kitchen I like! Haha, just kidding! That’s good you’re sharing the spotlight with other people, as there’s a lot of talented people in this community. I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us tinies this year, it’s been pretty good so far! : )

  4. 99rednexela


    I’m disapointed. I thought you and Miss Lizz were doing a video together (always wanted to see you two together). Whatever though, this is pretty cool news.

  5. realitydose

    hmm.. well I suppose jade could use a break. FYI miss lizz is pushing 60. so yeah, i guess she would appeal to the older crowd.

  6. JT

    Not thrilled about this at all. If yall can keep her pictures away from the main page with a link I guess that’s fine but usually I come here to see something different/high quality. Not putting the Lizz down but if I wanna see that sort of stuff I’ll go there…kinda don’t like having it pasted all over this site. Yeah Lizz and Kat are in the same genera yet are playing two different games with very different styles to them. Plus with the age difference I like to come here and see people within my same age line 20-28 or so…60 is pushing it, not to be rude. Also imagery wise having Kat’s high quality being shown on the side of the website has a nice flow to the website- high quality with high quality. Then you have Lizz’s stuff showing which looks drastically different and makes for a bad flow. Sorry if that all seems negative but I gotta be honest. Don’t like the move on this- needs to be brought down a little or separated from one another.

  7. sambo

    I don’t see why everyone is hating. Personally, yeah Miss Lizz is out of my age range, but she is also very dedicated to this offbeat genre of fetish. That’s not easy to find. You don’t have to buy her videos but why rip on her or Katelyn for giving everyone more content and options? Are we all that spoiled? Sheesh….

  8. The-New-Dal...

    Well said sambo. Plus I should point out Lizz is not “pushing 60”. She’s only 46.

  9. Giantess Ka...

    @JT: Hey, I understand. Everyone has different tastes. :) I personally enjoy Miss Lizz’s videos, especially when I’m in the mood for some sexy milf action! I think her production quality is great, and it’s very clear she puts her heart into her videos! (Which is why I invited her to join my site. I want to support those who are passionate in what they do.)

    However, I can see how it was a bit overwhelming! XD I uploaded all of her videos in one huge chunk, so for two weeks they pretty much were everywhere all over my site. In reality I only want the newest most recently created videos displayed on my blog or at the top of my store (to reflect the highest quality available), but as Miss Lizz hasn’t always been with my site, I decided to give all her videos two weeks at the top. Her videos have now since been given the correct dates as to when they were created and so they are in the correct order in my store. (And as a result, you can get a rough idea of how often you’ll be seeing videos from her in my store)

    And yes, THANK you for the honesty. That’s exactly what I want around here and it means the world to me. Criticisms and honest opinions allow me to further my work and site and let me know what needs improving. So thank you! :happy:

    And thanks to everyone who bought her works too. I’m glad you love her! Thank you all for continuing to support the artists of the community! ^_^

  10. Poulou

    Miss Lizz is a very good actess or comedian. The only problem, and it may have applied to you when you began this site, is her lack of visual technology. In your case, it seems to improve tremendously by the use of “live” computerized superpositions instead of plastic representations. It is now where it must head.

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