Welcome ChibiChan + FantaSize: Roxy’s Punishment!

Welcome ChibiChan + FantaSize: Roxy’s Punishment!

Hi tiny ones! Please give a big warm welcome to ChibiChan, who has now joined the site with his newest comic release FantaSize: Roxy’s Punishment! Many of you may already know who ChibiChan is, but for those who don’t here’s a fun little get-to-know straight from him!

“I’ve been a member of the community since back in the 90s. In 2005 I began work on animating FantaSize episode one which was released nine months later in May of 2006. Later that September I made my first live action videos with our friend Rachel which launched CanadianGiantess.com. Since then we’ve worked with models who would become well known in our industry from Adrianna Daniels to Cake, Monika Maple, and Tenshi. Back in 2010 I was on Ed The Sock’s TV show “This Movie Sucks!” which was sort of like MST3K. They were poking fun at a giant monster movie and book ending the commercial breaks I was shown making a giantess movie with the hostess Liana K.

Last October I began creating digital comics. Since then I’ve created a few with “Roxy’s Punishment” being my fourth. The original three were image set style comics and I do plan to create more like them in the near future. Currently I’m also producing the first part of FantaSize episode 2. The comics are meant to be new content in my style for fans to enjoy while I continue to animation process.

If you’re really bored and want to see how much of a nerd I am, the Ed The Sock segments are posted on youtube. Part one is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsNfedr6XaE and part two is also on my channel.”

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“Roxy is addicted to crushing and eating tinies, just like her Mistress. But when Misery catches her in the act, it’s time for Roxy to be punished. She’s lead away and Roxy is forced to eat her own shrunken sister from between Misery’s toes! Then Misery gets Roxy’s tiny boyfriend involved in the punishment, making him jerk off to Roxy’s horribly smelly feet. When he can’t handle it, Misery gives Roxy one last chance. It’s a race to see which girl can reach orgasm first before Misery crushes Roxy’s bf in her pussy!”

♥ XXX story involving the two stars of FantaSize!
♥ Cover + 12 pages of full comic book sized action!
♥ Watch as Misery forces Roxy to play size fetish games on those she loves!
♥ Will Roxy’s beloved shrunken sister and boyfriend make it out alive? Find out today!
Click here to read more of the juicy details!

Feel free to leave ChibiChan a comment below and thanks for reading! :D

-Giantess Katelyn <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. ChibiChan

    Thanks very much Giantess Katelyn! It’s an honor to be included on here with so many great artists! I’m glad the comic is being enjoyed and I’ll definitely be drawing up more soon! If anyone has suggestions for new comics, feel free to post a review under the Roxy’s Punishment comic here on the site.

  2. MarkM

    Welcome ChibiChan!

  3. Justin

    Soo when is Bonnie two coming out?

  4. Tinydude

    Hey can you make more comics :) love Misery and Roxy, real big fan hoping for tons more fantasize products :P

  5. ChibiChan

    Thanks MarkM! ^_^ Very much appreciated too Tinydude! I’ll be working on more with the two of them and other members of the cast I’m sure. Currently I have an image set growth story on the go with two newer characters, Amber and Chelsea. I’m sure there will be more well known ones soon too!

    I agree too Justin! Here’s to hoping for more Bonnie comics would be great! I love Sheela’s art! :D

  6. Sam

    Hi there katelyn. I have some kind of request. I have some kind of fantasy for the little mermaid and i love the part where ariel is transformed and becomes naked from her waist down. Could you please make some pics of you dressed like ariel, just seashell bra (or just a normal bra), naked from waist down?. Thanks in advance :D

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