Happy Valentine’s Pics + Storewide Sale! <3

Happy Valentine’s Pics + Storewide Sale! <3

Happy Valentine’s Day my shrunken lovers! Yesterday morning I started working on my Valentine’s photo project and I’m happy to announce that it’s now ready for everyone. Special thanks to all who participated! :) Also, I’ve decided to toss in a store-wide sale for everyone as my Giantess sized holiday gift to you!

♥ Some of my favorites from the set & my thoughts to you! ♥

Your view as I dip and swirl my ass on the tabletop a few times before crushing you! <3

Crawl up so I can squish you in between my big bare sole and my curvy ass and wet pussy!

Names of all the shrunken men I crushed under my glistening bare sole this morning right after I woke up!

Ewwww is that a bug on my floor? I’m only in the mood to crush my Valentine’s lovers today!

Mmm, there are so many shrunken slaves deep inside of my pussy, rubbing my G-spot and struggling for me!

I’ve officially nicknamed my island sized belly button El Portero! >:D

Ohhh yeah right there! That’s where I want to feel you. All over my soft pussy lips and deep inside of me!

Looking at you. Thinking of getting you off with my nice puffy lips, or my long wet tongue, or my big boobs, or…

When I look at this, I like to think of my shrunken Valentine’s falling from my soles onto the curves of my ass!

The names are the sizes I’d want all of you to be as I crush you beneath my massive foot today!

Getting off to all of those I’ve crushed all over my body! Rub rub rub! :P

I see you back there! Want to get crushed under my ass too, like all of these people? I’m coming for ya’! ;)

Once I reach the floor you’re going to get crushed! Right at the area of bare skin below Alan01 and Tiny!

In this one I think of you being full sized and face sitting you haha!! >:D

Tiny Todd is holding up well pinned beneath my foot into my very soft plush pink comforter! Just a little more pressure… <3

You’re just asking for it looking at me like that! I’ll feel you under my foot for a little before using you as my living dildo!

Reaching out for a group of my shrunken slaves. I’ll feel them squirm on my body, crush, fuck, and squeeze them all!

Looking down at you as I crush you last! What a perfect way to spend my Valentine’s Day! <3

View all Valentine’s PoVs | Download the Full Set

Also enjoy 20% through Valentine’s weekend!

Have a fantastic holiday! :)
♥ Xox Giantess Katelyn Xox ♥


The Shrunken Perspective

11 Responses and Counting...

  1. Greg Viera

    awwwe yaya <3 saw my name so happy what a great gift <3
    Happy Valentines Day to the Great Giantess Goddess <3
    Hope you had a great day


    A little faded but I saw my name! Thank you soooooooooooooo much Giantess Katelyn. Hope you have(had now) a wonderful day!

  3. Vishad

    i want wo be in ur belly !!

  4. Josh

    Absolutely amazing Goddess. Thank you very much for giving us such an amazing valentine’s day gift.

  5. Chuck

    It’s both cute and sexy. Cute because it is a nice gift for your followers, and sexy because… oh well, the photos speak by themselves.

    Thanks for taking the time for this nice detail to us! :D

  6. Corsair

    Amazing pics! Thank you very much for this!

  7. Alman001

    Amazing breath-taking pics made 10 times better at getting to view exactly where my crushed remains are on your body :)
    Best gift ever! :D

  8. MarkM

    Thank You for the very sexy Valentine pictures Katelyn! Now if we can only figure out a way to make it come true one day! Only then I think I’ll suddenly change my mind and hope for you to be gentle instead!


  9. Tiny Todd

    Thank you so much for the sexy Valentines photo shoot Giantess Katelyn! I am especially grateful for the personal pic of you crushing me with your beautiful bare foot! That was a great gift!

  10. El Portero

    What an honor! Thank you so much for making this little worshiper’s Valentine’s dream come true!

  11. Arathos

    Thank you so much Giantess Katelyn for letting this little mans dream come true.

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