Upon Discovering you have the Giantess Fetish, Part 2

Upon Discovering you have the Giantess Fetish, Part 2

Hello little bugs! As the snow swirls outside and as shrunken people cling to the marshmallows in my hot chocolate, today seems like the perfect day to write some blogs! Namely, I think it’s about time I wrote up Part 2 to “Upon Discovering you have the Giantess Fetish”. In Part one I talked about how I’ll often get emails or messages from people who are just discovering they have fetish. I talked about how fetishes are normal, the possible origins of the giantess fetish, and about the community we have. Today I’ll talk about Friends, Family, and Lovers!

4. Telling Friends!

Most giantess fans are extremely shy about their fetish. It’s completely understandable however; trying to explain to someone that you have fantasies of Godzilla sized women crushing or eating you is not exactly easy to explain to someone whose own fetish may stretch as far as “boobies are great” and “mud-wrestling is hot”. The giantess fetish is not something you can explain in 30 seconds and be done with either- the fetish is complicated and strange and the fantasies often go completely against what one stands for in real life. (“No no, I don’t wish to be actually crushed or for any of this to happen, I just fantasize about it!” That’s a headache right there!) Most giantess fans only end up maybe telling one or two close friends or lovers. And that’s perfectly fine! No one has to know about your fantasies! Keep them private if you like.

But sometimes keeping things private is… a little easier said than done. All it takes is for parents or friends to discover your stash or browser history and then you’ve got some explaining to do. When it comes to friends, my stance is if they can’t accept you for who you are, they were never your friends to begin with. Most friends WILL understand and think it’s cool or funny. They might find it incredibly amusing- where the normal person requires just the opposite sex, you require the opposite sex to be of a Goddess’ stature. Wear it as a badge of honor! It’s only awkward if you make it awkward. (Also… easier said than done. :P)

When I started making giantess films I had to come clean to several of my friends. Especially as I wanted them to star in my movies as shrunken people! (Which was half fantasy, half not knowing who else to find) It definitely wasn’t easy at first! But it was definitely more awkward for me than it was for them. They thought it was cool, bizarre, and funny. It changed nothing in our friendship, they just knew one more fact about me. I was a giantess and they thought that was cool! I, however needed some time to get over the initial embarrassment. And once I had them on the green-screen giving them commands like “Pretend I just… uh… squished you…” or “Ok, run.. down…. my…….err….. just run to your left!” it became difficult not to blush. But that was years ago. After talking with so many people about my fetish, it rarely embarrasses me to have someone on the green-screen these days. It’s just exciting!

However… when people ask me “So, what do you do?” (They of course, think this is an excellent conversation starter) I still blush up every time. CURSE YOU SMALL TALK!! >.<

Ultimately, if you’ve got friends worth keeping, they’ll have no problem about it. You might get teased but sometimes it’s fun to wear your uniqueness as a badge of honor. Do whatever makes you happy!

5. When family finds out…

When it comes to family it’s perhaps a little more tricky. Maybe you got lucky and your parents are incredibly cool about sexuality and just don’t care. Others may not be so lucky… religious households or parents who think anything beyond vanilla sex is perverted or a mental illness. There’s not much choice in those situations- don’t get caught. But if you DO get caught, aside from lying which tends to fail miserably, there is one saving grace. Be knowledgeable. KNOW what you are, why you are, and how you are. Knowledge is power.

Here is a great example. One giantess fan I know ended up getting caught by his parents (He forgot to delete a Giantess Fetish story off of a floppy disk no less! This was the 90s!). They immediately thought something was horribly wrong with him and forced him to go to therapy and see a psychologist.

Now you would think, someone who went to school and studied the mind inside and out would know of every fetish under the sun, but it’s impossible to know everything and the giantess fetish is really out there! So my friend equipped himself with the only defense he had – knowledge. He printed out papers on fetishes, sexuality, and how fetishes develop. He researched the giantess fetish and printed every source of information he could find.

On his first day of therapy with the psychologist he handed the psychologist a stack of papers. “This is who I am. I may have a strange and unexplainable fetish, but that doesn’t make me any mentally different than anyone else.”

Needless to say, this shocked the psychologist and for the next few visits they talked about the information he had researched. A few weeks later the psychologist called in the parents alone… and schooled them in sexuality. The subject was dropped forever, as was the therapy.

I can’t say this will work for everyone, but when pinned down and trapped in a position fueled by ignorance… being knowledgeable, staying smart, and taking it calmly is the best way to win.

For me, my mom was the type of parent who avoided “bad” subjects – namely drugs and sexuality. Any time I’d ask about either subject she’d say something like “don’t do it… because I said so” and that’s it. Therefore, I secretly tried out things on my own. Her loud sex, suitcase of wicked sexy outfits, and hot dancer friends only spiked my sexual curiosity (even at a very young age). Early on I noticed myself checking out her sexy shoes the most, by far my favorite part of her collection, but I never realized what that meant for me sexually until MUCH later in life. As a highschooler she’d give me the stare of death if I wanted to buy just a thong… and naturally when one is restricted from something they only want it more. Soon enough I found myself with a lot more than just a thong – I had my own private collection of dildos, oils, condoms, sex toys, outfits, and other deliciously naughty things.

It wasn’t until AFTER I moved out that I completely discovered who I am sexually. I heard of “kinks” before, which is all I thought my fascination with sexy shoes / feet / crushing bugs / mouth / fantasizing about growth and destruction / and blood was. I had never realized what a full blown fetish was until nearly passing out from arousal after discovering the Giantess Community. I couldn’t believe that there were so many other people like me! The concepts and content completely opened up my sexuality and since then I’ve been having the best orgasms of my life. (And I find it a hard to cum without Giantess being involved somehow)

Proud and happy of who I am today, a few years ago I told her about my site and explained what I do. However, for her it’s still considered taboo (even though she was an exotic dancer for 10+ yrs) and sexuality is -never- talked about but at the same time she considers it perfectly normal. And while she knows what fetish I have it just doesn’t register when she comes over barefoot, shows me her newest socks and shoes, smashes bugs right in front of me, or casually talks about that movie I made with shrunken people in front of others. (Making my face go bright red o>.<‘o)

So there are two radical experiences. Everyone will be different!

6. Lovers, Wives, and Girlfriends

Check out this guide I wrote for those new to relationships and the giantess fetish! This pretty much covers the basics of everything you need to know when in a relationship with the fetish. I am a firm believer of telling your lover as soon as possible. It’s better to know if she / he accepts you or loves your fetish before you go any further. Your sexuality is such a large part of who you are. It is so much better to be in a relationship where you are accepted than be in a relationship with the constant fear of being discovered and rejected for your sexuality.

7. Embrace who you are. Enjoy your Fetish!

Be grateful for who you are and what you have and enjoy it! I find fetishes incredibly fun and would personally rather date someone with a fetish over someone without one. I’m convinced that for every person with a fetish that there is a partner out there who would LOVE to enjoy fulfilling it! Fetishes make life so much fun too! As embarrassing as those awkward moments are, there are also surprise turn-ons (like watching a girl stomp a bug or sand castle! Or catching barefoot girls licking and sucking on sexy treats in the summer- ice cream cones, popsicles, watermellon slices!) which make life really interesting and fun!

So don’t feel sad, or mad, or try to pretend you don’t have this fetish (it won’t work- it is how you are wired). Being normal is boring anyway. The giantess fetish will always be a part of who you are so embrace your uniqueness and live life enjoying it. That’s what I do everyday!

Thanks for reading this and I hope to all those who are just discovering their fetish that this helps in some way. If there are some parts that you think I missed or should have gone over, leave me a comment with your own advice or give me some ideas on what I could also cover! I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on this, as I’m sure many first time giantess fans would love to read them!

Love you little ones! <3 <3



The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Joey

    Spot on!

    I used to think that having a giantess fetish was a curse when I was younger. It wasn’t until I got into a committed relationship and opened up to my girlfriend that I realized how great it was. People complain about spicing up your set life; well there doesn’t need to be spicing up when your 190cm tall girl friend is trying to eat you while having sex. There is always a new dimension to explore. It’s really great in the long run.

  2. Greg Viera

    another great blog
    always be proud of who you are :)

  3. Rafael Ant

    Perfect !

    Katelyn know, I’m like you were. More’m still repressed. Nobody knows about my fetish. People like you, that even far away from me, make me happier and make me feel that everything is normal and healthy. But I feel good where I am alone here. No one around me would understand.And when I thought you had the same feeling you had when he discovered the community of giants. I support you a lot. I would like to have more of your friendship! Power compratilhar of my experiences and learn more about you! It makes me feel good! Congratulations on your initiative and courage! How do I know that millions of fans talk all the time you know you should not remember me so there goes my profile on facebook for you to remember! Profile ID = 1087070974. Kisses Katelyn !!!

  4. Megan

    Now that I’ve found this fetish do you recommend any good giantess stories? i really like scott grildrig but im not sure if there are any similar to his quality of work.

  5. James

    I’ve told my friends about my giantess fetish but never the vore side of it because that would be too embarrassing for me I don’t think I would be able to handle it.
    I’ve told my vore fetish to my ex girlfriend when I was in the relationship and a female crush.
    I masturbate about my female friends as I have pictures of them exposing their mouths, I wouldn’t tell them about it because I don’t want them feeling betrayed.

  6. Brian

    Hey I had never heard of those stories of Janice and Pam….while defintely old and without the graphics of actually pictures those stores are quite hot.

  7. SomeoneWish...

    So this isn’t a curse? You have no idea how relieving this information is. I tip my hat to thee.

  8. Arend

    I would like to know how butt crush develops seeing as thats something I really like. please explain:)

  9. Chuck

    I’ve read both this and the previous post on the matter… and I simpatize with you. Sure, I don’t share this fetish in general, but I can relate it to a fetish that I think we share: hand fetish, though I must say, mine is more of a glove fetish.

    It’s hard to accept these things, but I had to do in the end. I wasn’t that aware but you see, one girl with one glove did wonders. Awkward, right? Not exactly, bare or gloved, a nice feminine hand arouses me.

    But the fetish came from long ago, it seems I’ve always had a fixation with that. And then, my test came not long, in a party with some friends. We were talking of sex, as something natural, when people came up with fetishes and all. And then I discovered myself speaking of my fetish…

    … And they looked at me and gave me a curious look. Not a bad look, a curious one. And didn’t find the fact a gloved woman would give me a handjob odd, they then described things that I found weirder and more in the S&M territory. And nothing bad happened. And I felt better.

    So yes, I can relate to your case and any other with fetishes of any kind. Really.

  10. Marcus Trin...

    I have to say hands down, the single hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire -LIFE-, was open up sexually about this particular fetish, to my significant other. It took months of gradually building up courage, and receiving nothing but encouragement from her about not being shy and reclusive about any kinks I might have, as well as promises that she’d never reject me for it. The primary reason for this, was because I had been burned, severely, in the past and at a younger age by someone I thought would always accept me. It really negatively impacted me, and it still does to this day. I simply cannot open up to family or friends about this thing. I’m just thankful she was so patient with me, and gave me all the time in the world to finally work up the nerve.

  11. Dre

    You nailed it. I know that when I meet the woman of my dreams she will most likely be stepping on a bug and smiling while she is grinding it into paste. ;-)

  12. Oktober

    This has been well thought out just like the last one and I would agree with the majority of what is here. When opening up about the fetish, you’re basically handing over an arsenal of weaponry that you’re extremely vulnerable to and hoping they will never use it against you. I think the way you’ve explained this however stands the highest chance of not experiencing being retaliated against for who you are.

    There are a few points that I must re-emphasize for how important they are. The topic of relationships I also believe it is a must to share it with your significant other. You simply have to as anything short of it is blatant betrayal of them as the trust that they would know who you are inside would be broken. You can’t wear a mask with your lover, and if you do, you need to re-evaluate yourself for forging such a lie.
    That being said, it also is a devoted process of revealing this aspect of yourself that takes a lot of time, a lot of explaining over the course of months and months as to not overwhelm your partner with things they will not outright be able to understand. You have to start with simple, related things and build on them as you unravel the fetish of who you are. What makes it even more challenging is you cannot allow the fetish to take over and dominate your relationship either. Your significant other will have their own wants and needs and you cannot blast them to pieces with the fetish which is actually far too easy to do. Once you start to open up about the fetish, and your partner begins to understand these aspects of you it is like opening up flood gates, but you still have to control that flow of information.
    Your fetish is a major aspect of you, but surely it is not ALL of you, right?

    Anyway for me, I found the situation of revealing my sexuality to my partner to be an exciting aspect of our developing relationship. I always tried to keep the conversations as natural for her as I could without trying to force them in any one direction thus being able to supply her with a means of self-discovery of me through the things she wanted to know more about.
    Crush was the last thing I had explained to her, always in terms of what it is, why it is, how it effects me, what other aspects she already knows about it is linked to, that kind of thing. And yes, she accepted it, though she isn’t comfortable performing those things herself which is understandable, she is still open to them. She may even change her mind someday, but that will be up to her and not something I would try to force her to do.
    I simply explained that it is still a part of me, and that it will affect me through the fetish and so she knows I have clips of it on my HDD as well. I wouldn’t hide that from her and she appreciates me being open about things like that even if she is still uncomfortable with them herself.
    It is a relationship built on openness and trust, in which she has shared things with me she has never shared with another soul and being able to see that level of openness has enabled her to express those things to me. It allowed her to open up in ways that a “Normal, i.e. “Vanilla” relationship may have never allowed.

    In closing I’ll echo that knowledge is power and the key thing someone with a fetish needs to do is educate themselves about the fetish as a whole, and how their own fetish is both similar and different to topic of that fetish itself. It’s the only way you can become a professor and teach someone about a subject so vastly different than anything else they’ve ever talked about just in how deep of a topic it can become. The fetish is multifaceted and complex as hell so you have to know your stuff.
    You’re not only surfing for porn, you’re surfing for research. ;)

  13. MarkM

    Off Topic:
    “Been a lot of sexual fantasies in my dreams lately that I want to turn into vids”

    I wanna see Katelyn! Please do some or share some with us! Your fantasies always seem to turn into mine too so I can’t wait!

    Love, Mark

  14. Dr. Kushman

    Cool janice and pam hits a soft spot for me. I always had an intrest in things, um shal we say larger than life. Then i got a internet hookup and searched and it was the first thing i stumbled apon and found i really enjoyed it (even though i was so young i had to search afew of the anotomical terms).Thanks, i was ready to repress it untill i found that lol but that story and scotts storys in general are great, that plus finding that not just other people, but a hot chick liked the same thing, now im screws for life…..and so goes my first comment on something of this kind

  15. tim

    Has anyone else had the problem of being EXCLUSIVELY into the fetish to the point where real life sex is just not possible? It has been very distressing for me in the past to find that sex in real life does not appeal to me & that only the fetish can get through to me.

    Freedom for me came from realising that im under no obligation to have real life sex or look for a partner when ultimately i do not really want these things. I was really only distressed about other peoples opinions, social status etc. ive since found happiness by just accepting my life as is. My situation is actually a blissfully happy one when looked at objectively. I only wish id figured this out sooner.

  16. Name

    I was wondering if there was a way to tell if someone was into the Giantess fetish or a dominatrix? Like maybe some tell signs that you’ve picked up in all your years with the fetish that you could share?

  17. Tom

    @Tim, this is by no means a slight against you or any suggestion that I know anything about you, but if you talked to a therapist about being only sexually aroused by this fetish, they would tell you that it may not be healthy. They would ask you if are compulsive with it or not. Often times, when someone can only achieve satisfaction with a particular fetish it’s because they’re behavior has become compulsive and they may not realize it.

    Now, I’m not a therapist. I’m only telling you what I’ve been told. There’s nothing wrong with fetishes. There are all kinds of kinky things that turn people on. But like any behavior, over doing it can be a sign of another personal problem not being addressed. The best way to see where you stand is to not… shall we say, indulge? in the giantess realm for a number of days at your choosing. If you can’t do it, you may want to consider seeing a therapist.

    Therapists are great if you find the right one, but I’m of the opinion that they’re not for everyone. Talking to my therapist has helped me find peace with my sexuality and return to a balance. But you know, that’s what worked for me, maybe you’re in a completely different boat, I don’t know. I’m just speaking as a concerned individual who sees too many people chained and burdened by their sexuality, either because society pressures them to keep it a secret or because they’ve developed a compulsive behavior as a coping mechanism or other device, when they should strive to understand their sexuality, embrace it and harness it as a part of their identity.

    So I hope this strikes a chord with you if there’s a chord there to be struck. Otherwise, peace, love and sex! ^_^

  18. JuhnStar

    You know, I’m just really curious as to why I like the gentle giantess side of the fetish. Sure I like the unaware crushes and stuff lime that but Gentle GTS has and always will be my favorite.

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