Upcoming Shoot! Bratty Foot Girls and Giantess Bianca!

Upcoming Shoot! Bratty Foot Girls and Giantess Bianca!

Next weekend I’ll be doing a shoot with Jason from Bratty Foot Girls — this will be my first shoot with a guy so I’d love to know what you’d like to see! Would you like to see me dominate him with my sexy bare feet while telling him how much of a pathetic bug he is? Smother him under my curvaceous ass until he passes out? Or would you perhaps… like to be in both of our worlds? See us dominate, crush, and swallow you and your shrunken friends? Or maybe you’d like to hear about how we’d destroy a city together as towering mile high giants? Well! If you speak up fast, your request may make it into the shoot!

If you’d like a guarantee that your scenario will be made, I’ve reserved just enough time on my shoot sheet to film four very special and rare customs starring both of us. You may inquire at [email protected] with your detailed scenario for a custom quote and return time frame, but you better act fast- these will not last! (Please include “Custom with Jason” in the title) He does have a girlfriend so no nudity, please. However… you should certainly check out his Clips4Sale to see what kind of mind blowing torture he can put up with during shoots, that way you know the extent to what you can include in your custom. (Customs with us both as giants is fine too!)

The fun doesn’t end there either. >:D Bianca (a gorgeous local model, meow!) will be joining in on the shoot the second day he’s here. I already have quite a few scenarios in mind for the three of us and I’d also love to hear what you tiny ones would like to see, that way I can incorporate it into one of my own scenarios if it fits! <3 I’m also saving space for a limited amount of two very special and rare customs starring all three of us, which you can email me about to get a quote and such.

So, tiny ones… let me know what you’d like to see during my upcoming shoot, or if you’d like to keep it private then feel free to email it to me. I look forward to reading from you all! Xox, Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Megagiant5280

    Giant couple crushing, eating and terrorizing the shrunken people.

  2. Brian

    Very high heel pov

  3. Lagann

    The idea of you two describing what you’d do as mile high giants in a city sounds awesome. Other than that, would be great to see whatever giant couple stuff you have that comes to mind.

  4. Kobes

    I just love the idea of this kinds of collab.
    I would also like to suggest a giantess from “hebrew giantess”, called Daina. She’s truly wonderful in terms of foot and crush videos.
    I think a video of the two of you together could be amazing in every way. And one I’d be very anxious to see. ;)

  5. JT

    Are you going to finally do that blow job video that you’ve been mentioning over the last 2 years? That would be pretty cool.

    The FX would be pretty simple, but I would suggest that you 100% use FX, don’t use some tiny toys. There are other videos like that out there and they are 100% dull.

    If you did it in FX, as you talked about, it would be truly unique.

    I know you mentioned it in a recent blog.

    Food for thought

  6. JT

    Opps just saw the no nudity part- I retract my previous statement.

    Maybe put a shoe on each other’s heads?

  7. Newschool2626

    Since Bianca is curvalicious, I’d love to see her do something with her great looking backside or giant tits, and since her site labels her as spoiled and she has that look of a chick who doesn’t take shit from guys, I’d recommend keeping her characters very evil/sadistic/selfish. So, maybe have her play a character who wants her boyfriend to worship her “perfect” ass, and because he refuses to, she shrinks him and mockingly gives him the privilege of cleaning and servicing her “fantastic” butthole. Or maybe a character where she finds out her boyfriend is such a loser that he like giantess porn, and she terrorizes him with his own fetish. Definitely something very bitchy/evil. Maybe she could even be the devil herself. Just throwing out random ideas. I’m sure whatever you guys make will be great!

  8. Tinyman48

    Please please please make a video where the two of you would describe how you could destroy cities as giants! That would be awesome! Anyway, glad to see you’re finally going through with that giant couples thing. Keep up the good work my goddess!

  9. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn!

    I have not seen that web site nor Jason so I don’t really know what it’s about and I don’t have any scenarios but maybe just a couple of ideas for you to keep in the back of your mind. If not this time maybe another time in the future.

    I really liked the very old “Robert Suffocates” video you did way back when you were young. I had been thinking about a similar related custom for this but refrained from asking because it’s breaking away from the Giantess theme that your web site is based around. You would pin Jason down beneath you with all of your weight holding him down. As time goes on Jason weakens becoming harder and harder to breathe. Maybe to make it more heavy you do this with Bianca. No way he could survive two! You talk to him about your sorry but he is worthless so you have to put him out of his misery. Maybe his cock was to small so you have to do women a favor to make sure he doesn’t breed spreading more of his pathetic genes around. Tell him don’t worry it’ll be over soon as he fades out beneath you………….. again just a idea to keep in mind.

    Another idea I like is for you to totally dominate him like you mentioned. Talk to him degrading him how pathetic he is while dominating him with your feet. Trample him and stand on his chest while covering face from breathing with your other foot. Or maybe kneel down while standing full weight on his chest and suffocate his mouth and nose with your hands ending his pathetic existence.

    Suffocating him by sit face is kind of exciting too.

    I guess this is getting away from Giantess but to me most other types of domination and humiliation are exciting too. Humiliate and degrade him about how worthless and insignificant he is by comparison to yourself……….

    So I dunno but I just wanted to add my thoughts. As I said maybe not now but things you can think on for future scenarios some day.

    Thanks for listening, Mark

  10. Guigui

    Giantess couple would be awesome!!

    if possible, what about a mega fart from u: :)

  11. Tim

    I second what Newschool2626 suggested. And if at all possible, I would love to see Katelyn in a facesitting video. I think she has the “assets” for it. Another good scenerio would have something to do with shrinking a guy down, taking all his money and making him live in your toe ring when he’s not on foot worship duty. The brattier the better!

  12. And

    All of this sounds great, Bratty Foot Girls is a site I frequently visit and I’m glad to know you’ll be starring on it and can’t wait to see what kind of awesome shots of your flawless feet they will capture. But… I’m not really following the you and Jason GC type of thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see you and someone in that sort of action but I’d prefer not to know who it is i.e. not show their face. And nothing against Jason either, I know he is a great person from the times I’ve spoken to him before but I’ve seen dozens of clips of him under so many girls’ feet that it would be a little weird when looking at his other clips after seeing him in such a position so to say, just my opinion. Bianca is also a top favorite model of mine and can’t wait to see how you to will come up with ways to torture and crush us beneath your gigantic soles. ;)

  13. Giantess Ka...

    ​Just​ to clarify: As excited as I am to do giant couple content, it will not be happening during the shoot with Jason. Any ​themes (giantess, or us both giant) outside of nudity and sexual acts is what we’re both up for, and I love the idea of dominating him at full size too! :D

  14. LiquidZ2k

    Why not do something a bit different… You be the Goddess and he be the foolish Giant that was enlarged to stop you… Obviously he can’t resist you and falls victim to you for you to give him a good stomping and humiliation as you go about destroying everything else as well.

    The best of both >=)

  15. Jaybird

    Although you can’t do anything nude together, which I’m sure everyone wants to see at some point when you find the right partner. I think it would be great if you had a group of shrunken people before you both. Wanting to play with your newest victims you both decide to compare them all parts of your bodies like your toes, fingers and whatever footwear you might have on during the shoot. Then have Jason want to taste them, but instead of just feeding them to him you should have him suck them out from between your toes. Finally after all of your fun you both decide to stomp out and humiliate the remaining member of your shrunken group.

  16. Matt

    Are you going be doing anymore videos with Rachel? Specifically ones involving vaginal insertion?

  17. Jaytoms

    Sweet!! I’m a big fan of Bianca. My suggestion would be a vampire/giantess scenario. Jason is a human who wants to be become vampire by you and Bianca. He’s willing to do anything for this special gift including foot worshiping, S&M, etc. After all of your desires has been met, you and Bianca lean in to sensually turn him into vampire. However, instead of turning him into a vampire, your bites actually turn him into a gummy bear. Thinking that he was too weak to become a vampire, you and Bianca debate over who should eat him. I hope this scenario gets chosen as I would love to see a vampire theme video added to either Jason or your clip store. Thanks and I hope you have fun working with Bianca!

  18. L


  19. Lilry814


  20. Sata

    I can’t watch any kind of clip with a guy in it so I’m not interested in the couples thing, but maybe some people are.
    I hope to see lots of your beautiful body though. Bianca looks great too. Hope to see lots of hands, boobs, ass, legs, and feet.

  21. Colin

    Giantess. Ass smother. Vore. Please.

  22. herold

    I would love to see some very sharp high heel trample of Jason at his normal size. I would also love to see you facesit a normal size person. As for giantess content anything with your incredible butt works for me.

  23. aryy

    vrush him with you ass or eat him

  24. aryy


  25. Joshua

    hi Katelyn, when are the new free video fx feet video’s coming up, you two should make something relating to feet and crushing tiny man :)

  26. David

    crush, please crush a tiny city but you and Bianca wearing sexy sandals, also would be nice to see some toy car crush, you are an evil babysitter and crush with your sexy sandals Jason’s toy cars :)

  27. Randall

    eat and digest an entire chicken

  28. Dre

    suggestion for future shoot. I would like to see you take a toy/ model passenger jet, break off the wings and use it as a dildo. then after you came, break it in two in your bare hands, drop it to the ground and step on the cock-pit crushing it under your beautiful bare foot.


  29. Shrink ray

    Mad scientist scenario: You’re wearing a lab coat, something red or black underneath, suntan pantyhose, black strapless high heel sandals. Your boyfriend discovers your secret laboratory and happens upon the little people in jars on your shelf. You walk in and realize you’re going to have to come up with a plausible story to distract him with while you get your shrinking machine turned on and warmed up. He mustn’t get away and tell anybody about your lab and your “little friends” or as you affectionately call them “my little shrinkees”. I would love to see you use the SFX and we actually get to see him shrink like in The Spellbook if that’s possible. Would definitely love to see different angles of him shrinking as you watch with a gleeful, horny and evil look on your face. The shrinking effect is the one thing that’s always missing from your videos, that, and you rarely wear ph or stockings. A shot of him shrunk down by your toes in stockings would be awesome and you bending down to seize him after you command him to kiss your toes. A great handheld shot of you looking at him in your hand and then you stick him in a jar and add him to your shrinkee collection on the shelf. If you can’t do this, understood, just thought I’d throw my two cents in.

  30. Lil Lover

    I hope to see you rocking those sexy and domineering giantess boots again from “Car Show Traffic Crush” at some point! Of course, you’ll never disappoint with vore and insertion!

  31. mtsjin08

    Ass crushing!

  32. FM5000

    Try some unaware where you aren’t an evil giantess. How about a scene where he’s shrunk on your bath towels as you get out of the shower and you just wipe him all over your body unintentionally, where he gets rubbed against your ass, breasts and other body parts.

  33. patrick

    Would love to hear more burping and hiccuping

  34. Ana

    Make sure your feet sweat and force him to smell them . Then tease him by rubbing your foot on his crotch and stop and make him smell agian then and rub your foot into his crotch again making his knees weak. Smother him with your ass <3 omg It's so fun! I did it to my boyfriend he thought it was horrible because I kept stopping rubbing my feet on his crotch to smother him in my sweaty feet. Hopes this helps !

    Ana :-)

  35. TongueBoy

    Have sex with him while a tiny man is trapped in your pussy, drowning in his cum.

  36. tinywulf

    Orias Bastet you should do some shooting with her, her “Your New Life” video is really hot.

  37. Chris

    something with lots of pure saliva:
    e.g. making up a lot of saliva in your mouth, showing this in close-up, drooling into a glass and offering this as a drink
    or letting a tiny man swim in your mouth in a pool of saliva

    in any case, lots of saliva (please without hocking or any sort of food)

  38. gtsquisit

    Gtsbooru appears to be down

  39. Steve

    What if you did a story about the “Shoe Elves” that lived in Your shoe closet. An unaware video about miniature people living in your shoe closet taking care of your shoes.

  40. JT


    Are we going to see more Daphne and if so will it be in FX?

  41. Rihan

    Hi, I am a huge fan of your feet the shape of your toes soles and everything. Jason is one of the guys who loves being face stood so if you can make some sort of scenario like, ”Feet Love Test” and stand on his face for like 10 minutes change positions like toes on his forehead and then on his lips but he must keep his face upright. See if he can take it? You can humiliate him and taunt him and ask him how much he loves your feet and how pathetic and low he feels under your weight whilst he suffers there but infect he loves it, that’s where he belongs etc. If he stays longest period of time under your feet then or as long as you want him to then you’d reward him that night with your piss may be or allow him to lick your arse or something and if he fails then you can start jumping on his face chest and face in between video? You can make it real test and in case he passes the test you can reward him and he fails you crush him so in both cases results would be awesome. I’d definitely buy that video if you make one. Take care much love to your feet and if you ever visit UK let us know may be I can have the privilege to kiss the bottom of your lovely soft feet x

  42. Rafael

    Ants Crush !!!! PLease ! kisses

  43. J

    2 to 3 inches in height…pathetic bug…begging to be spared…SLOW crush with both top, glass-top (POV) and floor-level side angle (trapped under you foot while you slowly step down…gurgling, muffled scream, bone crushing…blood…etc.)…

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