Upcoming Giantess Comics and Giantess Artists

Upcoming Giantess Comics and Giantess Artists

Prepare to drool. Contained within this massive blog post is the incredible giantess artwork, sketches, and profiles of some of the amazingly talented giantess artists who are currently working on Giantess comics for this very site. Furry Girls, Rock Lovin’ Chicks, Business Ladies, and Atlantian Princesses all as Giantesses- and this is only the beginning.

You may already be familiar with many of these artists here- they are all artists who are deeply involved in the Giantess community and share a strong passion for bringing the Giantess fetish to life through art, just like myself. Here now joining me on this site they have the opportunity to invest more time into creating what both we and they love- and you have the chance to help support them pursue their Giantess passions so that they can continue doing what they love!

Tonto Blackadder

Click here for Tonto Blackadder’s Giantess DeviantArt Profile!
An incredible 3D artist with incredible skills and great taste in giant girls, he has just finished a 91 page comic featuring the shrunken sexual slavery of a young couple and their Giantess captor. Entitled “Seduction of the Tiny” you can expect this comic to land in the store soon!

Here are a few pages of the actual comic:

Seduction of the Tiny Preview 1

Seduction of the Tiny Preview 2

Seduction of the Tiny Preview 3

Beautifully styled and rendered with a deep sexual plot, you will be seduced.


Click here for Kamicheetah’s FurAffinity Profile!
An insanely talented girl with a love for Furry and Vore and a fiance who loves the same, Kamicheetah is working on a powerfully sexy comic involving a human giantess and a furry giantess who… have a little fun in a stadium full of helpless on lookers and frightened participants. Famous in the furry community, she’s decided to try her hand at Giantess and I can tell you she has already succeeded and blown me away!!!!! :woot: I am honored to have her incredible talent on this project! :woot:

Here are some of the comic sketches she’s working on:

Giantess Furry Wolfa by Kamicheetah

Giantess Merlina - Kamicheetah

And here is some of her previous vore work (Note: Contains Giantess Couple!)

Giantess Furry Couple 1 - Kamicheetah

Giantess Furry Couple 2 - Kamicheetah

Giantess Furry Couple 3 - Kamicheetah


Click here for Cougr’s FurAffinity Profile!
Does this macro furry artist even need an introduction!? XD Cougr is perhaps one of the most famous and talented macro furry artist out there and he has been a big part of the community for a long time. His artwork has always been a deep personal favorite of mine and I’m absolutely -honored- and THRILLED to say he’ll be producing comics for the site! Including… a comic starring a furry version of ME! :woot:

Here I am in all my FURRY GIANTESS GLORY thanks to Cougr! And of me with a skyscraper between my furry toes :3

Furry Giantess Katelyn 1 - Cougr

Furry Giantess Katelyn 2 - Cougr

Furry Giantess Katelyn Kitty City - Cougr

And here are some of his previous works too which can be found on his Furaffinity:

Furry Giantess Couple Sex - Cougr

Furry Giantess and Giant Stroll - Cougr

Giantess Vore Lilith - Cougr

Furry Giantess Nikkii - Cougr

Furry Giantess Toering - Cougr

The Big Mansini

Click here for The Big Mansini’s FurAffinity Profile!
After discovering his work last year, I instantly became a gigantic fan of his sexy, foot centered artwork. He draws feet exactly how I love them- curvy, thick, and POWERFUL! His vore artwork is also to cum for- never have I seen such a creative use of a tongue and Orc pussy! He has an awesome sense of both humor and style and all of it clearly shows in his phenomenal art. He is currently working on a series of giantess comics featuring a tanning salon run by none other than yours truly who quickly shrinks a pervy young reporter investigating the salon’s opening down to size…

A fun character sketch for the comic:

GTS - Genteels Tanning Salon - TheBigMansini

GTS - Genteels Tanning Salon 2 - TheBigMansini

Here’s a short comic he did a while back that lead me to first discover his art:

Ranos y Keeta Page 1 - The Big MansiniRanos y Keeta Page 2 - The Big MansiniRanos y Keeta Page 3 - The Big Mansini


Click here for Machine83’s DeviantArt Giantess Profile!
What’s NOT to love about a couple of giantess girls rocking it out in a city and accidentally destroying everything in their path?! Needless to say, I have been a long time fan of Machine83’s cute, rockin’,and incredibly hot style for a long time. I have been DYING to see him create his “Sky-Hi Sally” comics ever since he first mentioned them. His work reminds me of everything I wanted my teenage years to be about! He’s now finally bringing his comic to life and I couldn’t be more EXCITED! The comic will involve non other than Sally and her lovable crew of destructive friends.

Giantess Sky Hi Sally - Machine83

Giantess Sally's Ass - Machine83

Giantess Billie Dixon - Machine83

Giantess Amy and Shrunken Women - Machine83

Giantess Plane Crush - Machine83

Giantess Boobs Spaced Out - Machine83


Check out his DeviantArt, Lavadome, and website!
My long time favorite squish, crush, and sole splattering artist. His works are nothing short of amazing and I am deeply in love with both the Dragonesses and human giantesses he comes up with! I’ve been a HUGE fan of his work for years and we share -identical tastes- in Giantess. While he is currently waiting on creating a comic due to being busy with school, he is looking to produce some 3D animated Giantess films. Needless to say, I can’t wait!

Here’s a sexy rendition he did of me taking out some pathetic little bugs in my kitchen!

Giantess Katelyn Bugs - Markie

Here are some of my favorite works by him:

Giantess - Markie

Giantess Magic Bugs 04 - Markie

Giantess Magic Bugs 09 - Markie

Giantess Magic Bugs 2 02 - Markie

Giantess Dragoness Stomp - Markie

And if you haven’t seen some of his 3D work already, check out two of my favorites:

Shrunken men in the bathroom
Uploaded by dragonesslife.

Shrunken Stroll in the Park 2
Uploaded by dragonesslife.


Click here for Vivian’s Giantess Gallery!
Oh- you already know Vivian!! She recently produced the Lin Series comics. Fiery and passionate like myself, she’s already working on her second comic featuring the story of an Atlantian Princess and her unstoppable Giantess army taking over the world. The tale is dark, powerful, and features some of the most incredible destructive and powerful Giantess artwork you will ever see. O_O!!!!! Prepare to be blown away.

Giantess Comic by Vivian

So there you have it, my bugs! There are even more giantess artists who have joined the site and project, but they are staying quiet until they have a little more work done on their comics.
After seeing this, I think you can agree that the future is looking simply MASSIVE! :evil:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. cam australia

    WOW and oh my gosh, these upcoming comics and artworks are really hott, incredible, very cool and just awesome.

    You are definately the best and most beautiful Giantess out there, hands down Katelyn.

    I enjoyed and had fun reading this blog, thank you once again for putting smiles on my face. :)

  2. tony


  3. Destorarc

    Wohoow Furrys!!! =3
    Good choice <3

  4. Greg Viera

    Holy hell these are sexy <3
    will we be able to see your drawings hehe <3

  5. sphrog

    Not even sure where to begin with this amazingness, so, uh. Clouded leopard, huh! Good choice!!


  6. JT

    It looks like this is really pulling together! I’ve already seen a few of these artists on other sites before and they are pretty top notch, however I have to admit that I am MOST impressed with what I am seeing from Machine83 and The Big Mansini. Those two I have never seen before and to be totally honest their style really seems unique. I haven’t seen an artist before use the fetish with a humoring twist while also making it appealing as well. Machine83 also throws in a bit of humor as well as an interesting set of characters that bask in the awesome aura of rock which I’ve never thought could combine before! It really is an awesome blending, and his art style is very nice as well in a cartoony but also uniquely tasteful fashion. From these two I really am looking forward to seeing a lot of boundaries being pushed and a lot of areas being delved into that no one else has gone into. As soon as I saw their work I went all over their sights and was able to get a pretty good, and very positive, feeling from them.

    Ultimately it appears that this could really bring in a really cool and really diverse internet site that hosts many unique giantess related works. Other sites, such as giantess club, although having differing styles of artwork, was very bland and very repetitive. Other nameless sites that I have been to have been very simple and only progressing in one direction of the fetish and had very little ambition to them or a lack of people willing to pull together to make something refreshing and well needed for the community.

    From the start I was a big skeptical about all of this, but after seeing this website get made, being able to read and see that artists, new ones and well established ones are wanting to pitch in, all of it has really shown that this place can be UBER fucking BADASS.

    Hell, I have to admit that I was never really a fan of your old site that very much but now I can safely say that you got my attention and will more than likely, and very quickly, reach out to a lot of others :)

    Keep up the good work, and best of wishes to the new artists, machine83 your work rocks!

  7. Aphid

    To call someone setting up scenes in Poser ‘an incredible 3D artist with incredible skills’ is probably pushing the language a bit far, but apart from that, keep up the good work :)

  8. Terumi

    The lack of super popular macro extraordinaire Dnapalmhead is very disappointing :-(

  9. JT

    True, DNA is a pretty big and nice name (no pun intended :P ) however it’s kinda nice being able to see all of his work for free xP well after he commissions it and all that. So though I’m wondering, what are the prices going to be for all of these comics? Cause I put some thought into it and if the prices are too jacked up…well people are going to go to FA rather than dropping a few washingtons. Just curious about how that is going to be run and how it’s not going to be ignored, because free is always better than not free and FA is totally free outside of making an account…

  10. DragonessLife

    I really love watch your website. fantasitc giantess! :)

  11. RM

    Love this website Goddess KB, look forward to your sleep where we can slide down your throat while your sleeping. {she sleeps with her mouth open} In and Out before she starts chewing. That’s the Adventure.

  12. Kite

    Thank you for these wonderful news,goddess !!

    I’m really excited about this,I love all the artists you’ve enlisted!

    And I can’t wait for more of the lin series,I liked everything about especially the giant couple interaction.
    I think you are the major link of these awesomeness

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