Trinity IVI Giantess Comics

Trinity IVI Giantess Comics

Giantess comic lovers rejoice! For today I am proud to announce that Trinity IVI is now’s first full time artist! Together he and I will be writing and producing incredibly sexy giantess comics and artwork for you all to enjoy. With multiple comics already on the way, here’s a little preview of our first upcoming giantess comic!

The first comic we’re working on is called “Celebrity Gone Giantess!” and will be 30-35 pages long. Written by yours truly, it features two celebrities that grow beyond their fame and into mega giantesses with the accidental help of a team of shrunken amateur wanna-be paparazzi! The comic will feature vore, digestion, several pornographic scenes, barefoot crush, growth, and MEGA giantess sizes. With Trinity IVI’s jaw-dropping artistic style, this comic will rock your world and blow you away.

Here are some character sketches from the comic. Whether the names will stay the same we’ll have to see. ;D

And here is a preview from another giantess comic (Or rather, giantess comic series!) he is working on:

Trinity IVI will be moving to Seattle in a few months so that we can work closer on various projects like these two. I must try to contain my explosive excitement. o_o;

I have about 3-4 other big news items about comics and artists, but sadly I can’t say anything about these yet. When I can finally talk about them, each announcement should be about as surprising as this one!

As for myself, the past few weeks I’ve been caught up in what I like to call a Wortex- a quickly changing and never ending inescapable vortex of work that prevents me from getting what I actually want to get done… done. While tons of very interesting things happen, such as scripting up this 35 page comic, I usually can’t talk about any of it which is very frustrating. Plus lots of uninteresting things like “getting the yard ready to film my giantess FX video” and “submitting legal papers here and there” kind of stuff.

Along with the possible additional comic news coming up, I DO plan on responding to the Criticism and Analysis blog and doing another Q&A soon. You’ll have to forgive me for being so insanely busy. @[email protected] I’m trying to make our giantess dreams come true here!

More to come! Have an awesome weekend my squishy little fants!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Mike

    HUZZAH!! Such hi-quality work!! Can’t wait for this one to hit the store… :D

  2. Greg Viera

    <3 hey you are a busy Giantess hehe <3 its understandable :)
    in the end the projects are always worth the wait <3

  3. tigerrider

    looks awesome. maybe down the line trinity IVI can work on a giant couples comic? that’d be nice to see! :D

  4. gtsquisit

    What’s up with Vivian? Will there be a 4th comensilum

  5. Hordeham

    Last i heard from vivian she is still working on chapter 4, i asked her about it myself but she dident say when it would be coming out just that it would.

  6. Matt

    Not sure if this is best place for this but the faq thing says try here so…I was wondering is there a decent place to put collage material, only I just saw the pics of the red alert 3 girls (late much) and I was wondering if there is a particular place (bar google with the safe search off) where collages get their images from. There are logos on them though which im hoping can be cleared off.

    Ps I been feeding your cat for 9.1 months, surely he owes me a reply lol.


  7. bassology88

    I love the premise of this new project. I have thought of that before and it sounds amazing. Looking forward to it. The sketches look very promising.

  8. Katelyn's Cat

    @Matt: Meow! Meow! =^.^=
    [Edit by Katelyn] He says thank you VERY much for the yummy foodz!

  9. LG

    Hi Katelyn,

    I have a story I would like to submit, either for the board or for your personal consumption (your call).

    How do I go about submitting it?


  10. GTSReviewer

    Wow, can’t wait to hear more about it. Also the solict synopsis will be your diplomat to my wallet. As of late I’ve been going for plot over art, thank Marvel AvX for that ;p. His art is great nonetheless (the colorist can boost or break him, so be careful when commissioning one).

    This is a late comment so its prolly finished by now xD. Well welcome aboard TIVI \(^_^)/

  11. gtsquisit

    i guess shes busy. its been practically a month since anything was posted here.

  12. Corsair

    gtsquisit: Yeah and it’s been more than a week since she released a new video. I just hope she’s using that time to work on her new giantess movie. :)

  13. gtsquisit

    Oh noes. Gtsborou is down

  14. Giantess Ka...

    @LG: I look forward to reading it! You can email it to me at [email protected]

    @gtsquisit and Corsair: I’ll be posting a new blog soon with what I’ve been up to! :)

    @gtsquisit: GiantessBooru is back up!

  15. JT

    Bw great to see if machine83 will be making any comics- been excited about his work for a while now.

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