Tons of Giantess Questions!

Tons of Giantess Questions!

Just WOW! Thank you all so much!! I can’t believe how many questions my previous blog received! So many in fact, that it took me nearly 3 days to compile them all up and write the blogs. After reading through every single question, I decided that it would be really fun to tackle a good chunk of the questions all at once (at least the simpler ones!) and save the more complex questions for their own blogs- this way everyone gets a little bit of their curiosity cured!

These questions are in no particular order and if you don’t see your question here don’t worry! It will either be featured as it’s own blog or will be featured in Part 2 of this blog on my next blog day.

Also, for being such good little pets and giving me more questions than I know what to do with, here is a quick giantess collage I promised:

“A Taste of Summer”

A Giantess's Taste Of Summer

Dre308 asked: If there was a tiny man at your feet looking up at you jacking off to your beauty, would you let him finish before you crushed him :) , would you crush him while he was cumming :o , or would your crush him before he came ;-( ?

Hehehe! :D  I would most certainly want us to cum at the same time! So I’d trap him beneath my sexy bare foot and start masturbating on top of him. I’d apply more and more pressure to his little fragile body while looking down at his little tiny head peaking out between my toes. I’d let him know the closer I am to cumming and tell him to hump harder and faster so we could cum together. I’d wiggle my foot back and forth on top of him, show off all of the curves, lower and raise my foot high above him, all to give us both one hell of a tease. If I came first by accident, I’d have no problem holding off a few extra minutes so he could cum before getting crushed into bones and remains on the sexy bare sole of my foot. Applying so much pressure to his little tiny body beneath me, feeling him squirm, and seeing him fapping it and looking up at me would easily be enough to throw me over the edge, preventing him from getting crushed too soon. :love: But if we came at the same time that would be even better because I love feeling a good messy squish beneath my sole while orgasming!

DAMMIT DAN!!! asked: Have you ever had one of your servants clean your colon? I’ll volunteer for the occasion! :D

Woah! Now that might feel quite interesting, I’m open to the idea!  :wink:

KrazyDave asked: Hi Katelyn my question is about bug squishing. What is your interests in this?

I love feeling insects squirm beneath my sexy bare soles before their gooey innards explode into every swirling crevice in the balls of my feet. Once their innards explode into a gooey mess beneath me I love feeling the remains oozing all over my soles. So hawt. I love the power and the fact a little bug has given his life to please me if only momentarily. It’s all about the power trip. Whenever I watch crush fetish videos I usually cum right about then. When it’s done slowly it’s even better for me. Something about all of the squirming and the slowly leaking wetness from the squish and the remains that gets me.

west911 asked: What was your first growth fantasy about?

I wanted to grow hundreds of feet taller than my school and make it all my playground, everyone included! I remember REALLY liking this idea (it felt “good” to think about) but not having a clue as to why. I’d often imagine my foot or hand coming through the gym ceiling during class and grabbing students and teachers. Over the years it went from being my school to entire cities.

west911 asked: What do you think little terrified people are thinking as your gigantic naked body looms above them?

Hmm. I’d think the terrified little people would be obsessing over the horrifyingly simple ways I could make their lives end under my massive size while instinctively racing to think of how they could try (and fail) to survive me!

west911 asked: What would be the sexiest outfit you’d want to grow out of?

The stretchiest and sexiest mini dress on the planet with nothing underneath!

west911 asked: So if you were to be a part of a giant couple would it be you and a guy or you and a girl?

Lesbians are a huge turn on for me so if I could choose to be a Giantess with a guy or a girl I’d choose girl. Double the boobs, double the pussy, double the fun!!! Two horny girls wreaking a city just can’t be beat.

Spok asked: Whats your fav star trek series?

I’ve been thinking about this for a week straight. This was probably the toughest question asked, lol! After much thought and consideration I’d have to say Voyager. I just love: Boobs in charge, B’Ellana (Who reminds me of me! I have a HUGE crush on her and 7of9), 7 of 9, Nelix, Tuvoc, and the Borg and species 8472. Actually, I’d have to say I loved the entire cast! I know there was alot of techno babble, but the show had great moments, themes and episodes. However, I almost feel like it’s almost not fair to compare Star Trek series with each other. The difference between Voyager and The Original Series is just so vast, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. I LOVES THEM ALL!! Except the movies. There’s only one or two of the movies I liked.

Spok asked: Do you ever worry about the social aspects of your career?

Not at all!  I quite enjoy being in my own world here in my own home online. ^_^ I really can’t imagine anything better! I’ve always been the anti-social type (er, think of how Invader Zim perceives the humans around him) so not having to deal with people in the real world is more than I could have ever dreamed of!!! It gets a little lonely at times, but I’m hoping to change that when I move. (There are no nerds / people my age where I live right now T_T) As for what other people think: FUCK THEM! I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks of my sexuality out in the real world. Everyone has a fetish.

Spok asked: When i finally get funding together and shoot my movie, would you like to work together on a project? Do you see yourself as a credible actress?

Thanks!! I’m truly flattered! But sadly I’d have to turn it down as I can’t even find enough time to achieve all of my own filming / website goals. If I ever find a way to clone myself I’ll let you know!!! As for my acting, I feel like I’ve made huge improvements over the years, but I know I’m far from done improving. I plan on taking acting lessons when I move!!! Sooo excited!! :)

Giantess Megan asked: Hi Katelyn. i too have a giantess fetish and love all your stuff. I prefer the giant part in cities rather than the shrinking though.
However, i would like some advice as to how to get a better orgasm. I loved your story about the G-spot and would really like it if you could make a post on your blog about other sexy stories like that. I really like the idea of destroying a city and cumming all over it.

Oh wow, another Giantess! Why hello Giantess Megan and thanks for posting!! :D Not sure I have much advice to give but I can at least share a few of the ways I fulfill the Giantess fetish for myself. Have you ever tried listening to city/destruction audio files while masturbating to Giantess collages? Combining the two can transform the experience into something much more realistic. The first few times I did it I just about fell off my chair with brightly flushed cheeks and a very satisfied, -soaked-, swollen pussy! Ahhh. I also like fantasizing my dildo is a skyscraper filled with hundreds of tiny lives all purely for my pleasure. Sometimes I even fantasize it’s a bus! Give those a try! I really love your question, so I think you can expect it as a full blog sometime… “Sex Advice for Giantesses”!

LittleBlue asked: What would you say or do if you ran into a devoted fan in public who recognized you and approached you about your work? And has anything like that happened?

I’m SUPER shy! Really I am! I know, I know, it’s ironic. Here I am an all powerful Giantess, but yet a super shy girl IRL. I have no clue why I am this way. I’ve yet to run into anyone in public however, although I was spotted by someone once! However they were too shy to talk to me too. :P I think most people with this fetish are naturally a little shy after having to grow up with it.

LittleBlue asked: As a nerd what kind of science fiction do you prefer? Old school book style “based in real science” kind, or more common “fantasy that uses techno-babble to explain things” kind; and why? And on a similar note: Doctor Who or Star Trek, and why?

Star Trek, although it has it’s flaws. (I’ve watched The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Voyager. Working on Deep Space Nine now!) and based in real science. Even though Voyager is my favorite show, I dislike techno babble and totally off the wall explanations of things. I like it when the shows explore the possibilities of science and the future, and the consequences of it. For example, Holographic technology is really interesting and I could totally see myself as a holonovelist! (I am sure you can guess what my holonovels would be about) More than anything however, I dislike movies / TV shows that are supposed to be realistic but break the rules of the universe and thus destroy the immersion. This happens OFTEN for me. Stuff has to be realistic.

LittleBlue asked: And for a question actually related to the fetish: Since a shrunken person is essentially a bug in your eyes, albeit a useful bug, would your relationship to them be any different if you knew their life story?

Another good question. I’d have to say no. Although it would definitely affect the out come of their fates. For example, someone nice might survive much longer and be used in more pleasurable ways. Just your average human however? Squished. Everyone has a life story- and I think it adds to the power trip! You’re not just squishing bugs… but experiences! All for the orgasmic pleasure of a Goddess…

Handsome Gamer asked: Do u have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

I can never have enough boyfriends and girlfriends in the bedroom so I always make sure I’m stocked! Especially since the bedroom is prone to accidents when things get rough and hot! :wink:

Handsome Gamer asked: How old r u? (I forgot)

I’m currently 25. I was born June 27th so that makes me a Cancer / the Crab. And that makes me an Ox for the Chinese Zodiac as I was born in 85!

Handsome Gamer asked: When will u be getting a PS3 or a xbox 360?

Probably never sadly! I have absolutely no time to game, I’m pretty much ALWAYS working. There’s just so much to do and so much I want to accomplish. My eyes are locked on the future. You little bugs have no idea what’s coming!  However, when I need to chill I do have a Wii (The Legend of Zelda!!!! HUGE FAN!) a DSi, and a WoW account which I’ve been playing here and there as I’d really like to Raid tank. :)

Handsome Gamer asked: How much u weigh?

HEY! NEVER ASK A GIRL HER WEIGHT! You’re lucky though, I don’t mind! 110 and proud of it.  I’m a serious healthy eater and I love to exercise – it is my lifestyle! Health is a major turn on for me so unhealthy greasy foods and being lazy doesn’t even interest me in the slightest. A Giantess has to maintain her figure if she’s going to look good in that dress while out destroying a city.

Handsome Gamer asked: Will u ever move to NY NY?

My moving dreams are currently set on Seattle, WA. I’m a huge nature lover and the forests and rainy weather sounds like a dream to me! I really can’t imagine living in a huge busy city like NY, NY. I’d also be super sexually distracted with all those skyscrapers around… It’d be hard to focus. X_X Unless I was a 1000+ ft tall Giantess, then I would move there in a heart beat.

Handsome Gamer asked: What type of music u like?

Chill, Electronic Dance Music, Techno, Trance.

Handsome Gamer asked: Do u and your mom like the same type of music?

Nope. She likes death metal and rock.

Handsome Gamer asked: Will u ever post up pics of u when u was a little girl?

Check out this blog! My Personal History as a Giantess, Plus a Free Video

Handsome Gamer asked: How many emails u get a day?

Roughly 30-40 a day. If I don’t go through my email every day, I am SCREWED.

Handsome Gamer asked: How many emails u get a week?

Hundreds. Thankfully the FAQ section on my website answers a lot of the most frequently asked questions or else I’d never be able to any work done. :)

Handsome Gamer asked: Would u ever date a 17 or 18 year old?

Hey! I think I know where this is going…

Handsome Gamer asked: Will u marry me ? ^_^

Hehe! Sorry! I’m not ready to commit myself anytime soon! ~_^ Having WAY to much fun as an independent giantess. Besides, my little pets tend to not survive very long.

kiljaedon asked: if you were forced to choose one aspect of the giantess fetish, would you pick, vore, foot crush, butt crush, gentle, hand play.. etc..?

I’d be absolutely heart broken if someone forced me to sexually limit myself to only one aspect of the Giantess fetish.  ;-( I like sexuality to come as it pleases and I love having the freedom to explore it. But to answer your question, I think I cum to the Vore aspect slightly more than all of the other aspects of Giantess. So, Vore wins. It’s a close call though as I thoroughly enjoy them all!

patrolr asked: I’ve got my insect-crush fetish since I was a little boy and I’ve always been curios about what the girls who like to crush insects feel. I know You like it and I believe You do. But would You tell me, do You sometimes feel sorry about some of you insect victims?

Good question. I love feeling insects squirm beneath my sexy bare soles before their gooey innards explode into every swirling crevice in the balls of my feet. Bugs receive no mercy from me! They are there for one purpose – to be used and crushed for my sexual pleasure and enjoyment.  I never feel pitty for crushing tiny garden insects and have thoroughly enjoyed crushing them since I was 3! However, I’ve never had a sexual interest in crushing anything larger than a garden insect or a shrunken man.

Jay asked: If I was 1 of your shrunken guys..what would be the height you would want me? I’d like to maybe be 1 or 2 inches tall.

Ah, 1 – 2 inches, the perfect size to squirm around in my panties all day long! Small enough not to be noticed by anyone else but big enough for me to feel every push and squirm! Oh yes, you’d be my living sex toy for the day. Wonder how many times you could make me cum from wake to sleep? I would just need 2 more 1-2 inch shrunken pets volunteer – one for each nipple!

mike asked: My other question is what do you like to do other than your fetish stuff like what movies do you like, do like art, do you watch anime, i want to know what is your favorite animal, color, and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

As far as movies I’m a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan. I’m also a huge fan of the following series- Pokemon (Up to the end of Johto), Star Trek, LAIN, and Invader Zim. I do not have cable though, as I hate 99% of all TV. Yes, I love art. I can’t wait to visit some of the art museums in Seattle once I get myself there! Favorite colors to wear are darks. But I also love the colors found deep in forests like rich greens and browns. Oh, and the colors of fall! I don’t have just one favorite color. :p My favorite animal: KITTEHS! My favorite Mythical Creatures are Dragons and Fairies. To be honest I wouldn’t mind eating a few fairies as a Female Dragon! <3 Where do I see myself in 10 years? Living somewhere beautiful, with a loving family, and an AWESOME website and movies to explore my passion with!

Aphid asked: I’d most interested in the question about how much other people know about your website, its contents, and how they relate to that?
Is making macrophilic porno films & pictures gonna be your whole lifes work?
Or are you gonna try and achive another proffesion with your life in the future?
I wonder cus your in your early twenties, so I am curious as to whether or not, making giantess films are all you ever intend to do with your life, or if you have an even bigger goal in mind for when you reach 30-40?
I hope this question isnt too nosey or offensive for you, and I hope it wont lead to my implied death by your hands, feet or mouth.

Wow! Good questions. My Mom knows and my girlfriends know. All of my friends who have been in my movies know! However family other than my mom and people I meet (such as neighbors) believe I’m a… computer… digital… artist… person who… fixes the internets or something. I can never get my story straight and am terrible at lying. I simply dread the “SO what do you do?” question in conversation. Maybe when I move to the west coast I’ll be a little more open to it, but around here people are super conservative/religious and not friendly at all to any ideas outside of their own.

As for what they think about it, they all are really cool with it. However, most of them don’t really fully understand the fetish outside of “She likes to be Godzilla and guys like that”. My mom continues to talk about crushing ants in front of me, even though it’s very sexual for me she just doesn’t quite get it. I think for most people it’s hard to wrap their minds around. To them, Sexuality is sex and nothing more.

Another profession? I have no clue. Right now I LOVE my current job and have huge plans for my site for many, many years to come. I am simply in love with my work. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. However, the future is unpredictable so who knows! In any case I’m going to try to make this job last as long as I can (without sacrificing the art and realism I enjoy), even if it means ramen noodles. :)

As for when I’m 40… no clue!! :) That’s so far into the future there’s no way I could even begin to predict where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing. However I like to imagine that I’ll be making some CRAZY movies and still loving every second of it ^^ I’m sure there’s a market for hot Milf giantesses? :P

THANKS A TON !!! For the questions everyone. Part two coming next blog day! (Too much going on XD)


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. footphan

    Katlyn, Love the Q&A! Just wondering if you would ever invite a fan to do some acting in a video?

  2. bob

    dear miss katleyn brooks
    have u seen my postes about my stories and about making them in one of yours
    plz respond and love u miss giantess :love: <3

  3. Greg Viera

    awesome blogs and hey im sorry if im not able to get u any gifts my grandpa passed away a week ago ;-( ;-( so my money went to my grandma. your blog is so adorable <3 i love it cant wait to see my questions up there hehe. you are the best. i hope to hear from u soon college is so near

  4. K-Man

    I would love to volunteer to be one of inch tall nipple guys, Katelyn. I`m very good with my hands, so I`m sure i can make you cum1 I`m a handy-man of all sorts, so what you wanna throw at me, I`ll love to do it. I`m a heavy-duty shrinkie, so I should last forever. I can probably srvive a day in your shoe as you go about on your errands and at night a trip through your digestive system. Which is actually one part of the fetish that I really like, which comes to make me think… If possible, would you let me film a doctumentary while I was inside you, sort of something you would see on National Geographic? A little weird, but it`s interesting, no less. I can go no places where no man has gone before. I could be fun for the both of us. And you could commentary it. I know that can`t really happen, but it`s fantsy, and in fantasies, anything can happen. I`ll post more if I can think of anything else. I love you, Goddess.

  5. Greg Viera

    also my last question

    If you can eat me in anyway possible how would you do it? hehe

  6. MarkM

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Dre308

    Damm Katelyn.. Thanks for answering my question. Your answer was perfect.

  8. MarkM

    Wow your answers really turned me on Goddess Katelyn! No one knows how to turn me on like you. No one even comes close!

    Yeah what Dre308 said….. Your answers were perfect!

    Hey Goddess Katelyn? You know how come I love you so much? Well besides the fact that your incredibly beautiful and sexy and have the best looking bare feet of any woman………………….. It’s because I know you would really do it. I know for sure you would really consume me or squash me even knowing I’m a real live human being and also even knowing I love you with all my heart. Yeah and I wouldn’t have it any other way either. No better way to go than knowing my little life pleased my Goddess! And equally rewarding for me also.

    Love You! :love:

  9. Jonathon

    I have to say. I’m rather surprised you answered the questions that were given in netspeak. I actually expected you to ignore them. I suppose you’re more tolerant of such behavior or a lot more patient in regards to it as I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you use netspeak.

  10. Aphid

    Thanks for answering my question – I only asked the first sentence though, you crushed my question together with somebody else’s :)

  11. bob

    thanks for not answering my qustion :( but still love and worship u

  12. Giantess Ka...

    @Bob: I’m not done answering questions! :p Like I said, in the next blog I’ll be answering the other half of the questions I received. And if you don’t see your question answered then, there’s a good chance I’ve saved your question for a full blog of it’s own in order to go into all the juicy details. So don’t give up hope so soon little one! :kiss:

  13. Alman

    So you pretty much merged my question with Aphids?
    Thats fair…. :whistle:
    (Not too fussed that my name isn’t by it, but i’m glad you answered it anyway! :)

  14. kiljaedon

    Yay. I knew vore was your favourite! Sorry for making you choose, heh. I suppose a little follow up question even though you’ve got tonnes more to do would be at what point do you cum when when thinking about it? The mouthplay, the swallowing, the digestion, or even the thought of pooping the remains out?

  15. bob

    thx miss katleyn brooks

  16. bob

    btw i love your summer blog and tthe pic its asome i wish i can go to the beach in ur moulth

  17. bob

    and did u think about the stories that i wrote for you in making them a movie of yours

  18. Giantess Ka...

    Sorry about the formatting guys and getting questions mixed up with other authors! X_x I will try to fix it the next chance I get and give credit where credit is due. Working with 50+ questions and a tight deadline was tricky to say the least! xD

  19. west911

    How is the new birth control working out? You should of gotten a couple shots of your bra overflowing with the chemically enduced swelling of your magnificent mountainous mammary mounds.

  20. stephen tho...

    Katelyn Brooks I just want to know what made you want to beccome a giantess? By the way you are a great giantess. :D

  21. K-Man

    It`s ok, Katelyn. Take your time. Don`t rush yourself or things will be confusing for everyone. I understand. Btw, I love your pics, your mouth looks like a big fun slip-n-slide, I hope you don`t mind if I slide inside. : 1

  22. K-Man

    It`s ok, Katelyn. Take your time. Don`t rush yourself or things will be confusing for everyone. I understand. Btw, I love your pics, your mouth looks like a big fun slip-n-slide, I hope you don`t mind if I slide inside. : 1

  23. Meahedros

    hmmm I generally don’t make comments as I hate to sound like a complete moron. But I really did enjoy the Q&A. Out here in South Dakota people are super conservative and religion as well so I know its a thing to come out and tell people. I still have issues bringing it up around my wife.

  24. niko

    hi katlyn can you make a film or you eat living thank kiss worms

  25. MiniMatt

    I’d love to be one of your tiny nipple ring guys, thats be great, but being your toe slave would be way more interesting

  26. patrolr

    Thank You for answering my question, it was very kind of You. And this Q&A is a great and very nice idea too.
    Quote: “They are there for one purpose – to be used and crushed for my sexual pleasure and enjoyment”… Yes… frank answer of Goddess.

  27. Bob

    Katleyn when will u update ur site

  28. Spok

    Heres a quick question… whats the fetish movie that really gets You off the most?

  29. LittleBlue

    Thank you for honoring your lowly bugs with such great answers and a wonderful collage.

    I couldn’t agree more about the way technobable is used and immersion is lost in too much science fiction.

    I am glad you are able to overcome your shyness to be a giantess and share your majesty with all your lowly followers. Thank you for all you share with us.

  30. Justin

    I remember reading about what you like to do to different sized people, but what about what you would like to do as a giantess of different heights?

  31. K-Man

    Hey, Miss Goddess Katelyn! I`m not sure if you`re still accepting questions and answering them, but I good one that popped up into my head… `When eating your shrunken men, do you prefer to chew them, swallow them whole, play with them with your tongue, or a combination of of 2 or 3 of them? Does it depend on what mood you`re in? And what would you do if I was a shrunken man inside your mouth? Sorry if this sounds weird.

  32. K-Man

    Oh! I forgot to add `suck on them`. But there`s probably a whole bunch of things you can do with a shrunken man in your mouth, so if I missed anything, please feel free to address it. I can`t wait to see what you say about this one. : 1

  33. JayJay

    What is your favorite ass crush/play fantasy?

  34. mike

    if you do come to the west coast you should come to bonney lake washington it a great town and i’ll show you around washington :) would love to one of your tinys. i was wondering are there any sites out there that you know of that can help people with our fetish find each other like a giantess dating site lol that would be cool do you date people that are into your fetish or perfer they did not and suprise them?

  35. Ben

    Do you have a part time job? If so what is it?

    <3 Ben

  36. Ben

    Why don’t you release free videos anymore :(

    Are you still active on your Youtube accounts, I have noticed you have about 2-3

    <3 Ben

  37. Brandon

    I SOOOO wanna be one of those who gets eaten by you,I loved the vore in “midnight Godess” trailer,please swallow me.

  38. Big Al

    Hey there Ms. Katelyn!
    I have a few small questions I would like you to answer…
    1) What does your breath smell like?
    2) Would you ever let me live inside your mouth rather than eating me?
    3) How big can you open your mouth?
    Please reply ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  39. jake

    hey there katelyn, my girlfriend has been requesting i check out you’re site, she has a giantess fetish like yourself, and unfortunately i don’t, she’s tried everything from foursomes, to…. devices. she’s 8’2 so she’s sort of a giantess, how would you try to get someone interested in your fetish? also I don’t fully understand the aspect of being eaten alive yet, the only thing we can really do is “buttcrushing”, which even with three other people is still awkward, I just don’t know what to do about this, all I really wan’t is to understand her fetish. help?

  40. DAN

    does your stomach gurgle often…can you please record your digestion sometime

  41. nacoosha

    ok so would the one guy for you be an immortal? and that would mean your worst nightmare would be you shrinking someone and than they somehow get their hands on that ability, not only reversing their shrunken self, but shrinking you?

  42. ryan

    If you where dating me and I was an inch tall and I told you I want to live inside your stomach would you eat me? 2 where where dating would you put me up your Butt or in your mouth

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