The Start of an Art Collection

The Start of an Art Collection

Ever since I was young giantess posters have covered the walls of my room. Most of them were actually sexy Fairy posters! You know, the kind you find at places like Hot Topic. (Which, being Goth at the time I shopped there quite often) I’ve always had a fascination with Fairies which is deeply rooted in my sexual side, which turned into a collection of fairy art I found sexy…

I always wanted to own an actual fairy (both girl or guy) and either keep them as my pet or destroy their entire fairy kingdom. For example, In some of my fantasies I’d slowly pull their wings off and eat them alive and in others I would be gentle and allow them make love to me. But this fairy fascination of mine will have to wait for another journal entry. This one has to be quick as today is a busy day- this entry is about Art.

While the Fairy posters are still mostly at my mom’s house, I’ve started collecting art again to hang around my new place. I used to have an Attack of the 50ft Woman poster but it was ripped up pretty badly and I threw it out only months after I started up my site. (Although I’ve been looking for a bigger and better one since.) While I don’t have a ton of art right now, I did find a few cool pieces I’d like to share with you!

A few weeks ago I had a little extra cash and decided to go art shopping. I find this really cool art place and to my delight they had a ton of fairy paintings!

The first one I got now hangs in my bedroom along with the one below it. I like this one not only because the girl is absolutely beautiful (and her cute bare feet are dangling up in the background!) but also because of the sexy fairy city in the background. I only wish I could discover these magical woods for myself and play with her personally. Some days I wish I could disturb her peace, crushing her body, mushroom and all under my massive bare foot, while walking towards the sexually pleasing city behind her. Or perhaps pulling off her wings and using her as my sex toy. Other days I wish to hold her in my hand, perhaps pleasing her with the tip of my wet tongue. The fantasies are endless and I feel nothing but love, peace and sexual satisfaction when I look at this painting. It now hangs near my bed!

Giantess Art Collection - Green Fairy

This painting is another cute fairy painting, perhaps a little more lovey-dovey than sexual. I like to imagine that the dark haired girl is the Goddess and that she’s in love with the fairy prince there. The blond haired girl is her personal slave! I just find this painting to be cute and magical- it hangs next to the other fairy painting

Giantess Art Collection - Blue Fairy

Moving off the fairy subject- This should look familiar! I bought this one as I loved how it looked and how it reminded me of my love of all that Egyptian. (Not to mention my distant heritage!)  The girl (a young Queen Nefertiti) in the painting also looks surprisingly like me which made it that much cooler. (Love her makeup!) Most of the Egyptian Gods and Goddess’s surround her, including Sekhmet on the top.

Giantess Art Collection - Egyptian Giantess

And finally, we have one last one that I found out searching. From afar, it  looks like your typical Hawaiian poster. But once you take a closer look you notice that the Hawaiian Girl on it is HUGE. She appears as giantess towering over the island, dancing away giving a sexy view to the islanders below. There’s even a tiny woman by her foot! She a very lucky woman and appears to be enjoying every bit of it!

Giantess Art Collection - Hawiian Giantess

Giantess Art Collection - Hawiian Giantess Feet

And that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll find more and will update you when I do. It appears that I’m starting a new collection of sorts, picking up where I left off when I moved out. You’ll probably see much of this artwork in the background of my films too. I can only imagine what people will think when they come over though! ~_^

Back to rushing around! New site update coming soon!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous

    I sweetheart how are you i like your pictures hows your mum is she any better. hows the new move going for you?

  2. anonymous

    Hey, my place of work sells posters of the last one, as well as the vintage poster from attack of the 50 foot woman. Small world… But not small enough :-D

  3. aie_procedures

    Awww, the first one is so sweet!

  4. anonymous

    It’s wonderful how you share so much of your real feelings and desires with us, not just sexy photos, as nice as they are.

    You are one of a kind, Katelyn, and I feel so blessed to have stumbled across your site.

    Little more love coming to your PO Box this week. You know, if just 200 of us sent you a mere $20 each per month, as our way of saying thanks for all that you do, you’d have $48,000 coming in annually — not chump change. I’m up to the challenge and then some — how about the rest of you? Let’s pay tribute to our Goddess before she loses patience and grinds us to pulp beneath her feet.

  5. anonymous

    I had somethin for fae artwork and had to get rid of all my posters before moving. The darker fae though, not much is hotter than a gothed out fairy with a lust for blood in her eyes. ;p

    These are not fae, but very well done giantess paintings anyway. I hope to someday be able to buy some authentic pieces from this artist as this guy is awesome when it comes to painting women and landscapes.

    Here is the site if you want to take a look

    I wish I had this guys talents, could you imagine the insane pedicures I could give you being able to paint masterpieces on your toenails? ;p

    On another note, you would have tortured the hell out of me growing up around you watching you go out of your way to squish bugs and crush things. Did you know why you enjoyed it so much in your youth? Anybody ever pick up on your knack for crushing things?

    Another kiss from below the warmth of your foot


  6. twcool

    It’s always cool to collect things. I myself collect Hot Wheels or Matchbox Lamborghini cars (Countach, Diablo, or Muricelago). I’m sure you’d love to have all of those step up by your feet, but I’d hate to see my collection go haha. I’m not a huge art collecter although I do have random stuff. I have this night painting of a leopard mom with two cubs. Anyway, I wish you luck in finding the magic fairy woods!

  7. anonymous

    Katelyn you would look very beautiful looking like an Egyptian Goddess with lots of make-up on. I bet you would be a real masterpiece. I don’t bet I know you would,honey. So how soon can I expect a crushing video on your site babe. Please wear toerings and red toenails and don’t stop squishing ever>lol. Rod

  8. anonymous

    Hi Katelyn,
    I love you from head to toes. I would love to suck your sweet sexy toes…..mmmmmmm. I would love your feet and lick them in the morning and in the evening and the time between the two.kisses.Rod

  9. anonymous

    Hm, I’m surprised that you are able to find anything sexual in those fairy images – would you consider yourself ‘omnisexual’, i.e. that you can get turned on by just about anything?

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @tinyman: The move is going good. Finally getting used to everything. My mom is doing ok, been mostly just catching up with her, trying to find a new place she can afford. I really wish she would go back to dancing because that’s what she enjoyed the most!

    @Anonymous: Awesome! I’d like to get a hold of both if possible. Even though I think the 93′(?) version could have been so much better. More like the Godzilla in 96′ only with a girl! But sadly it stayed true to the original with all the feminist undertones… The best part of the first one was the poster itself. :P

    @aie_procedures: I think so too! o^.^o

    @Cliff: Awww, thanks Cliff! =) <3

    @Trek: Wow! Those are amazing! I remember seeing them briefly a while back but I totally forgot about them!! I will definitely have to get some of those paintings when I get the chance. They are absolutely beautiful and sexy… even the non-giantess ones. <3

    As for the crushing thing, it was mostly in private, although there were a few moments where I'd gleefully crush something in public view. Such as sandcastles (fun fun!), and the bugs that my friends or students were looking at. (Fireflies are a good example) The more memorable moments I'll go into depth on my journal. Maybe I'll tell a past story sometime this week actually... ;)

    @twcool: Neat! I wouldn’t mind destroying your collection! <3 You could even set them up on a tiny highway... And if I could, I'd shrink you down and keep you in one of them.

    @Rod: Yeah, I’m thinking of giving the Egyptian look a shot sometime. It’s a lot of makeup and I don’t want to screw it up or look silly! As for the crushing… hmm, probably sometime this week. I think I’m running out to get my victims sometime today…

    @Hmm: Surprised, huh? No, I don’t think I’m “omnisexual”- plenty of stuff won’t turn me on. But as this *is* my sexual journal, most of what you find in here will be turning me on. The fairy paintings clearly show a size difference- they are “shrunken women”. The Fae aspect simply makes it more romantic, magical, and sexy. Just as you would be turned on by say, one of the “nature giantesses” Trek posted above. Sure, they might not be destroying a city- but it’s the aspect of pure beauty intertwined with nature, mysticism, and Giantess that makes them so sexy and beautiful- and perhaps more realistic.

    Half the fun is then fantasizing about what could happen in the paintings if I were there. The first painting I posted (the green one) is far more raw sexual than the second (I would just love to be playing with her and her tiny mushroom), the second being more of a romantic, fairy tale lovey-dovey piece (with only a slight hint of sexual due to their size).

    Keep in mind the fetish isn’t just “purely sexual”- it is a form of love. Just as you would love a Giantess or may get that warm-mushy lovey-dovey feeling inside when you fantasize of being her pet, I get the same way when I fantasize of having pets or being a giantess. Some days it’s more lust-filled sexual (usually evil giantess) while other days it’s more romantic and love-y (gentle giantess).

    It’s cool that you bring it up though as it certainly sheds more light on my sexuality for those curious!

  11. anonymous

    katelyn u are sweet letting us know that u love fariys ever since u were young and i bet u would make a great egyptian

    love form your

    little pet marus

  12. anonymous

    katelyn i think it so sweet that u like things like that and bet u would make a gerat Egyptian.

    love from your

    tiny pet marcus

  13. katelynsworm

    Katelyn would make a good Egyptian, for sure — She’d make a good anything she chose to be.

    Signed, her devotee, Katelyn’s Worm, the adorant formerly known as Cliff.

  14. anonymous

    the only realistic aspiration i have in this life is to be a creative writer. In that vain, i decided i’d like to write for you a story. It’s probably going to be written in an erotic dystopian fashion, with an emphasis on crush, and then a much, much greater emphasis on vore.

    Independently of that, you’re the only other person i’ve ever met who has decided that he/she enjoys “ethereal” music. Can you recommend anything good?

  15. anonymous

    Hello again Ms. Katelyn,

    I remember reading on your site that it was a turn off for you when someone does what you do but doesn’t really have the fetish…That’s pretty ironic, because for me I started thinking about my crushes being giantesses when I was in the fifth grade. That’s been a while ago ! I would say most guys that have the giantess fetish originally have a foot fetish and it branched out. ( I’m no exception there) I love feet, but after visiting your site and seeing some of your clips on youtube I think I’d rather be eaten than stepped on… So keep that in mind when it comes time for me to meet my fate ;)

    Also, you said you were moving back to help your mom. How does she and other members of your immediate family feel about your giantess fetish ?

    Also, I’d really like to send you that gift I mentioned earlier. To give you an idea of what I’m sending, its a VHS movie ( non pornagraphic). So if you’re interested I’ll get that out to you I just need your new mailing address. ( I think you’ll love the movie !!)

    Talk to you later,

    Bri ( worthy adversary)

  16. anonymous

    we have something in common, i collect fairy pictures too! lol, love the pictures!

    from your tiny slave,
    Jen <3

  17. anonymous

    hi katelyn how are you doing sexy giantess your really sexy i would love to meet your giantes self in person your very hot and sexy please write me back love you girl

  18. anonymous

    Giantes Katelyn
    I worship you. If I am tiny pet, I would clean all your shoes to please you. And beg not to be crushed. Perhaps I am one of the thousands of slaves out there who love to stayed at the goddess’s feet. :)

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