The Perfect Giantess Size

The Perfect Giantess Size

As a Giantess, I can tell you first hand that not all sizes are created equal. When I’m crushing a city brimming with terrorized life beneath my naked soles, I find some heights get both my feminine cavern pulsating faster and aid in my destructive lust more than others. However this preference changes weekly, my personal tastes for power and size morphing to my mood and sexual desires- although there are several sizes that always bring me to orgasm!

Here is a complete breakdown of all the different Giantess sizes and how they fit into my rather diverse sexuality. (With collages from Giantessbooru to better visualize too!)

7ft – 10ft

A good height for real life! How I would LOVE to be 8ft tall! It would be absolutely dreamy, towering over everyone and sexually overpowering men and women as I liked. However aside from normal sex and dominating those shorter than myself there’s just not enough to do fantasy wise. This leads me to cumming rather rarely to amazon collages. It’s a perfect “real life” size though!


Same here with these heights. Only now I’d be the tallest girl in the world, which is pretty cool! However there’s not really enough to DO except stand around and look tall. Worst of all, this height is in the zone where there’s nothing big enough to please me sexually. Cocks are too small, entire people are just a little too big. (But that wouldn’t stop me from trying! Legs in, arms work clit!) Oh and I’d have to duck everywhere! >_> This is a great size for growing into, a stage where friends start freaking out over my incredible growth! Clothing tears to shreds as soft, warm flesh pushes out and buttons pop off in orgasm to my new found size!


Ok, now we’re talking! The roof and floors are starting to break and the house is looking more like a cage than a place of living. Anyone in the house is seriously freaked out and to me they are looking more and more like dolls. (Who might be fun to fuck and smother in my boobs!) Once I hit 50ft, I’d say I’m an actual Giantess! However, aside from being naked and large enough for a stroll down a street, 50ft has never seemed to be enough for me.

Even the woman on the classic “Attack of the 50ft Woman” poster didn’t think 50ft was enough! On the poster “the 50ft woman” is shown at at least 100-200ft! (Just take a look at how small the 5-6ft people are on the poster!) It’s a nice height though and fun for intimate fucking (I’m sure I could get a guy or a girl inside of me) but not big enough for the REALLY fun stuff!


Funny that I can use the “Attack of the 50ft Woman” poster to show off what 100-500ft looks like! At this height, cars are large toys and people start looking more like cockroaches than they do people. I enjoy this size for more personal encounters with my victims- taking out cheating boyfriends or snuffing snobby friends.

At this monstrous height I can really feel people crush and break beneath my soles and swallowing people alive results in delicious life or death struggling. (Not to mention I can trap entire crowds under my soft voluptuous boobs) I can also still hear my victim’s begging and screaming clear as day, furthering my excitement! People are also the ideal size to fuck as now I can get several inside of me at once and my orgasms result in their deaths.

Buildings however are still… too big for anything other than to knock over and cars only small enough to partially crush. I cum to fantasies in this range somewhat often. But this still is not my preferred height… but we’re getting close!


My panties are getting soaked. This is where I start to lose myself in my fantasies and this collage sums up everything wonderful about this height. People are now so small, so fragile! I can now easily smear them between my fingers. Cars and trucks are metal shells filled with squishy surprises that can be devoured whole or inserted for pleasure. My feet compress entire sections of roads filled with screaming people! Buses are now my dildo of choice, seats filled with terrorized field trippers who never see the light of day again!

Buildings are still rather big however and must be squeezed by or knocked over- easy to do when my boobs can destroy half a building just by swaying back and forth! XD I enjoy this size immensely and here is where the Giantess fantasy really takes off for me- I’ve cum countless times imagining myself at this size and wreaking havoc in the streets, bug-people scurrying about everywhere as I tear apart their world searching to devour and fuck them.


FUCK YES! This is my absolute favorite height. (In the above image, I estimate her to be roughly 3000ft) This height here is a power tripping sweet spot of mine that I simply can’t get enough of. At this massive height people are nothing more than ants and their beautiful cities elaborate ant hills. My feet are now curvy, soft and unforgiving weapons of incredible destruction, yet still sensitive enough to feel individual people in the debris resist and pop against my skin. Houses and their occupants are reduced to dust and helpless cars can no longer escape the ominous shadow of my foot.

90% of my fantasies take place in the 5000ft range. Basically, I’m a mile tall Giantess- the true height of a Goddess! As for fucking, skycrapers are dildos designed specifically to bring me to orgasm and thousands of people run, scream and perish beneath my incredible body as I climax. My boobs – and might I say I am a BOOB LOVER!! – can now smother entire floors of office workers and flatten entire houses and those inside. Tiny people crawling across my nipples… Delicious ants, all of them! This is the height I dream about, the height I desire so badly.

If I were to… *ahem* create a Giantess movie… you could expect much of the film to be within this range…

10,000ft-20,000ft (2-4 Miles)

YES!! YES!! Continuing to grow, this area is still inside my ultimate sweet spot where 90% of my fantasies take place. The earth is now soft and my steps sink deep, mushing anything beneath them. Entire buildings can be tossed into my mouth like candies filled with little bursts of pleasure. My pussy would cause floods and the fate of entire cities would be at the whim of my body… and my jewelry apparently! @_@ Helicopters are now insects to me and I’m pretty much invincible. The world is MINE!

There would be no shortage of things to fuck and cum on and people to devour alive. My stomach would be a city soup of strewn vehicles and chunks of buildings with hundreds and hundreds of people desperately swimming, climbing and yelling out in the dark burning alive in my powerful acids. None would survive -let alone stay inside of me- for more than 12 hours. My pussy would be a throbbing cavern of warm sticky fluid trapping and pinning all those I’ve pushed deep inside.

If I were to… *ahem*… make a real Giantess movie as I said previously… you could expect much of the film to be at this height also…

10-60 Miles

Beautiful, just beautiful. Interaction with individual people is lost at this size and it simply becomes a matter of effortlessly crushing the delicate ant hills they’ve constructed. Entire cities can be consumed, but it’s far more difficult to keep people alive on the trip up to my mouth. Each of my toes become unstoppable Goddesses in their own right! A simple wiggle or scrunch can bring thousands down beneath me. Delightful!

To cum my hands would have to grasp at the living earth, bringing handfuls to be smeared over and inside my pussy. Above it would be a silent task, perhaps only the sounds of sirens reaching my soft ears. Below in the streets there would be such a noise of terror and obliteration that none who lived would ever forget it, the mental scars of living the life of a mere bug forever ingrained.

100+ Miles

Disregarding the lack of oxygen, this size typically completes my fantasies – the final orgasm if you will! At this height I’m so ridiculously big that people and cities cease being individual entities… and become more like clumps of living dirt. A mere finger can silence a city, and as such laying down is the optimal position for this height. Now not only does my ass look big, but it IS big and laying down on my back or side helps greatly utilize its incredible size to flatten most of humanity.

Humans are now bacteria… parasites. It it certain that many will survive on my body, and inside of me. I’ve become almost a small planet with my very own ecosystem. Fuck earth, try building a new life for yourself on my nipples, in the ridges of my soles, or in my ass crack! You might have a better chance of surviving there… until I get horny again.

The downside is I doubt NASA will want to help me shoot the footage to produce a movie…

Earth and Beyond

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the giantess Katelyn. Her never ending mission: to destroy strange new worlds, to devour new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no woman has gone before!

While being big enough to bite into the earth or lick it clean still gets my pussy dripping, once I’ve become so large that earth is just a mere speck my fantasy tapers off. Sizes larger than the galaxy are almost impossible to imagine, as are the interactions between myself and the tiny people on planets. Crushing a planet between my fingers is still absolutely orgasmic- I just need to be able to see it or feel it! And I’d prefer if my victims could see me as well… so that they’d know how they were about to die!

The Earth the size of a grain of sand is perhaps the end of my fantasy. And once it’s gone – a mere pinch – the fantasy is over unless I find another planet to wreak havoc on. (Which is far easier said than done!)

Thanks for listening as always tiny ones, I hope you enjoyed the insight into the mind of your Giantess. :happy: I’d also love to hear what your favorite Giantess sizes are!


The Shrunken Perspective

27 Responses and Counting...

  1. SFXonly

    You could get bigger and hold the entire Universe on your finger. You could get even bigger till the Universe is microscopic next to you. I want you even bigger until you are the Universe itself and everything that exist lives on you, but you gotta get bigger. Haha!

  2. GamingProfe...

    Thing I’m always curious about with space-bound goddesses is what happens when they encounter black holes?

  3. Greg Viera

    Great Blog i really love this one
    its always great to hear ur thoughts
    my ideal Giantess Goddess height for u is:

    it would be nice to talk to u heheh. also i would be careful not to screw up or anything i will be the perfect little foot pet or what ever you have in mind for me. At that height you still are powerful. If i woke up and saw on the news that you grew 100ft-500ft i would be so happy and i would do anything and let you do anything to me. Though in this case you can do anything you want seeing I belong to you and have no choice to do what ever you say or let you do as you wish to me <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Hammer

    Hoozah, another exquisitely detailed blog!

    Really appreciate your thoughts on the matter, as it’s always interesting to read your favorite aspects about this particular fetish.

    I think the ideal giantess size for me would be around 500 ft, so I’m on a similar page with Greg.

    I think at the 3000ft level you start to lose the ability to pick out hapless individual victims. For example, around 3000ft, sure you may have sensitive enough soles to feel individualistic crunches, but your sole would also compress other things as you step and it would be hard to only squish a particular person at that size.

    Plus, terror and screaming is a huge part of the giantess fetish for me, and I also think you lose that aspect at the 3000ft level as you wouldn’t hear much.

    Another big factor for your ideal size is the ability to use objects at your disposable. I think it’s a great display of power on its own when a 500ft giantess pushes over a building for example. I don’t need my giantess to use buildings as sex toys.

    That’s what the cars and buses are there for ;)

    Nevertheless, great blog!

  5. B-Dub

    Katelyn, your vivid and passionate descriptions make any of those giantess sizes sound appealing. Your candor over the details of your fantasies draws me in and makes me consider aspects of this fantasy in a new light. I will endeavor to do the same.

    Now, while I’m sure that we all agree that ultimately, The Goddess will have her way, we foolish mortals too dare to dream. I rarely get off on the gentle giantess scenarios, I like em cruel and sadistic. The more the giantess were to torment me, physically and mentally, the more lost I become in the fantasy. So, using your divisions, my rankings:

    7-10 ft: I’m 6’1″ so in that range, face to face, I would be looking at somewhere between your mouth and your belly. While you would be quite imposing, you would still be human. At the high end of this size range, it would be awesome to see you come out of the crowd at Wrestlemania and challenge the champion. After nonchalantly slapping him around for a few minutes, you could pin him to the mat by sitting on his face. You would remain seated even after the 3 count until he began to beg and cry, at which point you would make him kiss your glorious ass to earn his release. This would all take place on live television so the whole nation would witness this most humbling defeat. Pretty hot!

    10-20 ft: Now I’m between your crotch and your calves. I’m at a strip club,drunk harassing the dancers and jumping on the stage to grope them, when a slender, female hand as wide as my chest slams me against the pole. Dazed, my vision clears just in time to be filled with the sight of your g-string covered pussy rushing at my face. Your legs wrap around the pole and my head alike, squeezing like the reverse of the jaws-of-life. You grind on me and feel my jaw crack and dislocate as my hands weakly claw at your massive, smooth thighs. My eyes water as I attempt to peer up at your face, but all I can see is your undulating belly and the underside of your tremendous breasts. The only thing I can hear is the pounding of my blood in my skull and your mocking laughter as you slide your g-string to one side and fuck my face. You cum in huge gushes that leave me nearly drowned and gasping on the floor. Unfastening the thin (to you) chain around your waist, you fashion a makeshift leash around my neck and lead me off the stage on my hands and knees, never to be seen again. I lost it a couple of times writing that.

    20-50 ft: Okay, I’m totally with you here. You are now undeniably a giantess. I can’t wrap my arms all the way around your ankle. A flick of your finger would send me 15 ft and crack several ribs. I am small enough that you can easily snap my bones,yet big enough that you can take your time and target them one at a time. At this size you would toy with me like a cat with a mouse. I run in a panic only to slam into a car sized foot. I turn to run the other way and run right into your waiting palm. Your fingers wrap around me from shoulders to knees, completely immobilizing my desperately squirming form. You raise me up to your billboard sized face. Your luscious lips quirk up in a contemptuous sneer as you slowly increase the pressure, crushing me like a hard-boiled egg. Definitely a favorite size for me.

    50-100 ft: My entire body would fit under your foot and that’s exactly where you would keep me. You pick me up between your fingers, blow me a kiss, then drop me into your leather pump. All light is blotted out as you slide your gigantic bare foot in on top of me. The hot, oxygen-low air and your moist cloying sole would be like a inescapable sauna. Then comes the foot sweat, stinging my eyes and burning my skin. It gets in my nose and even seeps through my closed mouth. Soon, I’m gulping down mouthfuls of your sweat just to keep from drowning. There’s a tremendous increase in weight crushing me into the soggy insole and molding me to your foot. You have taken your first step! How many will I survive? Talk about a sweet spot!

    100-500 ft: In the upper limits of this range I’m no taller than your big toe. Standing next to your instep, I hear screams and moans above me. Looking up, I see dozens of men strung together by their wrists and draped around your delicate ankle! Three more are tied wrist to ankle and decorate your second toe. Stepping back and craning my neck upward, I see similarly constructed trinkets around your wrists,neck, and fingers. In fact, your entire bikini is nothing but a squirming mass of enmeshed men! As I stare in awe and horror at the slaves that make up your bra; their limbs stretched to breaking,straining to contain your enormous boobs, my eye is drawn to your right nipple poking out between a pair dangling, bloody arms. That’s when I notice that you’re holding a piece of rope and looking directly at me!

    1000-plus ft: This is where I diverge from your preferences some. Don’t get me wrong, I still totally get off to a good collage in these titanic scales and a video of you devastating entire cities would be extremely hot, but speaking strictly of my personal fantasies these just don’t feature as much. I think it’s a pretty simple shift in perspective. Far be it from me to deny a Goddess her fun. As you get bigger the more powerful you get and the more damage and chaos you can create with little to no effort. From my point of view: however, at these sizes you basically become an extremely attractive earthquake or hurricane. Any interaction with you would be impersonal and fleeting. I’d most likely be crushed by the rubble of whatever building I was in or around and it would happen in a split second. I know guy typically get off faster than girls, even so, a few seconds is a bit short to work up any steam.

    The exceptions here are for around the 60-100 mile and the cosmic sizes. Ironically, the favored scenario for the 60- 100 mile range would be for a gentle giantess. It would be truly awesome to camp on the rolling Stomach Plains near the shores of Lake Navel. To trek northward through the warm valley and be the first to reach the peaks of the Twin Mam Mountains, or perhaps to head south and take a burro ride down into the Grand Chasm and bath in the sticky hot springs.

    On the cosmic scale, the earth would be about the size of a basketball to you. You would be on a plane perpendicular to the sun, so all day the entire sky would be filled by the watchful face of a benevolent Goddess.

    Well, that’s what I like. I hope there were things in this that you liked too. Thanks again for sharing your talents and your fantasies with us these past several years. You’re one of a kind, Katelyn!

  6. megagiant5280

    I really liked this blog. I agree the best height for a giant/giantess/giant couple is 3,000-6,000 feet. While communicating with people will be poor at best you are in little danger of being taken down and you can destroy a lot in step, sitting down or eat a lot. Also in the picture you showed, the woman was really hot. I would love to lick her soles and suck her toes full of people.

    I know some the replys to the blog would like their giantess to be smaller and I see their point but if you are in the position of power(giant/giantess) then I think being a mile high is the best. Anything more is still good but I personally need a woman with me or else it would be lonely.

  7. Dylan

    i love ur work and espically the 7 foot 10

  8. bassology88

    Wow! Great insight into your thoughts and fantasies at each size. I am definitely a fan of the 1,000 through 6,000 area. I like being a hardly noticeable speck. ;)

  9. LiquidZ

    I love that you used my picture for the giga range. Now I’ll have to make a giga picture of you looking down at the universe =)

  10. twerp

    YOU are GOD.

  11. Steve

    Another idea for a future FX movie – maybe something furry, or in body paint (if you are the alien)?

  12. Dylan

    plz get ur blond hair back and i love ur work

  13. Handsome Gamer

    I glad you did this blog :)

    Okay, if you was a giantess it would be nice if you was from 1000ft-2000ft
    or 3000ft-6000ft. But what really gets me going is the 2-4 miles height or
    even the 10-60 miles height. For me it’s all about power, to do what ever the
    fuck you want for the simply fact that you can. Alot of people like
    interaction with the tiny people Zzzzzzz…. z_z. Don’t get me wrong,
    it’s a good start, but at some point they need to grow bigger and hit
    that 2-4 miles height. After they had you/they/the giantess have their
    fun at that height the giantess needs to grow to 10-60 miles so like
    you said “each of your toes can become goddesses in there own way.”
    Then from there have the giantess become what ever size she please.
    And BTW the 100+ miles height is nice too. If I had to live on a part
    of your perfect body it would be your nipples or in the ridges of your
    soles, your ass crack would be nice but the second your fart or shit
    I’m dead. BTW if you was a giantess, I would like to stay alive so I
    beg of you to please stay out of New York City and my neigbor New Jersey. 

    One more thing, we all know how much you like to have “small pets” will you be doing a SM/SW scale blog too or what ?  0_0  

  14. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn!

    I guess I’m the different one as I do not like mega or giga as much. The reason is because you would be to big for me to be able to make love to you before you end me. In all my fantasies of you I worship and Love You like nothing else! Therefore it’s my ultimate desire (and destiny) to make love to you right before you end me.

    So for me I prefer me shrinking rather than you growing. For consumption purpose’s as food for your Goddess of a body I like to be 1 or 2 inch’s. I donno what Giantess Size that would equate to? Maybe 100 feet? Not sure.

    But for crushing beneath your sexy Goddess bare feet I like to be about four or five inch’s. Just perfect enough for me to make love to them right before you squash me into a bloody mess. I “think” maybe that would equal to a 50 to 60 foot Giantess. I think.

    I guess I do like a Mega Giantess it’s just that I wouldn’t be able to have my last dieing request of being able to make Love to you before dieing because you would be to huge. I’d be so small that you might not even notice me and I like to have your attention even if it’s only for a few seconds.

    Love You though and no matter what size your the ONLY Giantess for me!!!

    Loyal forever!
    Mark <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. Handsome Gamer

    I glad you did this blog

    Okay, if you was a giantess it would be nice if you was from 1000ft-2000ft
    or 3000ft-6000ft. But what really gets me going is the 2-4 miles height or
    even the 10-60 miles height. For me it’s all about power, to do what ever the
    fuck you want for the simply fact that you can. Alot of people like
    interaction with the tiny people Zzzzzzz…. z_z. Don’t get me wrong,
    it’s a good start, but at some point they need to grow bigger and hit
    that 2-4 miles height. After they had you/they/the giantess have their
    fun at that height the giantess needs to grow to 10-60 miles so like
    you said “each of your toes can become goddesses in there own way.”
    Then from there have the giantess become what ever size she please.
    And BTW the 100+ miles height is nice too. If I had to live on a part
    of your perfect body it would be your nipples or in the ridges of your
    soles, your ass crack would be nice but the second your fart or shit
    I’m dead. BTW if you was a giantess, I would like to stay alive so I
    beg of you to please stay out of New York City and my neigbor New Jersey. 

    One more thing, we all know how much you like to have “small pets” will you be doing a SM/SW scale blog too or what ?  0_0  

  16. lilipucien

    Thx for this great post Katelyn, and you can’t imagine how happy I am to see that you like the last collage I did with your picture (+100 miles).
    For me any size is good as long as the giantess can crush me without effort :)
    It would start around 50ft I guess.
    However a goddess at the size of universe seems a little too impersonal for me, but who am I to know what size is right for a Goddess? ;)
    I guess what makes a goddess a goddess is that she can have the size she wants, whatever what mortals think !


  17. osoaogoaoro

    i was this close to cum when i was reading this
    ( ——— ) <- (that close)
    well well
    better luck next time :/

  18. Johnn

    Yeah katelyn!!!
    Beatiful news. In my opinion the perfect size is between 1.000 and 20.000 ft.
    A massive movie with these size would be EPIC!! O_O
    I can’t wait!!!!!

  19. Corsair

    All I can remember is you saying: “If I were to make a movie…” :o

    Personally, were I enjoy this fantasy the most is between 500 feet and 10 000 probably. It would be incredible to watch you crush cities and armies at that size.

    P.S. It’s funny that you used the AOTFFW poster to picture a 100-500 ft giantess! But I have to agree with you, I always thought she looked taller than 50 ft on this poster! :D

  20. DragonessLife

    Those are very beautiful. My favorite that picture katelyn on earth by lilipucien work collage. :)

  21. lilipucien

    thx Markie ! Glad you like ! :)

  22. stephen tho...

    maybe you should do a giantess movie thast would be so cool.

  23. Killer dragoon

    what would happen if you met a giant guy

  24. Unknown

    What if you wrote a really long giantess story, beginning with you at mere height of 10 feet, but then slowly continuously growing into an unstoppable height. If you want, you could add pictures each time you hit a growth spurt in the story.

  25. Joseph Rogers

    Katelyn, what if you were over 1,000,000 miles +? Would you love that, you could crush entires galaxy’s with just the speech, you know that would be amazing.

  26. lurch

    End the universe with the slightest wiggle of your toes.

  27. Tiny Alice

    I wish you accounted tiny gals in the videos

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