The Future of FX, An Analysis + Sneak Peek

The Future of FX, An Analysis + Sneak Peek

Creating my special effects movies fulfills me sexually and emotionally on an otherwise unachievable level. Yet over the years it’s clear I haven’t made nearly as many FX movies as I’ve wanted to – in fact many projects never saw the light of day! It wasn’t until recently did I finally come to understand the full reason why I didn’t have more FX movies… and how that could be changed!

FX work is inherently volatile; life can easily get in the way, shots or scripts might not pan out, other projects may need immediate attention, or even my sexual mood may change and my desire to film with it! Looking back at my own work and blogs, nearly all of these problems stemmed from the scope of my planned and released FX projects. The longer they aimed to be, the more time, money, and sexual commitment they required. This of course generated an even greater amount of stress, pressure, and overworking to compensate!

I tried many different methods (such as alternating between projects, attempting different lengths, experimenting), but I never addressed the root of the problem; I needed to actually re-evaluate the overarching goals of my FX work.

I know now what I truly want to change and achieve with my FX work – and my plan is already in motion. After reading the following sections that highlight the new approaches and changes I’m taking with my FX work, you will know the future as I see it! Read on!

1. The Real Deal + A Sneak Peek!

The first change is all about communication. While hyping you guys up is fun, FX projects are, as mentioned above, massively unpredictable. Talking about future projects as though they are certain – other than ones I’m editing at that very moment – often create a ton of pressure as I’m committing to a movie that very well might not pan out or be delayed for one reason or another; especially when I’m only talking about a concept or a script! You don’t have to read back far in my blog to see this was a problem.

So instead of frustrating the both of us, from now on I won’t even hint at upcoming FX movies until I have physical proof to show you such as a screenshot containing special effects.

Like right now!

This is a screen shot from “The Stolen Shrink Ray” – which will be released both soon and completely free! The film is 3.5 minutes long, 1080p, and needless to say… someone might get crushed!

It’s based directly off a scenario from my “Let’s Have Some Fun!” blog- can you guess which one…? ;)

2. Free vs Pay

I think I may have subconsciously hinted at this when I posted my “Let’s Have Some Fun!” blog because it reveals the emotions behind one of the strongest desires I have in making FX work. That entire blog was the start of this change.

The simple truth is I want as many people to enjoy my films as possible. I don’t want to be an economically driven producer of content; I want to be a wild artist of sexual expression! Just in knowing someone deeply enjoyed losing themselves in my world and fantasy completes me on a sexual level as a giantess.

Therefore I want to release many of my future FX movies completely for free.

My criteria as to when movies will be free or pay will be only this: Bills are paid and life’s good? Free movie! Took a little too much time to make or the next project needs some funding? Pay movie! I also still plan on making super-short fun FX like the ones I mentioned in the “Let’s Have Some Fun” blog! These short fantasies allow me to have fun, experiment, and just make random cool stuff.

3. Distilled Fantasies

Looking back at my previous approach to movie production, it’s clear I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve but I couldn’t quite get there. Striving for full length productions was slowing me down and getting in the way. Longer films take exponentially longer to produce and are genuinely more stressful (financially, mentally) than shorter films. And truthfully, aiming for 20-50 minutes isn’t very realistic for these types of films or for fapping to, as much as I enjoyed Midnight Goddess!

But I don’t want simply shorter films either! Therefore my new goal will be to distill my films down into a pure essence of giantess sexuality and action!

In 3-12 minutes, I want a tantalizing taste of character, a sticky hint of intriguing plot… but only enough to get me wet and let all the throbbing hot action bring me to orgasm! I want stronger characters, mind-blowing interactive special effects and I want each film to hone in on the meat of what makes a particular fantasy scorching hot – and nothing else.

By creating distilled versions of the giantess fetish in movie form, not only will my movies be sexier, but they will run shorter. This will also allow more fantasies and scenarios to be explored and explored fully, there will be far less waiting between releases, and best of all a very happy and satisfied giantess!

While “The Stolen Shrink Ray” was filmed before I came to this new resolution, it should still give you a pretty strong vibe of the beginnings of what I want to achieve. The film after this one should be an even stronger attempt at distilling the fetish…

4. Just Grow Already

As I want to make highly charged sexual films, attempting a traditional indie film or “blockbuster-like” approach for my first giantess film (what I originally had planned and was working on) just isn’t going to cut it. As I mentioned, making a film of this size isn’t very realistic to how people watch and enjoy the film or to the diversity of sub-fetishes the giantess fetish encompasses. Plus, I’d have to charge some $40-$50 for a 45 minute film just to recoup my costs.

So instead, I’m going to… uh… just start making giantess and growth movies.

I realize that solution sounds a little… duh! Especially if that’s what you expected me to do from the start. But the pressure of loosing my G-film virginity and in just the right way has been pretty strong, alright? X3

Instead of worrying about it, I’ll be treating giantess films no differently than shrunken films. Just like my future shrunken films, my giantess films will be equally diverse, equally potent, and terrifyingly real with every new movie. They too will average 3-15 minutes and will have an equal chance of being released for free.

I think this sounds like a way better and far more fun approach.

5. Prevent Burnout

This is everything I wrote about in my previous blog, “City of the Mind”. Overworking is something I’ve always struggled with and over the years it broke me pretty badly. By striving instead for efficiency and honing in on what makes FX work the most sexy, enjoyable, and pressure free for myself- I will ultimately reach the most rewarding and orgasmic level of production yet.

Well, there you have it little bugs! A new era of FX has begun! Hopefully I’ve satisfied your curiosity and you’re as eager as I am for the future of my FX! :D As always I’d love to hear your feedback on my plans! Love ya little squishes!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Mike

    The quaility of that screen shot from your new FX movie looks better than 95% of what’s on clips4sale. I look forward to it.

  2. Dan

    Yes this sound perfect, while I understand how making your first growth film can be a burden and rise high expectations, I’m glad you have taken this new approach, it looks really promising, I’m a big (tiny?) fan of your work and the quality and effort you put in it, and personally I can’t wait to see you growth as big as FX can make you, bigger Katelyn is always better!

  3. Bobbob

    “Just in knowing someone deeply enjoyed losing themselves in my world and fantasy completes me on a sexual level as a giantess.”

    Just so you know, I’ve never seen a video of you that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Your attitude, your imagination, your clothes, your body – they all take my breath away. We share such an obscure fetish, but you make me glad I have it.

    By the way, really loved the in panty povs in your last potd set. :-)

  4. pat

    Wow katelyn, i must say you ARE the best giantess ever. oh and PS. can i request a 720p version of the upcoming free FX? please? :D my PC is old i cant play 1080 lol.

  5. Anonymoose

    Glad to see you’ve got a handle on things Katelyn. And I agree with Mike, that shot does look better than 95% of the stuff out there. I think you’re totally right about only discussing a movie until you’re actually editing it. Different people handle pressure differently, and there’s no reason to burden yourself with release dates. As long as you stay in communication with us, we’ll hang around whenever you’re ready to release something.

  6. footphan

    The future looks amazing, cant wait. You’ve just reminded me yet again why you are my favorite producer in the ‘biz.’ Thank you so much for all your hard work work!

  7. MarkM

    Hey Katelyn about the “free vs pay” you mentioned I think I speak for everyone when I say how thankful I am for all the free things you provide for all of us here at your site! There is literately tons of freebies and your still planing to give us even more! It’s so nice and generous of you!

    On the rare occasions I decide to have a peek around what else is on the Internet I get frustrated very quickly because most other web-mistress’s (or what ever we should refer to them as) don’t offer anything for free at all. Many only thumb nails that won’t even expand. Users have to sign up and pay to see much of anything. In my opinion they all need to take lessons from you! Why would I sign up with any of them when it’s clear they only want our money while you have made it known by your actions that you sincerely care about all of your admirers and treat us so nicely. As I said I think I speak for everyone when I say it means so much to us!

    Also thanks for the detailed explanations! I’m just happy you’ve found a way to make the adjustments to your business that will keep you healthy as well.

    Okay and I can’t resist saying your toes look so awesome as usually! My favorite color pedicure! So sexy! I think I know which scenario it is but even if I’m wrong I’m happy as long as someone gets crushed! lol


  8. Alex

    The screenshot looks incredible. And I’m excited to see it! Glad you’re doing alright and I hope we can help you to prevent burnout. :)

  9. Greg

    Awesome screen shot! The shrinking movies to me are the most realistic. If you were to grow to huge colossal size it would be harder to pull off as a “free” clip. Giantesszone seems to do this and while his quality has gotten better the fake buildings and sets are off putting as a sexual fantasy. Stay with what gets you off as that is really what it is all about. Satisfy yourself beautiful! You know how I feel about that as it isn’t always about us. Crushing or eating a puny man without “getting off yourself” is not sexy. It is scifi. You are a very sexy woman and what ever you cum up with it will be fantastic.


  10. Lurkworthy

    Hi Katelyn

    I was wondering if you’d ever considered making some raw material available for other artists to experiment with, like you do with the collage material here?

    For example, you could post some generic clips of you sunbathing, eating, walking, sitting down, etc. – less than a few minutes long, and shot with a steady camera in HD. I bet some of the talented people in this community could do some really amazing and surprising things with it. I’m playing around with adding 3D objects to video After Effects at the moment, and it’d be amazing to add little people/cars/aircraft/buildings to some high quality footage!

  11. JT

    I won’t lie it SUCKS that you aren’t going to be making a full length giantess film. It would have been cool to finally get something in the community that long, hard and uncut (lol) but seriously, having something like that with the amazing FX that you have would have been awesome.

    But it’s totally understandable! And it’s better that you finally start making some giantess FX which I think is what a lot of has been waiting for so that’s great! :)

    By the way, are you still planning on that COUPLES video? Ya know with the blowjob and all? I feel horrible for saying this but I’ve been waiting forever since you mentioned doing a film like that!

    Is there a possibility for that still? If not totally cool.

    Anyways, thanks for the update!

  12. jenny

    Hopefully you can make a mini-series of HISTK style FX things. Different endings for the tinies in different scenarios. Know what I mean?

  13. Chuck

    Good to see that at least you’ve made up your mind about the whole filming stuff, specially for preventing another burnout.

    Also, I agree it’s better to show some preview when you have enough material for showing. Hype can be a killer sometimes, so it’s clearly the best option.

    About free vs paid, you already offer a lot of material that other places would charge you at least 5 bucks for, and you give it away for free. I’ll be looking forward to the short free flicks, even though my idea has a lots of numbers for not being picked at all. xD (Actually, I don’t mind… really, that blog entry was already full of ideas that might be more interesting or just something new and appealing)

  14. Matt

    Sounds like a brilliant plan you’ve worked up, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and your projects.

    Also, I felt like mentioning that the only adult material I’ve ever been comfortable enough to buy, has been created by you, or been sold on your site.

  15. Sempai13

    Hello Mistress,

    I didn’t comment on your last “City of the Mind”, although I’ve meant to. I’m glad everything is going swell for you so far, and I hope everything continues to go swell for you! It’s crazy to me that all this was going on yet you kept on with the site, with little inclination of showing how your life was going on. I’m not sure if I speak for everyone but If you feel things are spiraling out of control a bit in your life and care to vent I’m sure we bugs wouldn’t mind listening in- because sometimes that’s all someone needs *shrug* Anywho, enough of that I suppose. Okay, I LOVE this new plan of action you are forming right now and needless to say I’m a big fan of Free videos, the very fact that you get excited that your followers get excited from your work makes it EVEN MORE exciting! Love it!

    That being said I know there are a few people like me that love some of your more taboo works- fart torture on little men or pov giantess farts (fav!), vore and digestion (with implied post-vore ‘activities’; you know the kind.) I’m asking on behalf of those enthusiasts- will we see more of that in the future? Here’s hoping! At any rate I know we will continue to support our Mistress! And thank you <3!

  16. Dre

    Katelyn, I have been a fan of giantess movies ever the first time I saw the original “Attack of the 50 foot Woman”. Yeah the special effects were horrible, and yeah the acting was cheesy, but I still loved it. The tough of a gigantic beautiful woman walking bare footed through the city is so exciting to me. I’ve bought movies from other Giantess film producers, and all of them have left me wanting. I even bought one that featured you when you were first starting out in. In that clip I saw some thing in you that I hadn’t seen in the other models. i saw a woman who really enjoyed being a giantess.

    The first movie you made confirmed that belief, and it was far better then anything I had seen at the time. I say all that just to say this. You have always produce the best giantess films and clips bar none.No one can touch your creativity and realism. Your films keep getting better and better each time you make one. So whatever you decide to do from this point on I will always be a fan. I think your ambition to make feature length giantess films is what propelled you to the top of the Giantess film making world. I appreciate all the hard work, sacrifice, and love you put into your films. And I am glad that you came to your realization before you burnt out and we lost the best giantess film producer thus far. “Midnight Giantess is to this day m favorite Giantess film, and it was well worth the wait.

    I look forward to what the future will bring and what wonderful giantess creation and experiences we will have together through your films and shorts.

    All the best.


  17. cesar


  18. gtsquisit

    Whenever u release something it will be epic. Now, how about a black Friday sale. I have my mind set on disgusting little people but the price…:-)

  19. Greg Viera

    Nice blog as always
    your videos are always amazing
    i love the pattern on your divine toe <3
    i wish i was one of those tiny people at your feet in the pic
    i love your plans i think you are doing awesome in doing what you love best
    I know you can do anything you put your heart and soul in

  20. MicroMan

    Yes!!! I’ve been waiting my whole life for some free movies, I would love to pay and support, but I wouldnt want it to show up on a bank statement.

  21. Anders

    Could you make a post about some of “technical stuff” like the software you use, lightning setup and so on? Asides from you being super-sexy, your latest movies look REALLY good in all technical aspects too. It is movie-like. Since you do all the stuff by yourself, your know-how in this field must be rally great! :)

  22. Aladan57

    I support everything you’re doing, free or pay. You’re like a God send to the GTS community. When I was younger I never dreamed that there would a woman that loved and appreciated this fantasy as much as I do. Let alone make her own GTS films. It’s truly amazing. You’re the wife I always wanted.

  23. Aladan57

    Thanks for making it free. The film is truly amazing. I love the way you manage to tell a brief story without really presenting much back story. So right away we get the premise. We know these were once normal sized people who were stealing from you and now they’re tiny little nothings who got caught. You’ve presented a situation where you’ve turned the tables on them. Rather than just having you and tiny people there with no explanation. I love how you taunted and played with them and then crush them.

  24. Samiz

    I just want to thank you for making this clip free. I’ve never been able to buy your vids despite being a huge fan not because I can’t afford them – as the price seems quite nominal compared to the effort you put in them, but because no form of credit card is available in my country whatsoever :-/
    So again thank you very much for all the free stuff you’ve released over the years they keep our passion( macrophilia and pretty girls :D ) alive in the likes of me, especially this one which is super awesome :-)

  25. des

    i wish to see you trapping little man in your nylon stocking and wearing it

  26. Danny

    Hi Katelyn would it be possible to buy well worn stockings from you ?

  27. Jj

    I was curious Katelyn.Does it turn you in imagining what the tiny people are feeling and thinking while underneath your gugantuc feet?

  28. heart giants

    Do you plan on making some video of giant sex with a strong giant man or any artwork that includes giant men?

  29. Elaina

    I am a huge fan of your work. I can honestly say that you are the first producer that I have crushed on. I would love to be a Giantess with you, making out while we crush all the tiny men and women under our feet. Keep up the great work. Elaina

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