The Detailed Move of a Giantess

The Detailed Move of a Giantess

WHEW, what a month. February was a total blur- but now I think I can finally say I’m 100% settled into my new place. It took a ton of work- much more than I expected. But now much to my excitement I am able to return to posting in my Journal regularly and making videos!

March should be a Goddess-intensive month, unlike February and the end of January where there was not a Goddess in sight. I suppose that did give you small ones time to rebuild your pathetic little cities! ^.^ Well, watch out now because here I come to tear them down again!

This Journal Entry is going to be a bit long because I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do. It’ll be filled with lots of juicy information though; it will go into depth about my personal and website history as well as give you a tease of what’s to come in March. It’ll better help explain this move of mine and what lies ahead in the future of my site. This was not only a relocation of self, but a full change of lifestyle. Read on, I dare you little ones!

Before I can explain my most recent move, you must first hear a little of this Goddess’s past… which will be great for those curious as I don’t think I have ever had the chance to go into the details about my life behind my website. So to start at the beginning….

I originally lived in Pennsylvania with my Mom (who oddly enough is an erotic dancer) until I was 18. After I graduated from High School, I moved out on my own and went to an in-state collage. There I earned a degree in Computer Science as I loved computers and thought a job surrounded by computers would be pretty darn cool. (Yes, I’m a Nerdy Giantess! ^.^;) But specifically, I loved Digital Arts and found myself obsessively learning every art/photo/film related application I could find and taking all the digital art electives I could during school. By graduation I realized that I wasn’t completely satisfied with my education as I was now leaning more towards Art than IT! And so I decided to continue my education further into a more art related field. Special Effects, Film-making, photography were now my passion. So yearning for more education I moved to Florida where there were plenty of sexy high tech media schools.

During all this- my sexuality was really starting to get to me as I dated girls and guys alike. There was obviously something different about me. My dates often found themselves licking my foot or staring into my mouth, whether they liked it or not. I felt like I was maybe FemDom, but at the same time something was off, as I hated having my slave the same size as me. I wanted them so very small… as that was their place in my world. I also wanted to have many of them, thousands of lives in my hands. I had a burning jealousy towards Godzilla (along with the girls in Honey we Shrunk Ourselves) and often fantasized about destroying my college campus at 1000 times my normal size. It was then, during my last year of in-state college, I stumbled on the Giantess community forums (via a horny Google search!) and was completely blown away sexually. A month or so later I finally got up the courage to post and made 2 not-so-very- good-now-a-days collages and set up an email account. The feedback I got was absolutely incredible and overwhelming. Feeling a little more confident in expressing my sexuality to others (and SO fucking turned on having so many people worshiping me like tiny little bugs!) I started up my website and made my first video with the help of a close girl friend of mine who knew of my strange fantasies. This was about 4 months before I moved to Florida to pursue a new education.

For two years, I lived in Florida taking classes and studying like crazy. (And I mean CRAZY) I also got a job (paying internship) to help pay for everything and to gain experience in professional-level special effects. My website was still just a hobby, but it was quickly outgrowing that humble title. I found myself devoting more and more time (and money, including school book money!) towards my site and content, to the point of it becoming a true second life. (Student by day, Porn Star by night) I slowly became frustrated with school as I found myself wanting to crush cities more than I wanted to sit in a classroom. I daydreamed all through work too, eager to get home so that I could push the limits of my fantasies. I wanted to have one of the best Giantess sites out there. I wanted to make my fantasies a reality. I wanted to be a Giantess, a Goddess, to be worshiped by thousands! <3

By the 2007 Holidays it eventually came to a breaking point, the split life was taking it’s toll. I found myself -completely- worn out balancing school, a job, and my growing site. I came to realize that I was at a+ crossroad and could no longer walk the same path. I would need to either phase out my site in order to continue my education and follow my job to Hollywood or… follow my crazy passion and my heart to who knows what ends. Just a few days before New Years 2008, I made my decision. And it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made.

I chose to quit my job, my school, and make my website a full time endeavor. Starting after I moved, my website would become my life. Honestly though- I should have seen this from the beginning, before I even moved to Florida. My strong sexual desires coupled with my passion for art would have towered over any other career I could have possibly had.

And I owe all of these happenings to you, my tiny worshipers. ^_^ Without your support I would have never been able to go full time on this. So I will gladly return the favor and continue to produce the highest quality content I can. And of course, a lot more of it! I think you tiny ones will be very happy with the changes!

Yes, the idea was a little intimidating at first… but I truly love what I do. And I believe that if you truly love what you do, you will succeed in what you do. And I love being a Girlzilla. ^.^

So with this radical change in lifestyle I began thinking about where to go next. I contemplated about staying in Florida for a while. But Florida is expensive. Coupled with a lack of close friends (which also means lack of shrunken people!), lack of family and not really digging the whole humidity / insane heat / smelly swamp Florida has going for it, I decided I’d be better off somewhere else. (Although to be honest, Orlando would be a great city to be a Giantess in!)

I looked at the West Coast, but the move would have been too expensive. With my friends and family all back in Pennsylvania I decided it was time to make the move back, even if only a few years. My Mom in particular helped further this decision as she recently quit her erotic dancing job for her boyfriend and was struggling financially and was depressed. So I made it one of my goals to get my Mom un-stuck by helping her find a new job and helping her find a new house. (And maybe find a new boyfriend! :P )

So by January 2008 I knew what I needed to do. I needed to move back home to Pennsylvania. I didn’t have a lot of money and so I decided to contact an old friend of mine…. the same girl that helped film my first few movies! ^_^ Her name is Cassandra, Cassie for short. We talked for a bit and it turned out she was in the process of moving too. So we started looking for a place together. She was also interested in becoming my Camerawoman again and surprisingly, interested in possibly getting in front of the Camera as both a Giantess or even as one of my pets! O_O After some searching, we found a really nice place in the Harrisburg area. On January 29, 2008 as you know, I moved!

The rest of February was spent fixing up the new place- painting, cleaning, moving furniture about, getting a new drivers license, you know, all that moving crap you have to do that makes you never want to move again. I was also working on the Valentine’s Day clips on the side, which is why they were so delayed. But eventually we got everything straightened out. =) Which leads me to today, the start of March. And I couldn’t be happier ^_^

So now you know tiny ones just what this Goddess has been up to. <3

But what does all this mean for you, my tiny ones?
Well for one, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me. ~_^ <3
For March alone, you’ll be seeing at least one to two free special effect clips, the release of the 8th and final Valentine’s Day Movie, a new sexy Unaware Vore effects movie and possibly another sexy effects movie- maybe with Cassie in it if she’s up for it! My site… is about to explode with stuff.

And as always, I’ll be updating my Journal- about two times a week on average. I already have my next entry all set. It involves my brand new toy and a bugs worst nightmare….

Thanks for sticking with me through this Journal Entry. That was some catching up we had to do.
*gives my pets a gentle kiss*

Love ya! Leave me comments and if you have any questions I’d love to hear ’em!

PS: One last note about my new address- if your interested in sending me something, send me an email so I can give you my new PO Box address.


The Shrunken Perspective

20 Responses and Counting...

  1. anonymous

    Giantess Katelyn:

    Thanks for the detailed background. As someone who’s a caregiver to my 80-year-old widowed mother, I can understand why you would want to move from Florida back to Pennsylvania to help your mom. I hope she’s doing well.

    I also understand how tough it can be to juggle school with life’s other details. I applaud you for taking the risk to devote yourself to your love of macrophilia full time.

    I’ll try to support your work as much as I can. For what it’s worth, I bought “Katelyn’s Playground” from Giantess Zone Studios recently. Being a foot lover, I like to fast forward to the sequence where you’re barefoot and in a bikini (you have cute, curvy feet, by the way). Being a grad student who’s trying to get moving on a dissertation and has to think about repaying some student loans, I can’t buy boatloads of stuff, but I’ll do my best.

    Something else: We’ve corresponded a few times through MySpace about me writing gentle giantess erotica for your site. I’ve gotten started on a story, but it’s been slow going. Please be patient, as I’m juggling it with school, family stuff, getting a production company going and pursuing other types of writing, including some giantess erotica pieces for April Hunter and Vanessa del Rio, both of whom enjoy the fetish.

    Take care, dear. I’ll try to send you an e-mail soon to get your P.O. Box. I’d like to send you gifts occasionally.

    Your Tiny Man,

  2. anonymous

    Hi Katelyn,
    Are you going to be doing any more bug crushing videos? I have to say your feet are absolutely amazing and they look soooo soft. LOL. Could you please wear toerings and anklets with red toenails more often. I love it. I’m a guy who loves a woman who is into the giantess fetish scene and loves tinies under her soles. If I were a crunchy bug what would you do to me or if you could change me into a bug would you? Then what would you do to me and would your toenails be polished and would you be barefoot or with sexy high heels slides on? I’m a straight guy but I have to admit I have even polished my toenails red before and wore toerings and even anklets. Not in public though. You may think I’m weird for doing this but it’s a fetish thing. LOL. Tkae care my Goddess and hot kisses to you and you beautiful, soft, silky barefeet. Rod who is always under your hot soles.LOL

  3. anonymous

    That is really fascinating… really impressive that you share your fantasy so openly with the community :-) – I live in NJ and I thought your accent sounded more “philly-esk” rather than southern ;-) – For the longest time I’ve battled with my fantasy, to the point where I’ve even spoke about it with my therapist to try and get some explanation because I know to the average person, it’s like WTF?? However… the truth is, if you have a fetish, to the “average” person, they won’t get it, look at it at face value and say, weird.

    More recently, I got involved in a situation with another person where I became sexually involved and it went south due to a number of reasons – but after the fact, he posted stuff all over the internet about me and my fantasy. He was the only person I ever entrusted with that information so that really hurt me and he knew it would. I had to go to court because this person was obviously mentally unstable and because of what he was doing. But the fact of the matter is, most people think he’s just nuts anyway but it did put things in perspective.

    I don’t fight the fantasy anymore because what it is and I have it, and there is nothing wrong with it and reflects on my personality in no way, shape or form. Your work is stunning and being in the field of IT (I’m a UNIX Network Administrator) I have a great deal of respect for your work!! While I don’t role play as much as some others around here, your evil works specifically turn me on more than anything I have ever found. It’s wonderful news to hear you’ve devoted yourself to this full time and I will certainly do my part in supporting you! I’d hope someday I’d get the opportunity to speak with you more about the fetish along with other things because you come off as an extremely well rounded individual. Take care, hope the rest of the transition goes smoothly and hope to speak to you soon :-)

    – Mike

  4. anonymous

    Goddess I need your help. for a long while now i have been a loyal slave to this beautiful Chinese girl named Tiffany. I worship her and she treats me like shit. I realize I havent sacrificed myself enough for her. will I ever be able to shrink down to be her meal so she can eat me and digest me and then I can finally literally be treated like shit. I feel it is my destiny to be her slave and her dinner. -J

  5. anonymous

    It’s amazing to think we may have passed each other on I-95, Katelyn, as I live along that route about 200 miles from Harrisburg. Don’t worry, I’m no stalker.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope that your brave decision brings you rich rewards.

  6. anonymous

    I hope your move back home went smoothly. And thanks for sharing about your life.

    Looking forward to your new vids and any other new juicy things your have in stored for us pets.

    <3 your pet

    *At her feet all the tiny people raise their arms in the air and cheer:


  7. euler041507

    hey Goddess! That was an interesting autobiography. Great to hear that You’re all settled in.

    Yeah, I can kind of relate. I’m supposed to be doing math HW but oh look at what I’m doing instead lol. That’s ok, I’ve still got 26 hours until it’s due. Before I start that I think I’ll go to your main website next.

  8. euler041507

    i got Your vore valentine’s video! omg it’s soooo awesome. i’m totally in love You Goddess lol

    i like the filtering option in your store. After i selected mouth, i was like “FIFTY SIX OMG!!!” and i guess that doesn’t count the valentine’s one. i guess i’ll be a steady source of income for You, my Goddess, for a while lol.

  9. anonymous

    Much guts on your decision, I hope it turns out very good for you. Sounds like you had a pretty rough move, luckily none of mine have been that taxing. XD I was secretly hoping that you would be moving out to the west coast but I can completely understand the money issue involved, and with your decision I’m sure it will do you good to stay close to people you know for a while. Especially since you’ve already been away for 2 years.

    Wish you well Miss Katelyn with many kisses from below,


  10. anonymous

    welcome back Goddess
    I hope to hear more from you

    your slave

  11. anonymous

    We have spent weeks rebuilding our city. Please don’t destroy it again. So many of our lives were lost by your beautiful power. Hold me in between your fingers and look into my tiny, pleading eyes – please don’t destroy us. I beg you, my goddess.

    :) – welcome back !

  12. anonymous

    you will go far because you stuff is bloody mindblowing your dream of been the best giantess site on here has come because you already are the best. i think your work is amazing. and wish you all the best for the future katelyn your a star baby.

  13. Giantess Ka...

    Wow! Thank you everyone for the most wonderful replies! o^_^o
    They have truly warmed this Giantess’s heart. I smiled through every single one. Your posts confirm I made the right choice and that I can push on with even more confidence and determination. Expect to see some amazing stuff from me in the near future. I am a very lucky Goddess to have such loyal and supportive little pets! <3

    I'll try to reply to you individually below!

    @Shawn: She’s doing good, just really stuck in her current situation. Hopefully over the next year or so I’ll be able to maybe help her find a new place and a new job. Her current job is just not right for her- delivering pizzas!

    No worries about the short story, take your time. ^_^ I know all too well how insanely busy life can get and how easily the pressure builds up! As for student loans… I know them all too well. That’ll be one of the first places I’ll crush when I’m a giantess! *shakes fist*

    @Pretty feet: I think you’ll like my next journal entry then. ;)

    @Mike: Curse my silly accent! ^.^ I’ve been trying to get rid of it forever now! It’s funny that you were able to figure that out. Thankfully it’s not as bad as it used to be…

    Really sad to hear that about your previous friend… sounds like a nightmare. I’ve told quite a few of my close friends (no true bad experiences yet) and I tend to get what I call the blank “wtf” stare. And then they go on to suggest the silliest things about the fetish and you can only look back in disbelief!

    I think one of the main reasons I’m so open about my fantasy is because I’d rather be open and fulfill my fantasy rather than be closed and never fulfill my fantasy. I think there is a lot of pressure on girls to keep these kinds of things completely hidden or suppressed. The fantasy may seem a little strange if a guy has it, but in normal daily life it sounds super-weird to have on a girl. A girl isn’t going to go around telling her friends that she wishes she could feel them crush to death under her bare soles. Well, unless that girl is me. My friends tend to know where I want them…

    Thank you for the very sweet comments! It’s always great to hear from someone in IT too. ~_^ I was headed to become either a programmer (C++, Java, Actionscript, a little MYSQL, HTML, XML, and so on) , a website designer, or a network administrator before I chose to switch to the arts! <3

    @help: Tiffany sounds like a very lucky girl! ~_^ I’m sure that one day you will find yourself as her food staring down your warm wet fate in front of you. She treats you like shit because that’s all you are to her- and perhaps one day will be. But to be shit to a Goddess is an honor… keep that in mind. You’re in her world and in her possession. I hope she finds you to be delicious because you sure do sound yummy to me!

    @Cliff: Thanks cliff! ^_^ Yep, I was wondering how many of my shrunken pets I was passing while stomping up I-95! I haven’t forgotten about your stories, will get to them soon ^.^

    @Welcome back goddess: Thank you very much… I look forward to making videos again *raises her foot over the cheering crowd* >=)

    @euler041507: LOL Someone isn’t doing their math homework! I like it when my bugs get distracted and end up paying “tribute” to their Goddess. I’m also glad you like my Vore vidoes! You’ll really like my next special effects movie then. It’s an unaware vore. VERY sexy… *licks lips*

    @Trek: Eventually I might move out to the west coast. I’ve been looking at Oregon for the longest time now, but I just don’t have the money. I’m hoping within the next few years to get out there. Oregon sounds so incredibly beautiful. As a giantess I could either spend my time relaxing around the beautiful landscapes or destroying Portland when I’m hungry or horny! Thanks for the kisses little one! *gives him a giantess sized kiss*!

    @your slave Thanks slave. <3

  14. Giantess Ka...

    @Anonymous: Oh. You know I will. And you little ones won’t get the chance to rebuild it this time… *squishes him like a little bug between her fingers before setting out to destroy the entire city*

    @tinyman: Aww, thank you! I feel like there’s still so much more to be done. There are so many unexplored fantasies and scenarios which up until today have been only fantasies, either in mind, story, or more rarely collages. There are absolutely incredible fantasies that I know we all share and I want to bring them to you. I want to make this fetish as real as it gets.

    I’m glad to know that I’m a star. <3 Thank you pet.

    New Journal Entry in less than 5mins!

    Love ya bugs!
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  15. anonymous

    Hey, you didn’t reply to mine !!!! :p


  16. Giantess Ka...

    Just replied. Check the comment section of the Valentine’s Day Clip journal entry! <3

  17. twcool

    OK, I know I’m late with this reply, but I work two jobs now and it sucks. It took away all of my free time. I got this job while you were away on your fixin-up-the-house spree. You might like my 2nd job, at least you would have 2 years ago. I work in a community college’s computer lab. I’m surrounded by all those computers, but would give it all up to see your giant shoe come crashing through the roof to say hello. Anyway, it was really cool to read about your life’s past. You are like a celebrity to all of us so we love to read whatever we can haha. Oh and let me say its good to have you as a neighbor since I’m over in Ohio ;)

  18. anonymous

    Glad to hear the move went well!
    Crushing Harrisburg hey? I smell a pict series someone (maybe even me) may have to create.
    Stay Large and in charge!


  19. Giantess Ka...

    @twcool: Ouch! Two jobs, ouch, I remember that all too well. It can be really rough not having any free time. :( I do like the sound of your second job though ;) I wouldn’t mind putting my foot through that place and then maybe grabbing as many shrunken people and computers to take home to play with! Keep that in mind while you’re at work! ^^

    @XS: Yeah, I’d love to see some collages of me in Harrisburg! Either way I think Harrisburg is going to have a few run-ins with a Giantess. *grin*

  20. anonymous

    t’es pas un peu bisard de jouer avec les petites betes ?? pourquoi fait tu ca ?
    bon continuation

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