Hello, Seattle! *CRUSH* (The Big Move)

Hello, Seattle! *CRUSH* (The Big Move)

Hello tiny inhabitants of the web! Your Giantess has RETURNED! If you haven’t heard, I’ve just moved across the US, all the way from Middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania to Seattle Washington. It’s taken me a full month of moving house-sized boxes full of lingerie and tiny people, but I’m now finally settling in at my amazing new place. Why did I move? What changes does this bring to my work and site? Explanation and pics inside!

Moving to Seattle – or anywhere on the west coast for that matter- has always been one of my largest long term goals for both this site and my life. This goal was even a part of my “Growth Potion”, and the last step I needed to complete in order to start filming real, city stomping Giantess films.

Buy why the west coast?

Well, for one, I was pretty miserable living on the East Coast. The people, the attitudes, the technology, the culture, and the scenery are shockingly different when compared to the west coast.

The East Coast and I truly made a terrible match, especially in PA. I could never talk to ANYONE in real life about my site, my fetish, and with that I could never seriously look to hire people to help me grow. On top of nearly everyone being extremely intolerant of anything sexual or outside of their tiny worldview, the vast majority of people I encountered were not at all passionate about their jobs, the environment, the internet, and tended to carry huge hypocritical prejudices against just about everyone except themselves. (Which often lead to them loathing their own existence.) Not very pleasant at all! In terms of tech, education, and the skill of businesses and people, I felt like I was living in the 80s-90s.

The truth is if you wish to be into serious Tech, Film, or Porn in the US and not live in New York City or Florida, you have to live on the west coast. Otherwise you’re stranded on your own island with very few real connections.

But why Seattle!? Why not California?

Despite being the porn state, California just didn’t seem to match me very well. I wanted to be somewhere very artistic and open, with lots of interesting, laid back, tech driven people. I wanted beautiful landscapes to film against, and lots of lush green with mountains. I did not want the majority of my films set against the all too familiar dry brown-hills-with-rocks of California. (Also known as every M-class planet in Star Trek) I wanted a city with a distinct personality and vibe, with people I could understand and relate to. California just seemed way too hectic and expensive combined with an overly dramatic culture. But as California is the porn state, maybe I’ll end up there someday- at least after I’ve completely destroyed the entire Seattle area a few times over as a Mega Giantess and there’s nothing else for me to do!

What does this mean for your site and movies?

It means everything. Moving was the final step on a list of huge goals I have been working on for the past two and a half years. To name a few, I needed to personally overhaul my entire website and store, build and support Giantessbooru, enlist comic artists, practice hiring and working with models, buy expensive infrastructure and equipment for FX, get all my business and finances in order, save up and move across country to Seattle- and all while filming and creating videos for my store and writing blogs. It’s been 2 and a half years of incredibly, incredibly hard work, and I had to sacrifice filming FX movies for nearly a year, but I’ve finally completed everything on that list!! :woot:

So with all that finished, I’m now left with only one, incredibly exciting thing to do:

:heart: GIANTESS FX MOVIES! :heart:

And well, FX movies in general! I have no other plans, no other tasks, I can simply focus on my one true passion: bringing the giantess fetish to life through special effects. And not only will I be able to focus on FX:  It will be so much easier to find people to play the parts of shrunken people or city inhabitants! And I now have beautiful areas to film and a skyline worthy of my soles and pussy. There’s an abundance of technology and artists who I can pick from to help me with my site or movies. I can finally experiment to my heart’s content! This really is it! This is what I have worked so hard for! :heart: I am now in a position where I can work on FX movies on a daily basis. It feels wonderful!

You little bugs have no idea how happy I am! XD

So now I get to make a real Giantess FX movie. Yep. Little nervous. Just a little! And it doesn’t help that I have a billion thoughts racing through my head about how exactly to take a project like this on! It’s going to be fun.

Hey… I wanted to see a Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody!

I’m pretty sure everyone wants to see this really badly, including myself. I also moved into the PERFECT house for this film too. However, while I really want to tackle this parody, I also now have the option to make a full blown giantess movie. So my next movie will most likely be either “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” or a Giantess movie. I can also make micro city giantess films too, which might be fun to start with. So really, the next big step I have to make is deciding what and the hell I’m going to film first. X_X

Right now I’m leaning toward a full blown Giantess film, just because this is something I’ve wanted to do for so long and has been such a large goal of mine. On the other hand, so has the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Parody. (Which I have been looking forward to discussing with everyone) This will be a difficult choice! Maybe I should put up a poll… and see what you shrunken people think.

No matter what the result, it’s going to be non-stop FX work from here on out. ^^ Maybe I will even find a way to incorporate FX into my regular videos…

Now that you have more free time, have you thought about expanding your FX?

Exactly what I was getting at! For a good while now, I have been considering doing “Quick” FX work for my regular daily updates. Instead of toys or props, I’d use FX when I could. The only issues I have had with this have been: 1) I haven’t had the time or luxury to until now, 2) I want everything I do to be of the highest quality, and therefore faster FX would not be as high of quality as my long term FX movies.

However, people really seem to enjoy my FX and I know everyone would rather see FX than toys or props. I just want to be careful about it because these movies would have to be done quickly to get them out in such a short amount of time. And I certainly don’t want people assuming that this is the quality of all my FX movies either.

It’s a difficult, complex decision, but I really am thinking about it and you might see the results of a few experiments soon! But I can’t guarantee anything just yet.

Any pics of the new place or of your move and travels? ;)

Of course!

Packing up my old bedroom! Filmed SO much here. Spot the white cat :3

I had to try and get a little PA sun in before the big move! SO HOT OUTSIDE! Photo taken by a shrunken man on my boob… he did not survive long.

Time to pack the kitchen up. Also filmed a ton here. Midnight Goddess stands out I’m sure!

“How am I going to pack all of this in time!?”

Late night. Packing up the last of the POD and jamming in the last of my stuff. This POD was HUGE, sadly the pic doesn’t show it well.

“NOooo! Where are they taking all our stuff!?”

Got this in the mail as I was moving. VERY FUNNY! But as I didn’t want to take my physical house with me, I was forced to pack it all. I suppose I could have walked to Seattle with the POD in my purse… Darn it!

Now that I’ve moved and sold my car, I suppose I can show you that I did in fact own a very bright PINK car! <3

I then had to wait for my stuff to ship across country, but it was just as hectic.  I had to spend the entire time getting the utilities and services for the new place in order, while preparing the old place for the landlady. X_X

The cats, while concerned, are mostly bored as fuck.

Maybe just a little more tanning in between phone calls and research into all the stuff I have to buy for the move! Also take note that this is the extent of my backyard. I had only a tiny deck on the second floor. But I’m sure you barely noticed the deck when you looked at this picture. :P

After 10 days of waiting and working, I’m finally 30,000 feet high!! I pretty much spend flights with soaked panties. Knowing all that is right under my feet…

This is the first sign that greets me once I step out of the airport and into Seattle, I kid you not.

SEATTLE! I MADE IT! Now that’s what I like to SEE! :evil: I sooo want to suck on them!!!!!!!

No time for fun though! Well, maybe a little. After a tour from my landord and landlady (They both know what I do and who I am online!) the unpacking begins… and I’m still not done.

I. Am. Wiped. Out. Jamba Juice with added shrunken pets takes the stress away!

This is my new backyard. :woot: Remember the crummy little deck from the tanning pics? This definitely has it beat- you can’t even see the full yard from this shot. I can’t wait to film here!!!!!!! OOoo, I also bought a reel mower for it, which works better than anything I have ever used. I HATE gas powered mowers with a PASSION.

Here’s my new bedroom!!! LOVE IT! (Bathroom is soooo nice too with a very sexy tub) It even has a little deck that hangs over the backyard and a HUGE walk in closet fit for a Goddess! Will be painting the walls in the next few days.

Time to celebrate both the move and my birthday… with a little strawberry Boston cream CAKE >=D Only thing missing is you shrunken and stuck on top of it….

“This backyard is ours!?! This is where we live now!?”

Went and bought some food and then realized I still had to clean the fridge and freezer… uh! Finally had everything put away at 12 midnight X_X

The den, next to the kitchen. Has a fireplace and everything. Can’t wait to get it set up and film here. It’s going to look amazing! And yes, I’ve been sleeping on that air matress for two weeks now. My back’s telling me I need to get a bed very soon!

The kitchen all cleaned up. Still have a ton to do with it though! I feel like it’s the perfect place to film several scenes of the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” parody… :heart:

And finally, here I am. Exploring Seattle and taking in the very… very attractive sights. It was absolutely overwhelming!
It’s hard to summarize such a huge undertaking and event in just 24 pictures, but there you have it!

What’s planned in the next few weeks? What are you up to?

Still need to spend a few days painting & decorating my new bedroom, finish unboxing and organizing stuff, fix a few things around the house, find and order stuff I still need (bed, mattress, gym, etc), put all my work equipment back together (lights, equipment), maybe have a beauty day (hair, nails, dentist, contacts), finish some paper work (business filing, banks, etc), have a day where I can take care of the 75+ emails that are overflowing my email account…  x__X

And I have to start filming daily update videos again very soon!

Fan appreciation week… what ever happened to that?

For those who are unfamiliar with Fan Appreciation Week-

Once or twice a year I hold Fan Appreciation Week. During this week I review and accept customs from my fans, completely free of charge. I film and return them as quick as possible within my schedule. Fan appreciation week is one of my ways of giving back to those who support my site and what I do and it’s something I really enjoy doing.  <3

For those who participated late April this year-

I had originally planned May for finishing & returning the 100+ scenarios I accepted. Back then I didn’t realize how much stuff I had to pack and plan for my move across country… and because of that I only got to return 5 or so scenarios in May. These scenarios have been on my mind nearly every day since the start of June (the original deadline I had set) and I was disappointed I didn’t have more time to film and return them sooner. I really look forward to when I’m able to get back to work on them, as soon as I’m finished getting settled in (hopefully by July 10th!). My new goal date to have all scenarios finished and returned is mid August. So I apologize for the wait, hopefully the fact they are free makes it worth the wait!

With that said, I will not be ready to review or accept any new paid customs until August. Sometime after I open up customs again, I was thinking of making a new customs availability page which would share photos and videos of my vast collection of shoes, costumes, and dress up attire I have readily available for custom work. Not until I moved did I realize how much I’ve accumulated over the past 5 and a half years of catering to custom requests… you’d be as surprised as I am! Hundreds of shoes, outfits, and costumes I tell ya’!

Your Goddess is Back!

And it feels GREAT to be back. And of course you can expect blogs every week on Monday, like usual too! Can’t wait to talk about all sorts of fun stuff on here again. ^^

Now I just need to get over the shock of it all. After working SO hard on my site and goals the last few years, the freedom to film and explore to my heart’s desire in a completely picturesque area has left me in quite a state of shock. XD There is so much I can do now, my excitement is boiling over! In the 5 short years of my site being online, my life has changed so completely. To meet your goals and grow so quickly is a wonderful feeling. (Especially to a Giantess :3)

And I could not have done this all without YOU. Thanks to every single one of you for your support, your passion, your comments, your love, and allowing me to follow my dreams and GROW into a GIANTESS! :heart:

Thank you! :happy: And just wait until you see what the future holds…


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Sheela

    I am SO envious of you and the direction you’ve taken with your life! Not to mention proud. It must have taken a lot of guts to make a move like that! And I hope I can do it someday, too. Seattle looks absolutely beautiful and your house is astounding. Seriously, I’m totally green with envy. I’m leaning even harder towards moving there with Jet in the future after seeing all the pictures and whatnot. It’s always snowing here and depressing and I can’t be open about what I do.

    I wish you lots of luck in your new place. And I’m glad you’re happy there! You seem in your element. Kudos, Katelyn. <3

  2. Jeff

    OMG thats awesome, ive lived in Seattle all my life and I work downtown at Amazon. so glad you decided to hang here. :)

    Welcome to Seattle

  3. keith

    Welcome to the West Coast Katelyn. I’m down in Oregon. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I have. You’re right about the people in Seattle. Very artsy and accepting of other cultures and beliefs. You’ll love it here!

  4. FIASCo

    Congrats on the successful move, KB!

  5. crusader

    I really REALLY want to see the histk parady movie next. Besides it be best to film it in the summer! But the best and most fair way to choose would be a poll even if i think it means the giantess film will win, but you never know. Either way i look forward to discussing the histk film when the time comes!

  6. Kamaria


    Just tossing in my 2 cents, I feel you should do the Giantess FX video, because I do believe most of your videos have involved shrinking but we haven’t seen anything with growth just yet.

  7. tINYsNAkBra...

    I’m glad you got there..I hope you enjoy your new home. Hey If ever travel the world I’ll come to seattle just to say hello hopefully I will get eaten by you haha luv you.

  8. Bill

    Glad to see your in a better place. East coast is my home and it has beautiful landscape but it does have a fair amount of unplesant folks. Hard to believe they would judge on that side. Perhaps some gianess FX videos destroying those large cities or neighborhoods? Also, jealous of the yard.

  9. johnn

    Congratulation for the new house!

    Finally we can see an city FX movie… I can’t wait for it!!!

  10. Chuck

    Congrats in moving to Seattle and glad to see you’re enjoying your first moments there. And just give yourself some time before going back to action. We don’t want you to be tired, we want you fresh… and I’m sure you prefer yourself that way. ;)

    Oh, and good luck in what’s coming next! And about your big project… it’s hard to choose, but if I have to do so, I would go for the parody of one of my childhood movies. Anyway, polls are better for scanning what your viewers prefer. :P

  11. Loehnwolf

    I think it is we tinies that should be thanking YOU for your generosity, patience and passion!! You have been everything a Giantess lover could ever ask for and then some!! Being on the East Coast, I will certainly miss the possibility of looking up and seeing you looming overhead, but I guess I will have to be content with watching your destruction on the news!! Wishing you all the best in your new location and looking forward to whatever the future brings from you!!

  12. Greg Viera

    Nice pics <3 glad to hear your move was nice. unpacking sure does suck haha but it was worth it. so excited for whats "cumming" hehe hehe <3

  13. MarkM

    Wow Katelyn the pictures of your new house look great! I love the back yard. Especially the built in barbque grill! I’m so glad you liking it there.

    I like the twitter pics too and I hope YOU DID step on some people while gardening!!! If you did they should consider it a privilege to be squashed by you since you have the sexiest bare feet of any woman!

    With Love,
    Mark <3

  14. Kaun

    Congrats!! :) Although to be honest im very sad; the Giantess I have been getting to know over the last 3 years or so, the moment I find out shes been living in my backyard this whole time, moves away :(

  15. MarkM

    Wow moving, cleaning, shopping, sight seeing, gardening, painting……………….. You must have Giantess size amount of energy too huh Katelyn! Can I borrow some? lol

    I love seeing some of your recent candid everyday type pics too like the one having a drink from that straw (with the green shirt on) Whew!!! Hot!!! Your so good looking that I can’t even believe sometimes. I think your getting better looking every day. Your still going to look great well into your 50’s or longer!

    Ya know, I was thinking, like for instance say your car broke and you had to bring it to get it fixed. How could they even charge you? I mean, if I was the mechanic I’d look at you when you came to pick up your car and my heart would probably start pounding and I’d have to not charge you. Give it for free. Or at least just donate my labor charges for sure.

    I’m so excited for all of your up coming plans Katelyn! Your web site is the best one on the Internet and the only sexually related site I’m even interested in. Your going to make it REALLY big one day because besides being so good looking you also have a great business mind. Smart!

    With Love,
    Mark <3

  16. Joey

    I’d say do a giantess movie, have some fun and freedom. It’s what you do best.

  17. Bluecutter

    You don’t live too far away from me. I live in Oregon. It would be just awesome to finally meet you in person. ^_^.
    Not that there’s any rush haha. But meeting the goddess of this great site would be a real treat.

  18. Lexy

    I would suggest HISTK first. Almost everyone has been waiting and waiting for that. You’re probably the only one that could pull it off too.
    Said you were going to do it in summer anyway, so here you go! Plus there are lots of giantess movies out there already, so having one waiting a little more won’t hurt anything.
    I wish I were your shrunken kid though! ;)

  19. Bobbob

    I’m glad to see you’ve completed your move and are happy with your new location! :-)

  20. blastoise

    Lexy speaks the truth! Now is the time HISTK! Giantess can come right after but many of us have waited long enuf for this! Def will be a best-seller.

  21. rooster

    awesome news, moving always leaves you feeling accomplished… and tired! sorry the east coast sucked, I’m from baltimore so I apologize for us crazy east coasters lol.

    Cannot wait for some gts fx movies! The cityscape will be sweet, plus now you have cool outdoor filming locations. Enjoy!

  22. Krazyspatula

    Any Seattle ants looked up and seen Katelyn’s barefoot coming down on them yet? :P

  23. sean

    i think it is so cool that you moved here i have been a huge fan for about 2 years now i have always wanted to meet you and now you live in seattle near me i just think thats crazy i hope i see you some time

  24. hui43210

    Gimme an H! Gimme a I! Gimme an S! Gimme an K! What that spell?

    Honey i shrunk (the) kids!….pardoy! Yeaaaaaa!

    mmmmm cheerios. ;)

  25. SeattleDanjuro

    “Any Seattle ants looked up and seen Katelyn’s barefoot coming down on them yet? :P”

    I’m a Seattle ant, and I wish….. but if I saw her somewhere I would probably flee!

  26. MerlinRaven...

    Congratulations on your move Katelyn. I look forward to watching your new FX videos. Seattle now has a new Goddess.

  27. patrick

    me wanna be eatin:3

  28. Oktober

    Finally get the internet back on and had this gem to read, what a treat! XD It is phenomenal watching each step of your plans fall into place over the years, very refreshing that one piece in the puzzle of your life fits right into place after another. Seeing your goals accomplished in such a display of fireworks makes me appreciate my own goals I’m succeeding, and it just feels like the essence of awesome! :DD

    So welcome to the Northwest! I’ve done moves like that before, but how you did yours completely destroys any strategies I had ever used for mine haha! It is insane that you found so many tools to use to do this! I heard you keep mentioning your “Pod” and had no idea what the hell that was, but it was a genius way to get your stuff from point A to B, without having to worry about movers damaging or going through your possessions along any step of the way. I take it they just drop the pod at your new location and you move it yourself in the manner that you wish to, letting them pick it up when you are finished.
    I felt accomplished when I had an apartment set up and waiting for me when I moved back from overseas having done so all online, but somehow you found a place where your landowners know what you do, what you’re here for, and allow you to paint the walls and otherwise customize the place as you see fit, very sweet deal! XD

    Anyway congratulations on such a huge, and EXHAUSTING endeavor accomplished completely on your own in the place you talked about wanting to be years ago now. I’ve never been up to Seattle, having been too focused with exploring Portland and Vancouver, but sometime I’ll need to see the city you’re destined to squash. I’m a longtime fan of Dark Angel, and the Space Needle is a must. XD

    It might be a rough winter this year, but nothing like you had to endure in PA. That said I am sure the excitement and fire of Seattle will burn for some time to come, welcome home! ^_^

  29. Tiny Alex

    I have found 90% of west coasters to be untrustworthy. Seems to be a me me me me attitude out there. I wish You well Katelyn in all that You do and produce.

  30. crushme

    hi katelyn, im over in ballard, and if you ever need great shoes go to market street shoes in ballard.

  31. Jeffumz

    Wow, Goddess Katelyn in Seattle…if you need shrunken people for your movies i’m in!!! I live in Oly….you should come on down and check us out :)

  32. Pete

    Pennsylvania?! You could have yourself, Jade, & Nicole as giantesses stomp over to Hershey; tear apart their facilities, & eat up all the candy!

  33. Sleepless

    Awwww, I’m so damn envious of your move! I long to see the Pacific. Of course, I long to see many oceans and countries, so that’s not saying much. The East coast and New England can be a bit stuffy, I understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that’s because of the East in general or localized grumpy people. Either way, it doesn’t matter what people say or think. I hope you find what you’re looking for on the West Coast!

  34. ridcom

    Honestly, I’d have to agree with you about the whole east coast mentality. I’ve lived in Jersey myself up ’til late ’07, then my job brought me to Las Vegas, where I’ve been since. It really is different on the west coast.

  35. tinysexyman

    We’ll never forget that kitchen! lol

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