The Ankh, History Explained

The Ankh, History Explained

A few days ago a tiny worshiper of mine asked me what this golden symbol was all about. It’s pretty hard to miss, being in my drawing up top and next to every one of my journal entries. When I tried to reply to him I realized that this was in fact a rather complex subject and would best be fit for a journal entry of its own! So prepare yourselves for a little history my tiny ones, both of mine and of the ancient world.

The symbol you see before you is called an “Ankh” and it originates from Ancient Egypt. Along with it comes perhaps one of the first giantess recordings in human history. And perhaps, an ancient version of me.

The Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph read literally as “life”. It has come to symbolize immortality, the universe, life-giving air and water, and of course, power. The Ankh was nearly always seen in the hands of the Gods and Goddesses, Egyptian art rarely depicting its deities with out it. The Ankh as a result became synonymous with the Gods. For thousands of years this symbol has remained the same.

Just from that little bit of history, you should probably have a pretty good idea of why I tend to favor the symbol. It symbolizes that I am a Goddess, immortal and above the plane in which you humans exist. I am forever huge, I give life and take life away with ease. It symbolizes my power and is a reminder to my tiny mortals that they may accidentally end up a small, wet mess on the bottom of my foot if they don’t watch where I am going.

But the Ankh for me also has a deeper, more complex meaning as well. I’ve had a strange connection to the symbol before I even knew what it was. When I was very young, I used to draw it on the walls with some other strange symbols. (Which, in some places are still there!) When I grew older, it became a symbol I used all of the time, in my art and in my fashion. At age 16, I had an Ankh tattooed on the right side of my hip- still not really knowing what it meant, other than I really, really liked it. The Ankh became somewhat apart of me, a symbol that represented who I was. When I found out what it actually meant, I thought it was just too cool. I mean, it was absolutely perfect. Not only did it represent who I was, but it also represented the strange fetishes I had had all of my life. Learning about the Ankh then got me interested in Ancient Egyptian history, which also, I have had a fascination with my entire life. Learning that I was part Egyptian myself further fueled my interest into the subject.

It was just a few years ago that I discovered something absolutely mind blowing within Ancient Egyptian Mythology. The world’s first giantess.

Her name is Sekhmet.
The name literally means one who is powerful. She is also known as Mistress of Dread, Lady of Slaughter, The Scarlet Lady, Lady of Flames and …. Devouring One. Yes, this is some serious stuff. It was said that death and destruction were balm for her heart and that the burning desert winds were believed to be her very breath. An early sun-deity, her body was said to take up the glare of the sun, blinding those in battle. She is depicted in art as an attractive female dressed in red with the head of a lion.

Now I’ve done quite a bit of research on this, far more than just a wiki-search. (Which I found to be a somewhat unreliable source of information, not enough History buffs working on the articles it seems and a total lack of sources- pretty pathetic compared to the thousands of years of history we are talking about) The problem with myths and legends is that every time you read about it, something is different. I visited hundreds of sites on the subject and each time the legend and myth were changed ever so slightly, or took place in a slightly different time in Egyptian History. So I will give you a summary of what I have found and what parts of the legend remained the most constant.

The legend goes like this.

Ra, the Sun God (whom had turned into a human to become Egypt’s first Pharaoh) grew angry at the mortals of Lower Egypt because they conspired against him and no longer worshiped him. He consulted with the other Gods and Goddesses, and they suggested he should seek vengeance by unleashing destruction on mankind in the form of his daughter. So with a glance from his eye, Sekhmet came into being, the most feared and powerful Goddess ever known to the world.

Sekhmet quickly tore over the mortals with the heart of a lion, delighted with the act of slaughter, her pleasure being in blood. She climbed over the vast mountains of Egypt on either side of the Nile, down into the river valley and into the vast deserts devouring and slaughtering all the men, women, and children she saw. The destruction and chaos she caused pleased her to no end, her hunger for lives constant. The pleasure she got from this was so deep it was said nothing in the universe could stop her. All whom she saw she killed, easily devouring entire cities in days. The bottoms of Sekhment’s feet turned red with blood as day after day she destroyed the cities of mankind, devouring the lives of men. She did not care who they were or who they worshiped, they were merely her prey.

Ra quickly came to pity the mortals, and realized that if Sekhmet did not stop her rampage soon all of Man-kind would be either devoured or destroyed. But Sekhmet’s lust and power were too great- she was now stronger than even Ra, the Sun God who created her! Mankind and even the Gods appeared to be doomed by the most powerful Goddess the world had ever seen.

Ra knew that Sekhmet would have to willingly stop if there were to be any hope for anyone. So he came up with a cunning plan and with the fastest of messengers the plan was sprung into action. The women of the city of Heliopolis were instructed to brew thousands of barrels of beer while messengers were sent to the isle of Elephantine to retrieve huge shares of pomegranate from the red orchards there. When both the beer and the pomegranate had been retrieved, they brought it to where Sekhmet was thought to be planning to slaughter the following day.

There they poured the beer out – seven thousand barrels strong – over several fields, creating a lake of beer. They then mixed in the massive amounts of pomegranate which turned the lake a dark red. The area was evacuated and by morning, and just as the sun rose the great Goddess Sekhmet entered the area.

She arrived hungry and eager, licking her lips with the thoughts of men she would slaughter that day. But she found no signs of life, only a giant puddle of what appeared to be blood. Thinking it was the blood of those who she slaughtered, Sekhmet began drinking from the lake, her heart filled with pleasure. She drank and drank, until well, she became drunk! And then the great Goddess proceeded to pass out, much like someone who drank too much at a college party.

And here are where the legends diverge. Some say Sekhmet passed out and has forever lived dormant. Other say she the beer turned into a new, peaceful Goddess named Hathor and gave up the slaughter. The Hathor-Sekhmet legend was then later dropped, as the two Goddess’s personalities were so -completely- different. Either way man-kind was saved and Sekhmet was left with a massive hangover.

And so there pretty much ends the story. How’s that for a history class? I mean, I could barely believe what I found. Like, you can’t get much closer to giantess fantasy than that. And the best part is, Sekhmet was worshiped for thousands of years! She had temples, cults, and millions devoted their lives to her. And every year a HUGE festival was thrown in her name, in order to keep her satisfied. The festival consisted of everyone getting totally wasted and basically fucking all night in order to please the Goddess. And we’re talking about over 700,000 people attending this. I’m not making this stuff up. This is the kind of history I wish they taught in high school.

So as you can imagine, my first reaction to this was disbelief. The legend contains every aspect of my fetish, and the resulting worship of her turns me on to no extent. It’s the giantess, vore, crush, furry, power, worship fetish, all rolled up into one. Pretty much the entire thing is a description of my sexuality. I was insanely jealous of this Sekhmet girl, until I realized (amidst a daydream) that I could very well be her. Anything’s possible. :)

Supposedly, Sekhmet calmed down and allowed the mortals to worshiper her. She married another God (Ptah, God of Creativity) later on and they had a half mortal son (who did actually exist) and Sekhmet ended up having a bloodline of sorts. What ever happened to that bloodline is now ancient history.

Knowing that I’m part Egyptian, I can only help but wonder. Maybe, just maybe, if the legends are true… Sekhmet still lives on. And you, tiny mortal, might just be looking at her.

*Teacher Katelyn then closes the history book, uncrosses her legs, takes off her glasses and places her students back into her bra and stockings, readying herself for the trip home from school*

If you little ones are still interested here’s some great articles which I found to be pretty accurate in the description of the Goddess:

Scroll down to the “Eye of Ra” part, they stuck Sekhmet under Hathor for some reason:
Hathor and Sekhmet
(Sounds like a Giantess story doesn’t it? lol)

The yearly Sex-booze Festival of Sekhmet
(Just too cool.)

Love ya, leave me lots of comments tiny ones! I enjoy hearing from you ^^


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  1. anonymous

    Just wow.
    I can believe you haven’t made a movie about this.
    Normal Katelyn finds in a dream she is the reincarnation of a goddess and starts using her powers to get even with newly shrunk victims, then gets to like the power and madness ensues.


  2. anonymous

    Katelyn, words fail in the attempt to applaud you. Not only are you stunningly beautiful and every GTS fetisher’s absolute dream — I mean, a Woman who shares our fetish to the nth degree and has from her earliest girlhood — not only are you prolific in pictures, words and responses to us, but you are also highly intelligent.

    A smart woman is a sexy woman!

    I am breathless, speechless, utterly blown away.

  3. anonymous

    I am going to have to get an LJ account. I have no need to stay anonymous. – Cliff

  4. anonymous

    Other then being egyptian what other ethnic orgin ingredients go into the delicious ocean of soup known as Katelyn Brooks.

  5. Giantess Ka...

    Italian, Egyptian, Asian (Philippine)

  6. anonymous

    Ancient Egypt is a fascinating field of study. It had one of the most complex religious systems that the world has ever seen, the product of a highly intelligent, creative people.

    And the later layers of Hellenism, Coptic Christianity and now Islam, only make it even more mind-boggling.

    I have been studying this subject myself, off and on, for several years.

    Goddess — and you are that, you are eminently worthy of worship — you are complex and intelligent just like your Egyptian ancestors.

    I’ve written a second story for you. My offering, brought to you across the symbolic desert sands of my day and laid upon your altar.

  7. anonymous

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    We need to hatch a scheme that will invoke the power of sekhmet within you, or something to that effect, so that you may terrorize the earth once more, and make the mortals pay for their mortality!

  8. anonymous

    Strange enough to have found something about good ol’ Sekhmet – I have to admit the Egyptian mythology and Gods have always interested me, since I was a kid – in this place. Never thought of her as a giantess, but she sure was a total juggernaut according to Egyptian myths. And yes, she was worshiped for thousands of years, I’ve even heard she was worshiped by doctors as they said calming Sekhmet would bring good health.

    Anyway, interesting to have seen this in a place like this one. I’m not in this fantasy so much, as I’ve only investigated about macrophilia for a character of mine, but anyway, it’s interesting to find this kind of fetish and how it can be related to some little yet curious aspects of our life and History.

    Of course, one thing is for sure: Sekhmet was/is the greatest Goddess in any religion, a true force of nature unleashed when enraged and a calm Goddess when not ripping people apart. And if you were of that bloodline… well, it’s clear you’d be proud of it.

    Best regards from old Europe for the Goddess! ;)

    ~Carlos “Chuck”

  9. anonymous

    Name: XCV

    Would you use a pyramid as a dildo?

    Egypt is kind of a hard place to base this off of, given that it’s mainly known to be a dry, sandy desert (with too few people to crush/play with)

    According to my calculations, you need to drink about 8,000,000 Liters (2,000,000 gallons) of water per day to survive.

  10. anonymous

    Well Sekhmet still hunts in these modern times by the looks :)
    The principle can remain the same today when the Goddess returns, the tiny nations of the world would quickly have to revive these old rituals when her shadow falls over their cities…
    Having to fill a stadium with beer to keep the Goddess happy, many of the tinies stuck inside as she lifts her “mug” to her lips to drink…

    History and Myth are awesome!
    Stay immense :)


  11. gene_kid

    I’m really surprised about that i bet you probably are related to her your so much alike and you think the same way

  12. anonymous

    You are without a doubt the reincarnation of Sekhmet. It’s just too much of a coincidence. You are her modern equivalent and we are the tiny worshipers trying to keep you pleased out of fear of your anger.

    Long live Goddess Sekhmet/Katelyn!


  13. Giantess Ka...

    Thank you for your worship little one! I read your story and loved it. I’ll be posting it on my site as soon as I can so that others can read about their most powerful Goddess…

    @Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!:
    Trust me, it’s on my list of “Ways I could actually become a Giantess”. If any of you figure out how to renew the power of Sekhmet within me, lemme know. I’m figuring it has to do with some room with a model city under the desert sand, with like, this staff, and sunlight, and this golden ruby pendent thing. And probably snakes at some point. Lots of snakes. I’m looking at you Indy. Get on it.

    Hehe, cool. It’s neat to see people here who don’t even have the fetish but are just checking it out to see what it’s all about. And the fact you are doing it for a character (a book?) is just too cool. As for Sekhmet, at first I wasn’t sure if she was a Giantess, but then after reading version after version of the legend, you just know she had to be huge. Seven thousand barrels of beer that took an entire city to make… And the fact she traveled through Egypt so fast and was able to slaughter (mostly by devouring) entire villages within days… you just get the impression that this lady was not your average height. It would take quite the body and force to nearly wipe out all of mankind. ^^

    Good luck with your work, I’d love to know what it is exactly too. It’s not everyday someone with Macrophilia is a trait of a character! Best of luck!

    Hmm. That might be kind of painful- depends on how smooth the pyramid is. If you mean an obelisk, then sure! As long as the pointy top was cut off (replaced by, perhaps a few stranded sacrifices?) and the corners were smoothed down a little. Then it would feel just… perfect. ^.^ If I was a Giantess I’d demand they be built all over the place, along with daily sacrifices strapped to the tops of them. That way whenever I felt in the mood to have some struggling humans inside of me, my mouth or wet pussy could slide right over top, soaking those down below….

    8 million liters of water huh? Wow, I’d have to eat a ton of people, not to mention drink a good bit of the Nile. *licks lips* I think I could do it though. One legend does say Sekhmet drank from the Nile…

    Hehe! ^.^ I look forward to returning! A stadium full of beer with fans floating in it would be too much fun! This time I’d make sure not to drink too much and pass out. Just tipsy enough to destroy half of the world in a strong buzz… I tend to get horny when I’m drunk, so the world would probably end up drowning in juices if not eaten or crushed.

    @thats facinating:
    God of Creativity + Goddess of Devouring and Destruction = Me? I think there’s a good possibility. ^^

    Thank you for the worship my tiny slave. You all should follow his example and keep me pleased… otherwise I may have to devourer all of mankind again. And this time I won’t fall for that old spiked blood trick again. :P

    Love ya my tiny mortals,
    ~Goddess Katelyn/Sekhmet <3

  14. anonymous

    Can you imagine the trouble that Egypt is in each time that Sekhmet feels the urge to release some of that 2,000,000 gallons of, ahem, water from her immense and beautiful body?

  15. Giantess Ka...

    *evil grin*! <3

  16. anonymous

    hey if your interested in goddesses of massive proportions then you should look up the babylonian Tiamat. other then being a dragon she is said (in my book “the dictionary of ancient deities”) to be “300 miles long, with a mouth 10 feet wide. her circumference was 100 feet and see moved with undulations six miles high” hows that for a goddess

  17. anonymous

    can you do pretend that a camera is a little person and seductivly put it in your mouth and show for a while i would really appricaatee it if you do and anyway your pretty

  18. anonymous

    Goddess Katelyn, you ARE Sekhmet; waking after your long day of drinking only to find i (and others) stills worship you in all your glory. May we all tremble before you.

  19. Az Modeus

    Also Check the stories of Lilith who was Dimme or Lamasthu and Maha Kali.

    Lilith being the queen of vampires and succubi and Djinns is as bloodthristy and accompanied with the snake, you know the one that devours ailve. That’s my favorite Goddess. Kali on the other hand devours demons and licks their blood with her red long tongue.

    Sekhmet can be calmed down with a good glass of red Belgian beer ;)

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