Summer Sale! 30% off Everything!

Summer Sale! 30% off Everything!

From July 13th – 18th everything is 30% off, so only 4 days left! Have fun and enjoy the summer little bugs! ^^ You may also notice the store is starting to look a little different. I’ve just finished tagging all my videos, meaning a search function is coming very soon. I’ve also converted all of the flash to javascript on my site, so all parts of my site now work on mobile devices. Back to being a busy Giantess! Love you my squishy summer bugs! <3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. kilobug

    Is the sale bugged? I added Beamed to Goddess Rachel / Student City Crush, and they are still the regular price :(

  2. Darnell Joh...

    Hmmm… No comments >_>? I must be early ^_^! However, to be honest haven’t been much that really intrigues me =(. Seems like this place is focusing more on porn than your original fetish. Hey, I guess people move on once they “grow” out of something ;).

    Well, thanks for the sale and continuing to provide the community with content.

  3. Megagiant5280

    I used this deal to buy clips from Miss Lizz and Rachel. I am in love with Rachel! More videos with her please! Or you can just send her over here with a box full of tinies and the both of us can have a lot of fun

  4. MarkM

    Thank You so much for the store sale Katelyn!

    Right now I’m paying my wifes $3000 dollar plus dental bill among other things so every little bit helps! So nice of you!

    I’m excited too about the improvements your making to your store. It’s gotten so big it’s getting more difficult to find things. Took me about an hour an a half to find some things this morning. Good it’s getting so big though.

    With Much Love,

  5. Littlemuse

    Love the sale got some old clips I have all ways wanted!

  6. Tammy Hughes

    Hi Katelyn

    I’m a journalist in the UK looking to interview someone with a giantess fetish. Is this something you’d be interested in? You would be paid a fee :)


  7. Theman

    Ugh of course I get back from camping with no internet and see this lol. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next one!

  8. ...

    what did you use to make this site?

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