IF your internet connection is fast enough then you may stream a complimentary SD 640×360 version of your video directly from your download area free of charge. You can tell ahead of time if a streaming version is available for a particular product by going to its page and looking in the right panel details for “Includes Mobile Streaming!”.

*Not guaranteed for all videos. Subject to change. Not meant for download substitution. Support not provided for streaming – connect to a faster WiFi or download the video instead.

360 VR Videos

Play with VLC Media Player on almost any device. It “is totally free, has no ads, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is developed by passionate volunteers.”

If you would like to try more players then no worries, I’ve done some research to try to help you: 

For Android- VaR’s VR Video Player seems to be the most popular choice for Cardboard or a “Compatible Headset”. VR Theater for Cardboard is also highly rated for viewing via Cardboard viewer. The Google Cardboard app also appears to be popular for managing VR apps.

For iPhone, Mobile VR Station claims to work with every headset an has excellent reviews. Homido 360 VR Player is also popular, but the description states that you need a Homido Headset.

Note: If you want to test more apps then look for ones that do not limit the playback duration (unless you’re ready to purchase it if you like it) and check for headset compatibility. You could also reach out to the company of your VR Headset for additional support.


View with Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Uncheck the “optional offers”)

Download Issues

– Turn off download accelerators, they’re known for corrupting files.

– If you’re downloading via mobile data, connect to a WiFi instead.

Playback Issues

– Use VLC media player. It’s device and file format friendly.

– Make sure your favorite media player is up to date.

– A video or comic won’t open from within a .zip folder. Move it out.

– Watch VR videos on Windows or Mac with GoPro VR Player.

– Watch VR videos on android with Google Cardboard app.

– Re-download. Don’t use a download accelerator.

– Google the error message, if any.

– Restart your device.

Failed Transactions / Error Codes

A: Too many failed attempts. Try again after the blackout period ends in 8 hours.

B: Your information is on my bank’s blacklist because of a chargeback or other reason. A chargeback is when you tell your credit card company you don’t recognize the purchase / make a fraudulent claim. This results in the bank closing credit card. My bank then penalizes me with a fee + the amount that was refunded to your card.

If you made a serious mistake with your finances or purchased with a credit card that wasn’t yours, open a support ticket and explain the situation right away. While this sucks and is embarrassing for you, be warned that if you do not contact me and a chargeback occurs then it turns into a much worse issue. When my bank contacts me about the chargeback, I will ban and blacklist all of your information and you will no longer be able to make purchase here or other websites that share my bank’s blacklist.

I: If you’re using a VPN then it will need to be disabled in order to successfully checkout. This is because one of the system’s card security checks is location verification. With that said, you must also use a card that was issued within the same country you are checking out from.  If you’re on vacation or business travel then you can purchase through my Clips4Sale store instead, which is kept up to date alongside my main store on this website. Alternatively, you could get a prepaid card and use that – but you’ll have to call the # on the back to register it to a local address to get through checkout with it.

Decline 05: Call your bank and let them know you’re trying to make a purchase online and the card isn’t working. (Just be vague- if they see the failed transaction, it shows as “K-BROOKS”) This is not a problem on my end, it’s a problem with the card that’s preventing checkout through my site.

If my store is giving you a different error code then please open a support ticket and explain the situation. Don’t worry- this probably means there’s something I need to look up or do on my end to help you.

Forgotten Password

Reset it here.

What will the transaction look like on my bank statement?


Payment Methods

– Visa, Mastercard, and Discover at store checkout.

– Prepaid card, but you need to register your address to the card that you can use at checkout. Without the address the system won’t be able to verify the card and the transaction will get declined.

– Only for those who have a GK account in good standing with at least four previous credit card purchases: USD eGift Card or wish list tribute for clips starring Katelyn only. Email me directly to let me know what you want to purchase and I’ll let you know how to pay with one of these methods. After the tribute I’ll add the product(s) to your download area and let you know when they’re there. (within 48 hours or Mon through Thurs). FYI: This payment method may be helpful if, for example, you are out of country on work/vacation and cannot check out through my store (the transaction will fail if you’re out of the country from which your card is registered) or don’t wish to purchase through C4S (if you, for example, want to stick with GK for your forever downloads / streaming / multiple version access) or if it gives you better privacy for a CC that you share w/ a spouse. What ever the case, no worries, I’m happy to work with you to get you the clips that you desire with this work-around payment method.

– You can also purchase my videos at My Clips4Sale Store If you need help with a purchase from Clips4Sale then you’ll want to open a support ticket there, not here.

– FYI: I do NOT accept cash, check, money order, PayPal, or Venmo.

Exchanges and Refunds

You are responsible for reading the description and details of the product(s) you choose and looking at what’s in your cart before you complete your order. Due to the nature of digital downloads it’s impossible to return a downloaded video for a refund. Downloads are tracked. In addition, since most videos are able to be streamed from the download area, a refund still will not be issued even if the video wasn’t downloaded.

This website upholds a high standard for the content it sells, but if you’re really not happy with your clip or comic and wish to contact support about it then you may get in touch about why you are unhappy. Including highly detailed constructive criticism may help your odds of getting a one-time equal/lesser value exchange. If you have been a loyal supporter of this website with many past purchases and just happened to pick up a video that ended up not doing it for you then do feel free to get in touch with why, and how you think it could have been better. I do like to keep my customers happy and am always striving to make the best of my productions. (If it’s a different producer’s product then I will forward the info to them and see if they’d like to give you an exchange for a different product of theirs.)

If you’re a parent looking for a refund after your card was used without your permission then you need to take this up with whoever used your card and/or your bank. Plus, there is no way to prove I am being contacted by a parent instead of a customer just trying to lie to get free content. However, if you get in touch with me about the issue then I will gladly blacklist the card that was used at checkout and all connected information as well as permanently ban the account. This would be in order to try to help prevent it from happening again at this site, but I would highly recommend looking into Net Nanny or SafeSurf.

Terminate Account

Open a support ticket. Kindly let me know why you’d like your account terminated. Only do it if you’re 110% sure you want to proceed because this is permanent. There’s no harm in letting the account sit- it’s free, secure, and you won’t lose anything you might want to come back to at a later time. 

However, you will not be able to re-activate a terminated account. Emails of terminated accounts are also banned in the system, resulting in a general error message if you try to log in again. If you want to come back later on then you are free to create a new account with a different email address.

If you want to download a previous purchase then you will need to buy it again. It used to not be like this, but after being jerked around dozens of times, I’ve changed my method and policy and will no longer put up with mindless bugs or waste my time on this. NO EXCEPTIONS!