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After Holiday Treat

Katelyn holds her pet in between her fingers and tells and shows him one of the things she loves about after the holidays. She loves when all of the really cute holiday candy goes on sale. Not only is it super cool looking but it's super sweet and really fun to eat.

Katelyn teases him by letting him watch her enjoy a sexy peppermint swirl lolly pop. She tells him to look at it and watch as she licks, moans, and enjoys the pop. She loves using the tip of her tongue, she wiggles it around and explores every little swirl, crevice, of the lolly pop. It's as good as it looks and from watching, Katelyn's pet is really enjoying the show and wishes it was him that she was licking.

Katelyn gives in to his wishes. He deserves it for all of the wonderful things he did for her over the holiday. She gets some flavoring on him by rubbing him into the lollypop all over and then she licks and kisses and enjoys his delicious flavor. The peppermint flavor didn't last long on his tiny size but she loves his natural taste too so she keeps kissing and licking him over and over and over.

When Katelyn goes to lick her swirly lollypop again she does it with him in her mouth! However, he ends up falling the whole way down to her boobs. He enjoys his stay in between her massive, voluptuous, swollen breasts and luckily for him she decides he can stay there for the whole day! Even better yet, Katelyn starts licking and sucking her lollypop again and she tells him to enjoy her boobs as much as he wants. She gives him full permission to hump and cum all over them as many times as she'd like... which isn't going to be hard given the squishy warmth of her boobs and all of the sucking noises going on!! ;)

This video features gentle giantess, licking, mouth play, and boob-held.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:21 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
lollypop licking, shrunken man, gentle giantess, licking, mouth play, boob-held, handheld, pink nails, Katelyn Brooks

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