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Girlfriend's Cheerios

Katelyn pours herself a bowl of Cheerios and tells you, boyfriend, to come. She shows you her new magical ring that she purchased from some old lady. What's it do? Supposedly it... shrinks people! She knew she just HAD to get it and bring it home to try it on you knowing about your shrinking fetish and all! You ready?

She points her finger at you and it works, you can't believe it! She loves how you keep getting tinier and tinier. Down you go! You then find yourself picked up and placed on the counter with your girlfriend eating cheerios and telling you she has another surprise!

This time her surprise is a hot little view. She pulls her pony tail out and then takes her bra off! While eating her cheerios piece by piece she compares your cute size to the cheerios, lets you watch her eat and lets you eat some off her tongue and out of her bowl, and has fun with you. But soon she comes to the realization that she doesn't have a way to turn you back to your normal size.

She tries to use her magical ring on you but it's meant for shrinking people, not for making people grow. She doesn't remember the lady saying anything about returning people to their normal size either. You quickly come to the realization that you will be stuck shrunken forever. But what you didn't expect is for your girlfriend to ask if you'd like to live out your fantasy to get eaten, which you eagerly agree too.

You then find yourself in Katelyn's bowl of cheerios looking up at her as she eats a few spoonfuls. Very soon she tells you that you're next! While she eats she enjoys seeing you fight around in her cheerios but what she enjoys even more is the spoonful with you on it. She scoops you up and brings you to her mouth and spoons you in with all the Cheerios.

She thinks to herself. Is she going to chew you alive? Swallow you alive? After carefully crunching the cereal and feeling you swim around in the mess she decides she'd enjoy to swallow you alive. You go head first down her throat with behind you all of the chewed up mess.

This video features Katelyn as your hot girlfriend, cheerios (dry), all pov, pov from cheerio bowl, mouth cam, and an open mouth swallow of the cheerio mess that followed you down her throat.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:29 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrinking, eating, boobs, topless, vore, cheerios, cereal, breakfast, mouth cam, deep throat, swallowing, chewing, red nails, black hair, leopard bra, gfe, girlfriend, kitchen, bowl, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Bill's Avatar
    Such a good video made me feel like i was the size of a cheerio!

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