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Tied Tickled and Smothered

Katelyn's doll sized pet Will tried to tie her up in her sleep but she freed herself in less than a minute and caught him! Since he tried to be a little prankster in her sleep and tie her up so she'd trip and fall in the morning she thinks it'll be funny to use the same piece of string on him and see how much of his body she can tie up with it. She bets it'll go a lot farther on his body and it sure does!

The string is so large and long in comparison to Will's tiny body that he ends up looking like a pink-stringed mummy by the end of it haha! Once he's all tied up Katelyn punishes him by tickling him. First she teases him by tapping her nails on the hardwood floor and asks him if he thinks it'll hurt if she does that on his ribs... nope, it will tickle! She laughs and then she taps her fingers on his rib cage more than 60 times while counting and tickles his arm pits with her finger nails too. She's very teasing with her hands during all this and she has a great time!

After all the tickling fun Katelyn feels a little bad for punishing her pet. Even though it was funny it was still a form of torture. So, for going through all that now she gives him a reward! She noticed him checking out her big boobs earlier - during the finger nail tap she was holding him down with her boobs. So, since he was checking them out she rewards him with them. She places him under her chest and smothers his face in them while laying completely on his body. She counts... how long can he hold his breath!? She teasingly lifts back up and tells him to breath. She then continues to smother him with her boobs and her nipples until she's satisfied. She laughs, not knowing if that was a reward or more torture. Maybe next time he needs some punishment she'll use her boobs to smother him for longer!

This video features hands, tied up tickling, and breast smother.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:03 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
hands, nails, tickling, breast smother, nipples, weight play, red nails, ken doll, tied up, Katelyn Brooks

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