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Tied up in Orgasms Part One

Katelyn is a witch who caught two boys searching the internet for naughty things on the library's computer (she works there under disguise). They were searching for what a pussy looks, feels, and smells like and they were also curious about blowjobs. Since they broke the rule of the library Katelyn went ahead and shrunk them. Now that she's home with them trapped in a small plastic container she informs the boys of what's about to happen.

First she tells them who she is and about her powers. While under her shrink spell they will find the scent of her pussy extremely alluring, irresistible. And any time her tongue touches them they will have a crushing orgasm. If they fully enter her mouth they will have a paralyzing orgasm. She tells them how she's going to show them first hand all what they were curious about.

She teases the boys with her sexy short white shorts and panty clad pussy. The closer she brings her crotch to the container the more wild the boys get with desire. After a sexy little strip of her shorts she sits with the trapped boys between her legs and decides which one she will play with first.

She ties her first victim up with pink string. She tortures him by twirling him round and round in front of her bright pink satin panties. Next she test tubes him, string and all. Then the fun begins. She rubs the test tubed boy on her panties, between her ass cheeks, sucks on it, and then plunges it into her big pussy. She pushes it in and out repeatedly to see how far she can get it in. Once she's satisfied with how much she's fucked it she then brings it up to her mouth

She frees the tied up boy from the test tube and dangles him above her mouth. Every time he touches her tongue he has an orgasm. As you can imagine, he has orgasm after orgasm after orgasm! However, he pays dearly for it in the end... as she swallows him whole as his payment!

Katelyn next grabs his friend. The tiny one who was still trapped in the plastic container watching in terror at what happened to his friend. She grabs the leftover boy and right away shows him what a blowjob feels like. To continue their fun she brings him somewhere special... which is to her sexy pink bedroom.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:46 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pussy, insertion, cum, panties, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, shrunken man, ass, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, sexy bare feet

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