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Tied up in Orgasms Part Two

Katelyn's on her bed with the remaining test tubed boy. She tells him about how she saved games and parts of her body all for him, which his friend didn't have the luxury of exploring. This boy will get to give Katelyn multiple orgasms, experience her nipples, get tied to her panties, and more. To start the fun she teases her nipples through her almost see-through shirt with the tubed boy.

Next she brings him closer yet. She puts the tube between her boobs, then she frees her boobs and rubs her nipples on the tube. Then she releases the boy from the tube and while he's tied up she dangles him on her nipples to tease the both of them. She crushes them between her boobs and then begins having fun with him in different sexual ways.

She licks the boy with her sexy mouth, sucks on him, rubs him into her panties, and repeats. Once she gets herself worked up she ties the boy to the part on her panties that touches her clit. When she releases her panties back with the boy tied to them she becomes hornier than ever! She completely uses him by tugging on his strings til she cums.

Katelyn then pulls her panties off and while still tied to her panties she licks the boy into orgasm with her tongue. She then puts the panties back on. Time for some beauty rest... but it's making her so horny having the boy tied to her panties that she can't help but get off one more time so she does!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:47 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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    plez plez me next you could make a man do anything

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