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Katelyn's Delicious Cum

Katelyn tells you she's been ragingly horny all day, her satin panties were just driving her pussy wild, and it's true! Since no one is there with her to get her off it looks like she'll have do it herself. She tells you to join her as she masturbates and cums.

Then you see a close up of Katelyn's pussy as she lays back, relaxes, and faps a good one off. Using her fingers she rubs her clit in circles, teases her pussy lips, dips her finger inside her wanting pussy, and repeats until she cums. She then dips her fingers in her silky cum and brings it up to her mouth.

Katelyn loves to enjoy the delicious taste of her cum after a nice orgasm. So she thoroughly enjoys as she licks her glistening cum off her fingers and tells you that if you were there with her she'd be licking her cum off your cock. Mmmmhh!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:18 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pussy, fingering, cum, licking, mouth, tongue, hands, nails, mouthcam


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  1. Sixinchestall's Avatar
    Just perfect Katelyn. I much prefer just fingers, no toys. It is clear that you do really cum (I don't like fakes) and I bet it is really delicious. On a side note I have quite a few of your clips now and I can see your confidence growing as time progresses. Hearing and seeing what happens when you really cum with no script just as it would be if you were alone is amazing, thank you. Also in response to your blog your dedication is unrivalled and you truly have the good of the giantess community at heart. Remember this when idiots start rumors, we all know the truth. I know it can be upsetting but your website and other projects speak for themselves, what have these people ever done to further the community? Nothing, that's what. Keep up the good work Katelyn, but take some time for yourself too you truly deserve it.
  2. C's Avatar
    I wish it was me n her pussy even know I may drown

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