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Emi ★ Eri

You try breaking yourself away from the horror as your friend disappears hopelessly under the curves of the giggling Giantess's barefoot. Did she call you... "Parasites?" You try to run, your legs racing, but the tears streaming down your face make it difficult to see. Soft, plump, curves fill the sky high above you and the shocking sound of a horrifying full body crunch sends you to nothing short of hysteria. Today is the worst day of your life. Today is the day you met Emi and Erika.

♥ Pogojo's very first full length comic! Support him and his passion and purchase his comic today!
♥ Contains 34 vividly colored, beautifully illustrated pages with tons of jaw-dropping angles!
♥ This comic is UNBELIEVABLY hot! Every page, every panel is just so perfect and HOT!!
♥ Includes a sneaker crush, barefoot crushes, and boob crush! It's a bug-people massacre!
♥ Also contains plenty of incredible ass views, with a tiny guy nearly being crushed beneath...
♥ The expressions are both adorable and priceless. You can' help but feel for the tinies!
♥ Enjoy curves? Love soft, plush, plumb, puffy, giantesses? You will love Pogojo's comic!
♥ This is just part one of a two part series- The last page contains a teaser for Part 2
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Product Details:
Producer: Pogojo
34 HQ Photos
1275x1650 PDF
Pogojo Comic, Giantess, Crush, Soles, Boobs


7 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Midgetman's Avatar
    Like usual pogojo's work is very well drawn and definitely worth the purchase, for those of you who like to get straight into the story without much build-up (meaning more detail for your money) I'd suggest buying this.
  2. Guillermo's Avatar
    Have not read it yet but already am a huge fan of pogoyo. Buy in progress...
  3. MrNamelessDeviant's Avatar
    Really well drawn, as expected as Deviantart's famed Pogojo. So well drawn in some segments, it didn't even need a story/comic aspect, but alas it had it and well done at that. It has a variety of well-illustrated giantess genus fetishes, except vore (which I'm not focused on thankfully) for those who want more than foot crush. Definitely gonna buy more work from him.
  4. Digi Ferox's Avatar
    Digi Ferox
    I have not read Pogojos comic but it looks very good. I WANT THIS!!! i like Pogojos Drawings too, itīs amazing.
  5. TinyGinger's Avatar
    This is really good for any crush enthusiast or for someone who enjoys putting themselves in a helpless/pathetic situation where their survival is meaningless to the authorities at large. I am really into buttcrush and I loved the style and way everything is drawn. Great thighs, great breasts and ass, I have never bought anything pornographic but this is well worth the $13.50. I (excitedly) await part 2!
  6. pancake's Avatar
    its sooo good i'm addicted to pogojo's work I need part 2 XD feet, boobs and little people awesome.
  7. Justin's Avatar
    Eh, read it. Honestly, you should probably spring for the sequel; Pogojo had had some time to perfect the art style by then. GThis is a little... wiggly-line-y.

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