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Eaten Alive with Every Bite

Katelyn calls Jo, who has been waiting for her phone call for weeks, and tells him it's time. He was previously released by a kind Giant under one agreement - he submits to Katelyn on her command. She tells him to come right away or she'll hunt him down. She then walks to the kitchen to prepare the shrinking potion.

Katelyn laughs. Just one shot of her secret shrinking concoction should do the trick perfectly. Right after she makes her potion the door bell rings, he's arrived!

Katelyn asks if he's comfortable on her couch. He's going to be even more comfortable when he shrinks so she tells him to drink up and he obeys. He drank every last drop like a perfect boy! Katelyn then pumps lube in her hand and tells him to unzip his pants - he needs to have an orgasm to shrink!

Katelyn's hand is like magic. No man has ever been able to last longer than a minute and Jo wasn't the first. He blew his HUGE load all over her swollen breasts with her stroking his cock faster and faster, moaning, and talking to him in an seducing and erotic tone. (A dildo was used in the making of this video)

All Jo felt while he shrunk down was the same warm, fuzzy, energetic feeling of his orgasm. He opens his eyes to Katelyn's face towering high above him. He has shrunk down to five inches. She assures him that she's going to be gentle - treat him like a brand new toy that she want's to play with and not break. She pushes his body between her warm breasts and then brings him up to her big luscious mouth. She then tells him how his fate will end. On the counter in the kitchen she has a plate full of specialty cheeses and the food needed to make a delicious sandwich.

Katelyn takes her time and taste tests him with many types of specialty cheeses. When she decides which two cheeses she likes the most she makes a nice cheese and veggie sandwich with him in between the two cheeses. He then suffers the fate of being eaten alive in her sandwich. She eats him from feet up. With every bite of her sandwich she eats more and more of his body. His feet, calves, thighs, hands, arms, mid section, and then head get eaten. While eating him alive she thoroughly enjoys teasing him and telling him which part of him she's going to eat next. When she gets to his head she shoves the last huge bite into her mouth. Her tongue searches for his head and her big teeth turn the bite all into mush. She tongues the mush with her mouth wide open and swallows the huge sticky mess down her throat little by little. Everything was so mushed up that she couldn't even tell his head from the food anymore!

Katelyn loved seeing the terror on Jo's face as she tasted him with each individual type of cheese. She enjoyed the whole experience so much that by the time the sandwich and Jo are in her belly digesting, she decides that she's going to invite her girlfriend over next time! She then cleans up the mess while fantasizing about the next boy she will get to eat.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
32:40 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
hand job, dildo, shrinking, boobs, vore, licking, eating, shrunken man, nipples, tits, chewing, french nails, blue bra, cleavage, Katelyn Brooks


One Review and Counting...

  1. MarkM's Avatar
    I'm surprised there are no reviews on this one yet because this video is super hot! I donno how Katelyn keeps coming up with such great scenarios and she portrays them so well they truly look real too! She's so good at it that it enables me to place myself right into the situation. It was hot to hear the mention of a Giant friend Katelyn has that was nice enough to turn Jo over to Katelyn for Katelyn's consumption rather than his own! To be eaten by a male giant would be about the worse nightmare I could imagine. Katelyn's beautiful body on the other hand makes most of her victims willing ones. At least until the eating part begins at which time it would be to late to change ones mind. (this wouldn't matter to Katelyn anyway) I like how Katelyn made her cheese sandwich and carefully placed Jo's shrunken body in between her slice's of cheese as if simply adding a slice of meat inside. Jo was helplessly pinned and held in place inside the sandwich by Katelyn's beautiful hands as she held and prepared to eat her sandwich. As Katelyn ate his body parts one by one you could see her chew them up swallowing them down inside her beautifully body. I could really relate to Jo's predicament as this happened because he had to know he was so screwed. Once his body parts were chewed up and swallowed there was no way to get them back. It was simply a matter of time just waiting for the end. Jo had to be in complete awe too that someone so incredibly sexy and beautiful was the one doing the eating of him. The camera had super great shots of Katelyn's sexy mouth as she chew up and swallowed down each of his body parts. Also showing her beautiful face and eyes a lot as she looked at the sandwich deciding which body part of his to eat next. Katelyn's eyes, face (and body at the beginning) look extra super hot in this video. Absolutely I would have been a willing victim too just like Jo was. Super great scenario and video Katelyn! I Love this one!

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