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My Hot Fantasy: Helping My Mom Move

In this video I tell you the super hot details of a fantasy of mine where your fantasy comes true to get crushed under my moms powerful bare feet. In short, you're my boyfriend and you have a giantess / foot fetish. You want nothing more than to get crushed under the only pair of feet that are hotter than my own - my Mom's.

I'm helping my mom move and as we're organizing her new kitchen you get one hell of view of our bare feet. I had secretly shrunk you and dropped you off at her new place before we arrived with boxes to unpack. When only odds and ends are left in the box we're bent over with our soles up. As soon as she feels your tiny body exploring the wrinkles of her bare sole her foot sends you flying.

She only thinks you're a bug and as her foot slowly approaches your helpless body I bend down, see it's you, and blow you a kiss goodbye. Mom has no clue it's a shrunken you - she just thinks she's exterminating a bug in her new kitchen. I laugh, nothing out of the ordinary, only you and I know exactly what's going on. Your world grows dark, you become intoxicated in the smell and warmth my mom's powerful bare soles, and very slowly she turns you into a smooth smear on her new kitchen floor. Not even big enough to need wiped up, she powerfully walks away and we go on with organizing her kitchen like nothing ever happened.

Note: She does not appear in the film. Curious about how my mom looks? Read about an awkward summer night involving my mom and my fetish! Giantess Mom - An Awkward Summer Night


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:35 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken story, unaware crush, bare feet, Katelyn's mom, crush, shrunken man, hot girlfriend, mature feet, powerful feet, soles, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Question's Avatar
    Is you mom actually in this video? Do we actually see her?
  2. Giantess Katelyn's Avatar
    Giantess K...
    Nope. But if you'd like to know what she looks like and read about an awkward summer night with her and my fetish, here's the blog on her :3
  3. Loki's Avatar
    Dang, you really need to get your mom some footage time. Like with micros and stuff. Just sayin'.

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