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Warming up with Katelyn

It's quite cold and Katelyn's heater isn't working but your shrunken self soon finds much enjoyment in her way of "warming up". While in front of the fireplace, both you and Katelyn completely nude, Katelyn tells you to bring her to orgasm the same way you did last time. Remember, baby? You were deep up in her cunt fighting for your life as she swirled her fingers round and round her clit until her pussy exploded in one of the best orgasms she's ever had.

You kiss Katelyn on the lips, tits, and before you know it you find yourself deep inside her warm pussy as she instructs you to fight her tight pussy walls harder. She loves your every squirm and in fact she doesn't even care what happens to you while you're deep inside her. She contracts her pussy walls to feel your every struggle.

Katelyn can't stand it - she needs to cum NOW! To tip herself over the edge she shoves a pink bullet vibrator deep insider her cunt with you. The vibration is too much for you to handle so you try to escape it by climbing deeper into her pussy. Your struggle against the vibrator is finally what tips her orgasm over the edge and pussy throbbing. She tugs the vibrator out of her pussy but you're still stuck inside her, deeper than you've ever been.

So deep she almost thought you were stuck in there for good! After some fingering you once again saw the light. She told you what a good job you did in there, cleaned you off with her tongue, and then went off to put you away. You'll be kept right beside her bed in the night stand in case she needs to "warm up" again.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:41 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Bobyboo's Avatar
    Make more like this and I would like even deeper and more hot stuff and ill buy it ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/heart.png ps I love this website!
  2. Jeff's Avatar
    Hey can you make me a custom video about like this but more pussy action ps my name is jeff and id really appreciate it.

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