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The Evil Giantess Nurse

Giantess Katelyn arrives home with her ex-boss Jason, the manager of a local hospital. Katelyn is a nurse who unexpectedly grew. She doesn't know why it happened but what made it worse was her manager's reaction. Instead of helping her with medicine or research he fired her cold-hearted! To take her revenge, Katelyn has captured and brought him back to her Giant house.

She faults him for her turning evil ever since being jobless. Now instead of curing people and soothing wounds she has been torturing, eating, and crushing people because of him. She could have been a gentle Giantess, she knows she could have helped in some way... but nope, Jason fired her for not being able to fit in the hospital. To get her revenge on him directly she tries to crush him but she soon finds that he will not crush. She stomps on him with her big bare feet, dances on him, tries to eat him, crushes him under her hand, smothers him under her bare ass, squishes him between her soft boobs.... he just won't squish!

She thinks he has come up with some kind of secret medicine that makes him immortal, or a medicine that makes it impossible for him to die in life threatening situations. By the end of it she actually doesn't mind. In fact, she thinks it's the perfect ending - he tried to get rid of her for good but now he'll have to suffer his life trapped in her world for the rest of his existence! Katelyn then places him inside her high heel shoe where he will stay for the rest of the day. She likes the fact she can torture him over and over in her revenge, but she does hope he will finally crush at some point as that would be the ultimate satisfaction for her.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:08 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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