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Katelyn's Growth Socks

Katelyn and her group of scientists have finished working on their top secret project - Neo Molecular Socks! She describes how they work. Basically, energy from the earth is drawn into the tight fibers in the feet of the socks, the energy travels up the chains of fibers in the socks to the center of her body. When enough energy builds in the center of her body it then spreads throughout her entire body. She asks you to guess what happens then? When enough energy is flowing through her body... she will GROW INTO A GIANTESS and continue growing!

Now that the socks are completely ready she's eager to test them! See, the reason she chose to make this weapon look like a pair of socks is because no one would ever expect it! What else makes the socks special is they only work with Katelyn's DNA, making it impossible for the weapon to fall into the wrong hands. Ready to try them out Katelyn sits down and slides the socks up her legs one by one.

They're nice and tight exactly how they should be for the best energy absorption. The socks begin gathering energy almost instantaneously- Katelyn jolts as the feels the energy traveling up her legs to her thighs and up to the center of her body. She cheers in excitement that all of her hard work is a success! She jumps, jolts, moans, gasps... the sensation is comparable to that feeling you get when you're on the verge of orgasm and she feels it traveling up her body through the socks!!

Katelyn's clothes are feeling tighter and tighter by the second! She quickly takes off her skirt, shortly after she takes her shirt off, and the socks are designed to grow with her. She will grow to enormous proportions and after she takes care of her hit list she plans to have the time of her life with her new found power crushing cities... and even entire countries! With the feeling of a big growth burst coming on she stands up completely ready for it to happen and loudly moans with the feeling of a full body orgasm spreading through her body!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:37 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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