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Girlfriend's Deception

Fx Scenes:
1) On the floor, teasing with tongue and talking
2) In between fingers, then into my mouth he goes!

Sound Effects:
1) Digestion sounds
2) Boyfriend screams as he is eaten

Additional Notes:
1) This is a "Quick FX" video
2) Boyfriend's name is Scott

Your girlfriend, Katelyn, invites you (Scott) in for what you think will be another quiet evening together. However, she quickly mentions that she has a way for you to safely indulge in your peculiar little Vore fantasy and asks if you're interested. She bends over the couch while intentionally giving you a little voyeur peek up her skirt while she picks up two bottles. One is a shrinking potion and the other renders her digestive system inert for a limited period of time so you will come out undamaged.

Even though she tells you you'll come out of her ass unscathed, you're reluctant. She insists with phrases like "Maybe we should try it", "Why not, right?!", "This could completely fulfill your fantasy!", so on and so forth. She seduces you with her amorous personality, bewitches you where you're weak (by showing you her belly, teasing about how you could be inside of her, reminding you how you'll come out unharmed), you soon acquiesce and you drink the potion.

You can't believe it- it actually worked! You've shrunken down to a diminutive size, at a mere inch tall. Now that she shrinking potion has completely taken effect on your body Katelyn wants to have fun with you. She teases you with her bare foot for a moment, entertained at how big it is now in comparison to you! She even spots you holding your nose! Not to worry though as she's more interested in playing with you with her mouth!

She kneels down on the floor and lays on her belly, with her face towering in front of you. She teases you, tells you a story about a time she swallowed a bug at a high-school party, and soon tells you it's time to indulge further. She picks you up in her palms and brings you up to her mouth so that you can look deep into her wanting throat.

She opens her mouth with a long "Ahhhhhh" and accidentally tells you it's one of the last things you're ever going to see. Since she unintentionally slipped out her secret, she confessed that the digestive potion works flawlessly... but she has absolutely no intent on drinking it. She wants you to become a part of her. She wants to feel you alive and kicking in her belly and she wants to enjoy every last struggle.

She knows this must be terrifying, now that you know her secret, so she barbarously informs you that it won't hurt for too long. Within minutes her body will have already broken you apart into tiny little pieces to digest to serve her body. She moans, tells you to look into her mouth- it'll be even wetter and darker inside. She informs you that she's going to pinch you up and insert you into her mouth. Your remains will come out in the morning, whatever her body doesn't want will be simply waste that she'll wipe and flush down the toilet in the morning.

You try to wriggle yourself out of the death pinch her fingers have on you, but you realize there's no turning back now. You continue to struggle, even though within seconds you're gulped down anyway. Her body is already starting to digest you and it's so painful!

Katelyn then lies down and masturbates to your futile attempts to reverse what's happened to you. She enjoys the unparalleled humiliation you're suffering for her pleasure. She moans more, she's going to get off to the fact that you're going to be turned into her feces. You're suffering the fate of all her previous meals. She can barely feel you struggling any more - the weaker you become the closer she comes to climax. She moans, rubs herself faster, makes her pussy wet, talks about how she can barely feel you any more, tweaks one of her nipples, rubs herself harder and faster and cummmmms.

Katelyn looks forward to wiping your remains from her ass in the morning. And now she can fall asleep secure in the knowledge that you will suffer the fate all of the previous meals she'd had went through. She then kicks off her heels and folds her legs back onto the couch revealing a full shot of her satisfied pussy and drifts to sleep. She doesn't even feel you in her belly any more. Now, everything is so peaceful.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:24 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
giantess special effects, shrunken man, vore, digestion, masturbation, belly, pussy, boobs, bare feet, mouth, tongue, throat, school girl, hot girlfriend, giantess fetish, shrinking, Katelyn Brooks


One Review and Counting...

  1. Sixinchestall's Avatar
    Again brilliant. I love the cruel giantess side of this fetish especially when it involves the giantess getting off on it. You understand the power play perfectly, I love how you use the guy in the clip to get you off. I am normally not interested in vore, much more insertion or crushing but because in this clip the vore part makes you horny and you masturbate as he is struggling inside you I had to buy it. I love how you use him and to you he is a nice orgasm and little brown stain on a tissue the next day. The deception side of it is very good too, so hot how you switch from kind to evil and horny when he is powerless. I stopped buying any other giantess clips about a year ago because I don't want to see an actress pretending I want to see a real woman with this fetish for real, it makes it infinitely better for me that you love it too and have fantasised over this probably most of your life. Thank you Katelyn

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