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Bonnie's Body: Bustin' Out!

Bonnie is an average girl from a small town. Now that she lives in a large city in the US, she is constantly surrounded by curvy, beautiful women who aren't afraid to flaunt their massive breasts. More than anything, Bonnie wishes for a voluptuous body she can feel confident about! But as they say... be careful what you wish for. Upon receiving a questionable potion from a gypsy, the skeptical Bonnie soon finds herself growing and growing... and GROWING! With every bite of food, she only grows larger! When her curvy figure looms over the city, she resorts to eating those she once was jealous of, happily swallowing thousands alive to serve her massive and expanding body!

♥ Katelyn gives this comic her official 'Fuuuck! I came!' seal of approval.
♥ 31 pages of beautifully curvy, soft, full, sticky, wet, salivating color drawings!
♥ Inside mouth POVs, Throat POVs, Tongue POVs, Stomach POVs, VORE from every angle!
♥ Bonnie grows and expands, her breasts growing larger and larger with every spurt!
♥ Mega giantess sized destruction, both under her soft body and in her salivating mouth
♥ The first chapter of many! Buy today and support Sheela and her future in comics!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
31 HQ Photos
2000x2400 PDF
Sheela Comic, Giantess, Growth, Vore, Big Breasts


9 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Shrunkenone's Avatar
    Definitely one of the best vore comics I've read in awhile. Sheela's art and detail of the mouth, throat, and stomach are simply amazing! The comic is easy to follow, and paced well enough to give a good story leading up to the 'action' without taking away from said action itself. If you're a fan of vore, and good internal shots of folks being eaten, you will not be disappointed by this comic. As someone who's main interest in the whole GTS community is vore and internal views, this comes highly recommended by me with my personal Vore Seal of Approval! Buy it, read it, enjoy it! -The Shrunken One
  2. El Portero's Avatar
    El Portero
    Sheela's artwork is beyond gorgeous, and her grasp of sensual storytelling is incredible. This comic is more than worth the purchase. Consider me a fan for life!
  3. Alto's Avatar
    This was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. It brings together some of my favorite things, namely GTS and face-stuffing. I have been wating for something in the GTS community to feature a woman who grows everytime she eats, and this comic definately delivers. The mouth shots are great with alot of detail in them. There was a little dissapointment in the fact that there is no burping in this comic. I would assume that a giant woman who eats everything in site would have some "earth shattering" belches in it. I like burping girls, and if this comic included that aspect then it would have been put over the top for me, but that is just a personal greviance. I would definately say to anyone who likes vore to purchase this comic. Trust me, you won't regret it.
  4. William porche's Avatar
    William po...
    I really enjoyed the story and artwork. When will the next chapter come and will she chew people up
  5. Joseph Rogers's Avatar
    Joseph Rog...
    I love this story, Sheela's artwork is absolutely, amazing! Would've liked a lot more Vaginal Action, butt hey, you're obviously resting from that! I mean, you had extensional Nudity, in almost all your other stories. I can see why you are taking a rest. How about, when the next chapter, when Bonnie eats and chews someone up, you actually can see thin lines of blood trickling down her mouth to her chin. I leave this to you, Goddess Katelyn. Best Love and Wishes!
  6. Giantess Katelyn's Avatar
    Giantess K...
    @Joseph Rogers: Thanks! But I don't actually come up with any of the stories. ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/happy.png I leave that completely up to the artists and what they want to personally see and create. This was completely 100% Sheela's own work! As for the Vaginal action, Sheela just prefers vore over it so you probably won't see much of it in her comics. Hope that clears it up a bit! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/joyful.png Glad you enjoyed it!!
  7. Zub's Avatar
    Best GTS comic Period! The best vore scene I have ever witnessed. Fun, sexy,and well drawn thickness. A++++
  8. comiclover's Avatar
    Most definitely the best vore comics I've read in awhile but I've mostly been looking at the giantess club so thankfully theres an alternative out there. Sheela's art and details are simply amazing! Now I got this comic as part of a torrent, yes yes torrents are bad m'kay lol. But as I see it a torrent is like a starter pack and if the comic is good that will bring people back and they will buy more. Its the best comic and I'm a fan of this whole series.
  9. Justin's Avatar
    Would love to see chapter 2 release.

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