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Garden of a Giantess

Contains tons of Giantess FX, overwhelmingly huge mouth shots, towering POVs, terrifying sound effects, and salivating city eating city crush action!

Nothing tops savoring the sweet juices of a ripened and freshly picked strawberry on a beautiful summer morning! Who cares if the strawberry has a few thousand microscopic people on it? I mean, they were just asking to be devoured alive by a giant and hungry gardener! As for the city of pests who escaped being swallowed, I don't want to take my chances with them "colonizing" any more of my garden. I suppose I'll just have to get my feet a little dirty!

Features mostly vore, with a sexy barefoot city-wide crush at the end!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:00 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
giantess special effects, shrunken city, vore, bare foot crush, mouth, foot fetish, soles, pov, point of view, white sandals, outdoors, garden, strawberry, eating, mouthcam, tongue, Katelyn Brooks


10 Reviews and Counting...

  1. stephen thompson's Avatar
    stephen th...
    It looks quite good. I can tell by the images. Are you doing a full giantess movie? I am asking this because in your blog you said you would be making a full giantess movie. If you can try and base it on the attack of the 50 foot woman now that would be cool
  2. Liam's Avatar
    super love. super
  3. John's Avatar
    0.o This. Is. The. Best. Giantess/Vore. Video. Ever. Incredible, just... I'm at a loss for words. Great job. Oh and the plane flying by like five times was hilarious.
  4. mazarino's Avatar
    Really Awesome.
  5. moshe's Avatar
    Please tell me you are going to do a entire city crush fest like that at the end of the clip? Great work giantess
  6. dark_shadow's Avatar
    O M G! ! ! the first time that someone dares to approach this kind of movie, and although no one has tried it right the first scheme is you try to make this, it went perfect the sound, the slow motion and the details, simply put fantastic. you deffenetly need to make more movies of this kind. i really would like to see a movie of this kind 30min long!! i have to have more of this !! ;D
  7. Dre's Avatar
    As much as you Fucken enjoy ,aking these movies is as much as I Fucken enjoy watching them. when I remake Attack of The 50Ft woman I want your input. Loved this clip.
  8. GYGYGY's Avatar
    Sweet jesus this is the real deal! I thought nobody would EVER attempt making one of these! Thank god for Katelyn, seriously.
  9. Eta's Avatar
    It felt like everything in this movie was picked out with special care. The visuals are top notch, indeed everything gets enough screen time so you can see all of the important bits. The contrast between the score used when the camera is close to and far away from Katelyn adds an additional touch. The sound effects themselves were perfectly placed, the big surprise draw to this for me was the stomach gurgles and offhand mention of digestion. There's no filler here; this short clip is worth every huge (at our scale) penny.
  10. Sean's Avatar
    The best Giantess movie ever made. Katelyn Brooks is a goddess. There is no escape from her massive feminine foot as it descends to clear out her lush garden of an invasion of minuscule pests, forcing them to submit to her wiggling toes and the scrunch of her thick sole, reducing them to dust between her toes.

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