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Katelyn's Shrunken Sex Slaves

Do you hear that? The wet and sticky fapping sound in the background... of Katelyn using her shrunken sex slaves for her sexual pleasure. She tells you how she's been using them for about a half an hour and now she's ready to cum all over them. With one in her mouth and the rest on her pussy she rubs and fingers herself until she has a full orgasm. The great thing is you get to watch it all! She moves the camera back and forth between her mouth an pussy. When it's at her mouth she tells you what's going on and shows you the naked guy inside her mouth. When it's at her pussy you get to see the shrunken sex slaves being used and her fingering herself. After she cums she even takes one of the slaves from her pussy and adds it to the one in her mouth and swallows them both, licking her lips in satisfaction.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:25 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pussy, insertion, vore, cum, shrunken man, shrunken woman, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, vorarephilia, swallowed alive


9 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Sixinchestall's Avatar
    Well what an excellent video. You masturbating is hot. You masturbating like you did on this vid is beyond hot. I love how you let yourself go more in this one. Hearing you close to orgasm and saying how you don't care about the tiny people inside and it is all about your orgasm actually made me go all shaky. You are just amazing, that hasn't happened since I was a lot younger and never from a video. I much prefer fingers to toys and I LOVE how wet you get. The giantess aspect of this video is very very good. If you are a pussy or vore fan you will love it. Little people are pushed inside and rubbed all over Katelyns wet and perfect pussy while one little guy stays in her mouth as she plays. I love the way you talk in it, all horny and nearly cumming. You even get a little mans eye view as she takes one guy from her pussy up to her beautiful mouth. I do like the cruel giantess pleasuring herself side of things so this is just amazing and you do it so well. I am seriously thinking of taking the day off work tomorrow cos of you Ms Brooks, do you think they will believe I have severe fapitis? Thank you.
  2. stephen thompson's Avatar
    stephen th...
    dont take this the wrong way but i dont like it that much.
  3. stephen thompson's Avatar
    stephen th...
    if a hurt your feelings then i am sorry.
  4. stephen thompson's Avatar
    stephen th...
    sorry type error i ment if i hurt your feelings then i am sorry.
  5. Sixinchestall's Avatar
    Also wanted to say you look so pretty in this video as well. Even more so than usual :-)
  6. Zen's Avatar
    You should do a FX movie with this type of content! Maybe a remake of "Serving a High School Hottie" or better yet, how about making the story linked below come to life with your FX magic? I would love to see that story with you as the star! ^_^ Just a suggestion. Thanks, Zen PS. I'm with Sixinchestall on the review!
  7. rami's Avatar
    i think that clip is amazing i will get it ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  8. Ronny's Avatar
    I love you my Godess ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  9. hog's Avatar
    hi katelyn - amazing camera angles and perfect lighting "wow!!!" , you look just stunning , fx at some point i hope as your digital skills reach new heights .

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