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Tastes like Chicken

Enjoying your new tiny size? Katelyn likes playing with you in her palm even more than she likes playing with bugs. Ooops! Dropped you. And then she drops you again! No worries, the blanket is soft... but you do have to worry about her feet. She drops you onto the blanket and brings her feet to you. She mostly uses her big toes to grab and play with you. Oh no! Is she squishing you? Does it hurt when she squeezes you with her toes? She doesn't really care as you're just a toy for her amusement.

After all the toe and foot play she lifts you to her hand with her toes and begins sucking on you. She licks and sucks you with wild excitement, especially when she discovers you taste like (fried) chicken skin! MMMH, she LOVES (fried) chicken skin! She's sorry but she just has to eat you!

She pops you in her mouth and her eyes grow with desire at your amazing taste. She moans and savors you... but you jump out in a desperate attempt to save yourself. She picks you back up and talks to you while you're very close to her mouth and in between her fingers. She licks and sucks on you while warning she's going to eat you. She's not just playing or tormenting you with her mouth. She's actually going to eat you alive.

She places you on her tongue and gently bites with you in between her molars. Then she shows you her throat, which you're going to be sliding down in just a moment. Down you go! She pushes you back her tongue towards her throat with her front teeth until you tip over the edge of her tongue while she swallows. She licks her lips. She can't believe how tasty you were so she's going to have to go shrink your relatives. She's sure they taste the same since they're related and all.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:58 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bare feet, swallowed alive, handheld, mouth, tongue, vore, vorarephilia, hands, nails, shrunken man, french tips, outdoors, nature, grass

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