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Pissed on Five Times and Thrown Away

Katelyn rubs you (Nicolas) into her crotch as she finishes enjoying the last few moments of her orgasm. As a reward for being her sex toy for the day she's going to let you watch her pee! And maybe if you're lucky she'll even pee ON you! She decides to just go pee outside since it's so nice and she really doesn't feel like going inside.

Katelyn walks down her deck with you in her pantyhose and then takes you out and holds you by your arm right on her ass. She finds a good spot right in the flowers and waters them with her pee. How does it smell? It hasn't rained for days so she bets the flowers enjoyed it.

Katelyn realizes she doesn't have any toilet paper so instead of ripping her beautiful plants she uses you instead. Then she crouches over to make sure her neighbors can't see her as she fixes her pantyhose back up.

Before you know it Katelyn downs an entire glass of tea. Oh no, looks like it went right through her system because now she has to pee again! She holds you by your ear and walks around her yard until she finds a nice bush to piss in. She lies you ontop and her flow drizzles all over your tiny body as she moans. She soaked you! Since you're so wet she uses your dry spots (your head and your behind) to pat herself dry. Then she drops you between her sexy high heels as she assembles her outfit once again. She informs you she loves using you as her toilet paper. Maybe that will be your new one and only purpose. What do you think about that? Katelyn holds you by the ear and brings you back to her deck. She lies you on the railing to dry off and then later tonight when she has to go again she'll come get you.

Now Katelyn has to pee so bad again and she informs you that you're going to get it! She walks up the stone path in her back yard and lies you down. Here it comes! You get an up close and personal pee bath all over your body. Like how warm it is? Like the smell? Because you're going to have even more later! She finishes by laughing, drip drip! Since at this point you're absolutely filthy she leaves you there. Completely abandoned, she walks away toward her house.

You can't believe she abandoned you like that! Pissed that she pissed on you so many times and had the nerve to abandon you you make a run for it. However, your little stuffed bear body doesn't get you far. You can't even make it over one step haha! When Katelyn discovers you she knows exactly what you've been up to. Pissed, she picks you up and lies you down on the stone steps. She moans at how bad she needs to go and then completely blasts you with a huge tidal wave of pee as punishment. That's what you get! You're absolutely DRENCHED in her pee! She picks you up by your foot and holds you upside down. You're so drenched that you're dripping- your body can't even hold all the pee she gave you that time!

She threw you on the floor right outside her screen door with the intent on throwing you away. However, she got caught up in her craving for spaghetti and COMPLETELY forgot about you! She rediscovers you in the morning and makes fun of you. A slug even crawled on your body and there's a bug stuck to you haha!! You're still an absolute mess, there's no way she's keeping you around. So, she takes advantage of the fact she forgot to throw you away and holds you by the ear as she walks you to the big trash can. Tomorrow's trash day, haaha! But guess what? Even worse yet she pisses on you one last time before throwing you away. A smaller tidal wave than last time comes streaming out of her pussy. She moans in relief and after she's done she pulls up her panties and panty hose, while degrading you, laughs at how you're dripping in her piss once again and tosses you into the trash can. Goodbye Nicolas and have fun living the rest of your life in a landfill!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:33 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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