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Worthless Employee

Katelyn looks through a furniture book while completely exhausted from a hard day managing the company. She wants to just fire everyone, they're all worthless! Ugh! Her hands then start to wander... she could really go for some stress relief.

The furniture book gets thrown down and her hands get to work. One hand pleasures her pussy while the other pleasures her nipples. You, an employee of hers, have managed to shrink yourself and have been spying on her this whole time. You just can't help but try to get a little closer to all the hot action so you venture off to crawl up her big bare foot, up her leg, and up to an awesome view of her hot pussy.

You continue to go unnoticed but not for long. Suddenly, you hear her voice shout down at you. What?! How did you make yourself so small? Well, all Katelyn really cares about is getting herself off and she's not about to let you get in the way. Instead she completely dominates and uses you to please herself and bring herself to orgasm. You can even keep your job and the both of you keep this a secret if you please her. But when you fail she completely degrades you and doesn't even let you watch her finish. Instead, she crushes you completely under her bare foot while pleasuring herself. She then wipes your remains onto her sexy fingers and uses it as lube to finish herself off! After her much needed orgasm she lies sideways and falls happily asleep. Ahhhhhhhhh.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:34 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, boss, up skirt, masturbation, pov, soles, black high heels, legs, boobs, crush, business lady, worthless employee


One Review and Counting...

  1. Sixinchestall's Avatar
    Very nice. For a start anything with you masturbating is going to be good. I love the cruel giantess side of things but for me it must be sexual and clearly so and this is. The scene where you are standing over the tiny person with your foot over them ready to crush while you rub yourself, brilliant. I think any video like this should end in an orgasm (another box ticked). I like the dialogue as well, humiliating the little guy while concerned only with your pleasure is very erotic. I also have the Naughty Policeman video by you and with all my ex g/f's and all the porn I have seen I have yet to see a girl who has such obvious and visible contractions during orgasm and gets as wet as you which I find incredibly arousing. In this video though it is hard to see that and to me it is a shame as seeing your pussy pulse with pleasure and glisten with your juices after or during some selfish deed involving littles is just incredible. Also really liked how you were licking your own nipples and seemed very horny. My giantess fantasy is like this, the giantess is solely concerned with her own pleasure and the killing of little shrunken people makes her so horny she goes crazy on herself. I would love to see an insertion video along similar lines where you explain to a tiny person that you are horny and that is more important than their life and then use them as a sex toy cruelly and how ever it feels good for you. Thank you for all your hard work Katelyn, it must be a nightmare trying to fulfil all fantasies as there are so many subdivisions of the giantess fetish. Anyone know where to get any sore penis cream ? :-)

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