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Disloyal Pet Crush and Vore

Unaware to Katelyn, one of her disloyal pets is hiding inside her white Reebok sneakers. Unlucky for him Katelyn grabs her sneakers to go out for a run. She slips her foot inside and after tying both strings and turning around to leave, she feels what she thinks is a rock in her shoe. She turns back around and takes her foot out. She forgot to put her socks on anyway! Out with her bare foot comes the disloyal pet- still unaware to her.

The disloyal pet gets nearly suffocated time and time again beneath Katelyn's bare foot as she fiddles around with a new pair of socks. He fights against her toes for the life of him but still goes un-noticed. She gets both socks on and he gets stuck to the bottom of her sock and in the shoe he goes, completely trapped and unaware to the giantess.

Katelyn quickly realizes she forgot to shake out her shoe. That darn rock! She shakes it out and when nothing comes out she does some more investigating and finds the disloyal pet. She freaks out, gives him a lecture, and eats him for energy. She's a little horny and a little hungry so at least he'll keep her energized until she can get some supper in!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:53 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken man, sock fetish, sneaker fetish, vore, crush, blue socks, close up, between fingers, floor view, sneakers, socks, french toenails, Katelyn Brooks

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