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Shrunken Money Slave

Katelyn asks how you (Phil) like your new size- only a couple inches tall now. She snakcs on Pocky high above you while you wait to see what happens next. The sun's going down so she wants to spend this time on herself, not you. She stands up high above you eating more Pocky. What's wrong? Lonely down there? She could so easily crush you and put you out of your misery. You wouldn't even be alive to be alone then!

Not time for you to serve her with your life just yet. First, you're going to witness Katelyn spending your life savings. She's going to max your cards, pump you bank accounts (including your PayPal), and she's going to dig for all of your information. You will give her all of your information or else you will be tortured for not days but weeks on end. She goes into all the juicy details of how your torture would play out. Afterwards, she suggests that you keep an open mind to helping her. She'll need your social, all of your financial info including every account- any bonds or cds everything and everything, and if she ever finds out you've hid anything from her your torture will be prolonged. And you won't be fed.

She gives you a bite of her Pocky. You're going to like her a lot better when she's in a good mood. When she's happy, you'll be happy. After she gathers all of your info she's going to go on a little spending spree. After her spending spree she'll have no use for you, you'll truly be worthless then. How does it feel knowing that the only thing keeping you alive is your wallet?

She asks again how it feels being so tiny. After she spends your life savings she'll truly have no other use for you so you'll get eaten. When that time comes, you'll become a part of her big lush bottom. Don't you just love that idea? Even though you won't be alive any more you'll be serving as a cushion to her ass until her body burns you off. After that you'll truly be gone. Not a trace of your life will be left. Nothing! She even plans on selling all of your belongings!

Katelyn promises you'll enjoy what little of your life you have left if -and only if- you obey her. Disobey her and it will be torture. She continues to tell you how you'll live your life for her and how it will go until she has no Pocky left. Now you will be turned into a midget. You will serve as her amusement while you attempt to cook her a divine meal in her kitchen. While she eats you'll serve as her foot rest. You will be allowed eat any scraps she might have left, if there are any at all. Fail to please her and she turn you back into the exact size you are now and forever keep you at that size. Your life depends on her so you better hope she's impressed!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:13 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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