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Park Shoot Package - Low Quality

These videos do not meet the quality standards of my website's content, I was not happy with how they turned out, which is why they are being sold as a bundled package for 99 cents per video. I was originally going to delete the entire shoot but I figured why not package them up for those who don't mind low quality videos? The image preview displays 1-3 screen shots of every video. Also please note the video descriptions were vaguely written. This is a HUGE download because of how much content you're getting here!

This package includes 19 LOW QUALITY videos:

Bad Students- 3:18
Katelyn plays a teacher who hunts, crushes, and eats her bad students.

Cars on Rock Crush- 2:42
Katelyn crushes cars that she shrank to make parking spots for herself and others.

Handheld Bug Play- 2:47
Katelyn tries to catch an ant because she loves it when bugs crawl around on her sensitive palms.

Hood Foot Rub- 2:26
You've been waiting at Katelyn's car for an hour, she forgot all about you and had her own fun in the woods by herself. Since her feet are sore you rub them for her while she lays on the hood of her car.

Hungry Park Vampire- 2:53
Katelyn's a vampire who feeds herself and her family with shrunken people she found in the park. Ever since her discovery, they haven't had the need to feed off full sized humans that innocently stroll through the park.

Hunted like an Ant- 4:06
Katelyn's been at the park all day and she's starving. She hunts you, an ant, and eats you.

Immortal Clay Men- 1:55
Katelyn turned her bad slaves into immortal clay men and crushes them to a rock at the park that way they will get walked on for the rest of their lives by park goers.

In Park Foot Rub- 6:03
Katelyn shrinks you down so you can rub her sore feet and as a thanks back to you she keeps you shrunken and drops you in her panties for a free walk back to the car.

Leaving Park Foot Rub- 1:36
Katelyn pulls one of her shrunken slaves out of her top and makes him rub her sore feet before she drives home.

Mud for Breakfast- 3:36
Katelyn teaches her worthless slave a lesson by forcing him to eat mud of her feet for breakfast.

Park BTS- 2:43
Behinds the scenes video.

Puppy Transformation at the Park- 3:00
Katelyn makes your biggest dream come true by transforming you into a puppy at the park!

Run over by Katelyn- 3:45
Katelyn runs you over as a clay man with her car for being such a bad boyfriend to her best friend.

Slow Mo Park Foot POV- 4:37
Slow motion foot steps and foot dangling action.

Slow MoWater Fountain Drink- 3:23
Slow motion action of Katelyn drinking from a water fountain.

Splish Splash Feet- 4:09
Katelyn splashes her feet around in some very cold water at the park!

TP Woods Crush- 2:37
Katelyn crushes a TP village at the park.

Wet and Dirty Feet- 3:45
Katelyn relaxes by a tiny fall of water, walks around on a rock, and shows you her dirty feet.

Woods Creep- 4:28
Katelyn shrinks you down and tortures you for being a creep in the woods.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
63:49 minutes
1280x720 WMV
bare feet, foot fetish, foot slave, crush, shrunken man, shrunken woman, shrinking

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