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Katelyn's Secret Shrunken Exam Helpers

Katelyn wakes up, in the nude, to get ready for school. She had some slaves up studying all night for her big exam today. She needs to ace it so their job is to double check her answers. While standing high above them she eats a breakfast bar and drops some bits down for them to eat on and by her feet. She usually doesn't share her food with them but she'll need them all wide awake for the exam.

Katelyn knows how much they all love her feet so she gives them a sexy foot show while she's getting ready for school. She rubs lotion in to them to make them very soft. She's playful when she gets dressed, joking how she might lose her balance and crush them! She confirms she's just joking though because she really does need them! Only until after the exam.... but she hints at sexual rewards in return for their servitude to keep them on good behavior! Before she heads out to school she shrinks them down even tinier and hides some of them in one of her knee high socks and the rest in her panties!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:54 minutes
1280x720 mp4
pussy, boobs, bare feet, eating, foot lotion, shrunken people, schoolgirl, red nails, asian, Katelyn Brooks

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