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Foot Fetish Experience with Katelyn

Katelyn dangles her foot back and forth while telling you how she has noticed you checking out her feet all the time in class. She especially notices how you blush when she dangles her sandals. She always heard there's this thing called a foot fetish but you're the first guy she's ever known in real life who has one. She continues to tease you with her sandals and her bare feet while asking you questions about what you like about her feet and also nearly smothers you beneath them. Don't get too excited though because you'll have to sneak out soon so her mom doesn't catch you guys there on her lunch break (Katelyn and you are playing hookie together today!).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
3:59 minutes
1280x720 WMV
dangling, sandals, bare feet, foot fetish, schoolgirl, foot worship, wrinkled soles, toes, barefoot, bare feet, red pedicure, red toenails, under feet, legs, bedroom, pink, classmate, giantess katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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