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Slaves to Katelyn's Pussy and Asshole

Katelyn just finished filming a really hot video and cumming all over herself and now it's time to clean up. The tiny people in her carpet are so small that they're hard to see so she really has to dig through the carpet with her hands to find them all. She thanks all of her shrunken slaves for the last video... about fifty probably drowned in her orgasm but it was well worth it!

Katelyn continues to clean them out of her carpet, dropping all survivors into the glass dish. Since one of her slaves was being really good and waving to get her attention so she wouldn't miss him she gives him a little treat for a few seconds. While letting him enjoy her pussy she gets so turned on that she decides to go for another orgasm!

Katelyn rubs her clit, moans, and talks to the two shrunken slaves working her pussy. One is even squirming around in her sex hole! Feels sooooo good! She needs more slaves on her pussy to cum so she pours all the slaves in her glass dish onto her pussy. Fuck yeah, feels so good. She can already feel some crushing under her ass. She's on a roll today, crushing her pets for her own pleasure. Just how it should be after all!

They crush under her ass, worship her pussy, and she feels some swimming around on her asshole. It's a shame she's going to have to count the deaths after this but it's all about her pleasure, not theirs. They're so easily replaceable anyway. They all know how lucky they are to be serving such a goddess. Katelyn moans more and more and the hornier she gets the more she wants to crush them under her ass and asshole. She can feel them all getting sucked in as her sensual parts throb in pleasure. Oh yeah!

She can feel them all stuck to her sensitive parts between her legs but she really wants to feel more stuck to her asshole. She moans and forces her shrunken slaves to please her asshole. She rubs and pleasures herself while using their squirming bodies on her asshole to bring her closer and closer to climax. Feels so good that she needs MORE!

In order to tip her over the edge she gets out her good old Hitachi wand. She spits on a bunch more shrunken slaves and rubs them into her asshole. The Hitachi wand works her clit while the slaves all work her asshole until she squirms in orgasm.

After her orgasm she collapses in pleasure. Completely nude, laying on her vibrator, completely not caring. Using her shrunken slaves to bring her to orgasm is better than any other kind of orgasm! She even has an after sex snack and eats one of the slaves she finds under her finger before she completely falls asleep.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:48 minutes
1280x720 WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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