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Transformed into Trash and Consumed

Just Katelyn's luck, she gets a new boyfriend and what do you know? He just can't behave himself. So, Katelyn transformed him into a huge pile of trash to get rid of him for good. She asks him how it feels to be all the trash. Katelyn turned her last 10 boyfriends in to trash too, she's grown to really enjoy it. She even wonders if she subconsciously picks out bad guys just so she can transform them into trash!

Katelyn asks how it feels to be tossed in to a huge black trash bag. It must feel very claustrophobic! Once it's all in the bag she ties it up. She then consumes the entire bag until it's all inside her. Throughout the consumption process she burps some trash up, licks the bag, humps it, rubs a box against her pussy, trash falls on to her face, and at the end she eats the last piece a few times. She just can't get enough so then she heads out to go transform her boyfriend's friend (Dave) into trash. She's not completely satisfied and needs more. On the way out she burps up another piece of trash, eats it, burps it up, eats it, burps it up, then it finally stays down!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:05 minutes
1280x720 WMV
transformation, burping, trash fetish, garbage bag, throw away fetish, consumption, cleaning nude, licking trash bag, tons of trash, hoarder, nude, pussy, boobs, belly, stomach

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