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Crashing and Devouring the Party Unaware

Katelyn arrives to her friend's party, unaware that they've all shrunken down to bug size. She struts in wearing her high heels and unawarely crushes one of her friends on the way to the food table. She sits down, grunts that no one showed up yet, and starts munching on the chips and dip unaware that the majority of them are trapped in the bowls of chips and dip! After gulping down a few of her friends unaware, she slips off her high heels under the table and then proceeds to nearly crush two more friends underneath her bare soles. Since the carpet is plush and Katelyn is sitting down they live through all the rolling and suffocation under her feet as she stretches them out from being cramped up in her pumps all day.

At times she even feels what she thinks are particles stuck in her throat, that are really her friends grabbing on for their lives, and washes them down really good with her delicious tea. After a while of nomming lots of chips she decides she should save room in case her friends want to go out to eat tonight like usual. She checks her phone, no one called or left any messages. She gets up to go play the Wii and crushes another guy on the way there. The TV won't turn on though so she hunts down some magazines instead!

At first, she reads a girly magazine. But within what feels like seconds she realizes that there's a brand new Hustler in the pile. She rips it open with the intent of just peeking but she ends up lifting her shirt, lowering her pants, and and rubbing herself to climax completely unaware that all her friends are there and can see her! Some of the guys get closet to Katelyn for a better view of the hot shoe. One jams himself between her toes (her feet are up on the table) and another even made it the whole way up her leg and onto her clit!

After she cums she briskly gathers the magazines back up to make it look like nothing happened. She then grabs one of the girly mags again and lays down on the couch to enjoy it, while completely unawarly suffocating one of her friends between her bare soles and the pillow beneath her feet. She even makes a call to the organizer of the party to let him know she's there and asks where everybody is. A party is really boring to a girl when she thinks there's no one else there... especially when she's already eaten dozens of the chips and secretly masturbated! Little does she know, they've been there the whole time. Tons were crushed and devoured and the survivors all witnessed her secret masturbation session too!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:57 minutes
1280x720 WMV
vore, unaware, bare feet, pussy, foot fetish, foot slave, crush, shrunken man, shrunken woman, shrunken people, masturbation, party girl, panties, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, voyeur, porn magazine, red nails, Katelyn Brooks

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