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Corned by Giantess Jade

Giantess Jade gets her victims nice and ready for crushing by spreading them out all over her bed. She then starts crushing them. Eww, she feels hundreds of tiny erections under her toes! She can feel the squishy wetness of you all squirting your loads and crushing under her feet. She likes ending her days of destruction by crushing thousands of people under her feet.

Jade uses the balls of her feet to continue crushing the masses. This all really excites her. You're all so utterly pathetic beneath her feet!

We then see her crushing all of the people beneath her feet in slow motion. Squish, squish! She then bounces her feet up and down on top of them, grinding them into the bed. We then see her bouncing her ass up and down in slow motion for a minute, crushing hundreds more beneath her massive bare feet with the pressure of her bounces.

Giantess Jade then grabs one of her massive dildos and crushes the rest of her victims into the dildo under the balls of her feet. You've all been corned by Giantess Jade! This was quite the pleasurable experience for her. She thoroughly enjoyed herself crushing all of you underneath her feet!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:02 minutes
1280x720 WMV
soles, paper men crush, bed, panties, Jade Vixen

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