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Schoolgirl Sexuality

Jade and you are in her bedroom alone. She can't believe you're allowed up in her bedroom alone with her! She asks if she told you what Becky was doing last week and laughs. She's been seeing this guy and they finally had some alone time... and she went down on him! Yes, she really did!

So now Jade's really curious! She's practiced by licking and slurping on posicles, candy, and fruit but she wants to know what the real thing is like. Becky said it was a lot of fun and Jade's inclined to agree because she doesn't think Becky would lie. Jade then tells you to hang on a sec, she'll be right back.

Jade returns with a big white popsickle with pomegranate swirl. All that talk about slurping on popsicles... she thought she'd just show you so you can see for yourself. She asks if you want to get closer and you do. You see her tongue licking up and down, her lips sucking the side of the pop. She loves how if anyone came up to check on you two it would just look like her licking a popsicle. They'd have no clue about what she told you before teasing the popsicle!

You watch closely as Jade licks and enjoys her delicious popsicle. So innocent but so much potential to be naughty! She moans and enjoys her popsicle some more. You take an even closer look and you see her mouth mounding the delicious treat up, down, and around. She gives it little licks, rubs her lips all over it, and take is into her mouth.

Jade starts enjoying teasing her treat so much that she closes her eyes and sits back. Little does she know, you shrunk! You then dart up her skirt to get as close to her panties as you can!

A minute later when Jade finshes her popsicle she finally opens her eyes. She can't believe you would leave during that hot show- what is wrong with you! She then throws her popsicle sick away and when she goes to sit back onto the bed she nearly sits on you. Her eyes open up wide and she asks how, why, why are you shrunken, why are you so small?! What happened?!

Her eyes then relax. She realizes that full advantage can be taken of the situation. They'll think you went home, she'll tell them you left since they can't see you. Jade then secretly slips her panties off and hides them under the pillow.

She knows you really want to be between her legs. She places you between her legs and tells you she's very sensitive down there. Don't worry, she'll gently use her hand and keep you safe. She's going to be sneaky and pretend like she's sleeping in case anyone walks in.

Jade never thought she'd have you exploring her like this. She lightly moans and sneakily rubs herself. With one hand rubbing between her legs and the other rubbing her face she lets out a louder moan. She's trying to be quiet but you feel so good! A minute later she readjusts her clothing, she's getting too worked up! Her fingers begin moving faster, she then pulls you out and whispers to you. Are you're ok? Are you still breathing? This feels really good!

Jade puts you back down between her legs and continues to pleasure herself. Her hand moves faster, her breathing gets louder, and before you know it she pulls her shirt up and and grabs her breasts. She then rubs her face and her breasts again... she moves her hand even faster until she arches her back and climaxes. Oops!

She pulls you out and asks if you're ok and gives you a big kiss! She can't believe you went up... there! She giggles and tells you she's going to keep you. It'll be her little secret. She hopes your parents wont notice when you don't come home tonight, or tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that! Jade then tucks you in her bra for safe keeping. She's going to go see if dinner's ready yet and promises to sneak you a few nibbles. Don't worry, you won't go hungry!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
12:43 minutes
1280x720 WMV
gentle giantess, mouth, tongue, panties, shrunken man, boobs, handheld, hands, nails, mouthcam,

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